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What's With the Tacos?

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this chapter is like one of my dreams. err, i mean...

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Needless to say Patrick and I got wasted that night. The fact they even believed that I was 21 was amazing, but that's beside the point.

What was really important was that Patrick and I both were leaned against each other, lurking the empty Chicago streets giggling and laughing while off-handing each other the bottle of Tequila.

"I'm soooo hungry, Ev," he looked like he was having a hard time saying my name, so I laughed and continued to laugh until I saw the distant sign of Taco Bell.

"Well, there's a Taco Bell, and you know," I snickered slightly as we paused. "There open late," Patrick giggled lightly.

"Just like a prostitute," I laughed and Patrick looked at the sign, stepping with me closer.

"I'm good to go, and I'm going to Taco Bell," I giggled and leaned against him, listening to him sing. "It could be worse, I could be going to Carl's Junior," I giggled and poked him.

"You're so drunk, Patrick," his finger came in contact with my lips and widened his eyes.

"/Shhhh/, you'll wake the tacos," he paused and looked ahead again. "I'm good to go and I'm going straight to Mexican Hell," I giggled again and helped him walk forward a bit.

"Patrick," I whined and he stepped again.

"Damnit, it's so close...I need time to sing the /song/," I stopped and looked at him as he swayed lightly. "I'm good to go for a commercial, but the interviews I've been going to have failed," I bit my lip and shook my head, stepping once. Patrick didn't step with me and I turned back.

"Come on," Patrick took another swig of the tequila and linked arms with me again.

"And I'm slipping on burritos towards a wall covered in spicy taco sauce," I burst out laughing at that point, finding it actually amusing for my drunken mind.

"Stop," I whined, my sides hurting from laughter. Patrick shook his head and threw his arm around my shoulders.

"And I /saaaaid/," he paused. "Two more weeks, and I'll get off the floor," he paused again and burped loudly. "I can't sleep in the wake of Taco Bell," I raised a finger.

"For lunch," Patrick shook his head.

"It's like, midnight, Ev..." I shrugged.

"Oh well," we walked a bit until Patrick paused and took another swig.

"Taco Bell," he sang and I giggled. "When the Closed signs all get flipped to Open," I laughed again and he nodded, us both stopping to sing it again together.

"Taco Bell," we repeated and I stopped, laughing too hard.

"When the Closed signs all get flipped to Open," Patrick smiled and we turned to keep walking.

"Evie and I attacked the laws of Vegetarian Mexican Food," I took the bottle from his hand and took my own swig.

"Tru Dat," I commented. Patrick hushed me.

"With spatulas and spoons, and a bunch of veggie meat," I giggled and Patrick shook his head. "And I've read all of the recipes but never really cooked over an hour,"

It amused me as we neared closer to the Taco Bell, Patrick going back to the chorus and such. I gasped as we got to the doors.

"It's closed!" I whined. Patrick rested his chin on my shoulder.

"Taco Bell, when the Closed signs all get flipped to Open," I smiled and wrapped my arm around his shoulder.

"We'll eat at home," *


Upon reaching Pete's house the next day, I peeked into the kitchen to find Pete and Joe both eating home-made Tacos, Andy sitting and talking to them. I smiled at Pete who was concentrated at shaking the squeezable sour cream, having a hard time.

I sighed and straightened out my shirt before walking in, not really noticing I was wearing a collared button-up shirt that showed too much cleavage with a miniskirt-odd, I know, but I wanted to.

I walked over to Patrick leaning over his shoulder to rub his back and pout at his hangover.

I glanced over at Pete who at the very moment glanced up, his hand tightening and let me tell you, sour cream going everywhere.

Joe stopped mid sentence and Patrick stared wide-eyed, Andy taking off his glasses to clean them and Joe just looking at the mess that was now spread out around the kitchen and dining room.

Pete gulped, looking down at the taco in his hand that amazingly got some sour cream while I glanced down and found some on my chest. It was then that Joe started laughing uncontrollably.

"That...was so /wrong/!" he yelled. I stared at him. **

"What?" I asked. Joe bit his lip hard.

"Pete was, you know, shaking it," Joe made the gesture and I raised an eyebrow before laughing myself. Pete smiled lightly.

"I had a Taco, too," Andy shook his head and rolled his eyes before Patrick looked up at me.

"Enough with the Tacos...I've had enough," Andy looked at him.

"You even haven't had /one/," he mentioned.

Patrick groaned, hiding his face. I patted his back like a mother would before looking at the boys still covered in Pete's sour cream. *

"We had our own share of Tacos last night," Joe widened his eyes and I blinked at him before scrunching up my face, my hand leaving Patrick's back.

"Oh god, Joe, not like that!" Joe laughed and pounded his fists against the table, rocking back and forth while Andy grabbed some napkins, standing to wipe off the table. I looked at Pete and wagged my finger at him.

"You need to be more careful with that, Pete," Joe snickered and whacked his hand against his arm.

"Yeah, don't want to make another mess," We all cracked up in laughter and Pete rolled his eyes before scratching at his hair that now had white it in.

"Oh, by the way," he started, looking directly at me.

"What?" I asked.

Pete pointed at my chest and walked around the table up to me before smiling that devious smile I always told myself I hated. I heard Joe whoo in that low high-school way before I stood speechless, Pete's hands resting on my sides.


My breath was cut short as Pete lowered his head and his lips formed a butterfly kiss right below my collar bone and right above the flap of the low collar above my right breast.

I gulped as he licked up the light trail of sour cream, my hands gingerly placed on his upper arms as he ran his lips up my neck until he came to my ear.

"You're such a tease some times, Ev..." he paused and kissed there. "Tonight,"

I let my eyes widen slightly and nearly fell as he slipped away, walking out of the kitchen.**

Joe looked completely flabbergasted and Andy just looked like he saw Sheena naked.

Wait, what?

Never mind.

I blinked hard and shook my head, my hands finally dropping from where they were holding Pete just a moment ago.

"What in the hell just happened?" Joe whispered, turning his head towards Andy. He shrugged.

"I...I have no idea..." he looked up at me. "Ev?" he questioned. I placed a hand over my heated chest.

"I think I might need to 'Brooke' myself in a moment," both Joe and Andy gave questioning looks while I turned towards the living room. I heard Joe.

"What the hell does that mean?" he asked. Patrick groaned again, his chair shifting.

"Basically if she doesn't get Pete naked by tonight, she's so going to you know," I heard the ohh from Joe.



* My dearest friend, SISI wrote this spoof. sent to me, and it gave me so much inspiration for this chapter, so thank you.

**Did you catch the naughty induendo?

*That. Was completely wrong. but oh-so fucking hot.

**Is it naughty? Oh, yes. OH YES!!!!! ohhhhh yesssssss
[my name is evie, and i bring the SECKS!!!]
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