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What Would You Say?

by darks00 3 reviews

Ok, this is just a poem in Julius' point of view of Delilah. Sorry to all the poetry haters out there, but poetry and writing are my life. One shot.

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What would you say and do
If I told you how much
I care about you
When I'm around you I get that rush

What would you do
About my confession?
And what we've both been through
Would you think I had an obsession?

I can't hold on
To these feelings
They've been chained for so long
They want to break from the sealings

And they won't wait forever
For it's my hearts feelings
And it's now or never
Do you know what I'm meaning?

Sometimes I think that you feel the same way
The way that I do
But sometimes I don't know, like today
Are you denying your feelings, I love you

Please don't change the subject
When I'm pouring out my feelings
For I object
Ever breaking my sealings

Kept inside locked up tight
My feelings stay there
The feelings I try to fight
But I know they're still here

But I icnore them
For you
I feel so condemn
For everything you do

What would you say
If I told you I gave up on you?

xxDarkness' Kidxx

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