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Holding Fast

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What if Pony had been seriously injured in the fire as well as Johnny? Will the gang be able to cope with it? COMPLETE!

Category: Outsiders - Rating: PG-13 - Genres: Angst, Drama - Warnings: [V] - Published: 2006-11-05 - Updated: 2006-11-06 - 647 words

Holding Fast

Dally's POV

"Oh my God! Johnny! Pony!" I shouted as I saw the roof collapsing.

I started to run into what was left of the burning building. I looked around and all I could see was smoke. The smoke was starting to make my eyes water and my head spin. As I took another step a piece of the roof fell on my arm. Boy did it feel like hell. They've got to be around here somewhere. All of a sudden someone came up behind me and was trying to pull me out of the building.

"Let go of me. My friends are gonna die if you don't let me go." I screamed at the man. The man just kept trying to drag me out of the building. "Johnny! Pony!" I continued to shout.

"It's okay kid. We've got men going in right now to go help your friends. Now lets just get out of here so I can treat your arm. You don't want it to get infected now," said the man. As I looked at him I realized he was one of the fire fighters who had just arrived.

"Where were you when my friends needed you. They shouldn't have been the ones to go in there. It should have been you in there, not them. You didn't help them then, so why should you help them now! They need me. Us greasers stick together and you can't change that!"

"Look kid, I know your upset but you really need to chill. We just got that call not too long ago. We came as soon as we could. But you can't help your friends even if you did find them in there."

"How do you now that I couldn't help them? You know nothing about me or my friends. Like I said we stick together and I'm not going to back out on them now!"

I couldn't believe this man thought I'd leave my friends. Man, Darry and Soda are gonna skin me alive if Pony's hurt. What am I gonna tell the rest of the gang? I shouldn't of let them go in there. What kind of greaser risks their life for a bunch of blasted kids anyhow? They go on in there acting like nothing's gonna happen to them while I sat there worrying if they were going be all right. Now they're probably burning to death while I sit here agrueing with this no-good fire fighter who doesn't know what the hell is going on.

"I said let me go and I meant it man." So with that said I turned around and slugged the guy hard right on the chin. I grinned as I watched the man fall to the ground. I started to run agian to where I thought they might be. Nothing prepared for what I saw. I've seen people cut up and beaten real bad but I had never seen anyone burned like they were. Some guys were carrying them out on stretchers and they didn't look too good. Johnny was burned bad all over his back and arms, it nearly killed me to see him like that. And then Pony had burns all over his face and a little on his chest. God, I told them it wasn't worth it to go in there! Why? Why didn't they listen to me? The man I had hit early saw me staring at them and helped me out of the building before the building could collapes any further.

"Why? Why do you help people? Don't you see this is what you get for it? You get nothing."

"That's not true. You save lives. Your friends saved the lives of those children. They'll get the pleasure of knowing that."

"And what if they don't make it?"

"If they don't the kids will hold fast to their memory forever."
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