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I Really Need You

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What if Pony had been seriously injured in the fire as well as Johnny? Will the gang be able to cope with it? COMPLETE!

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I Really Need You

Soda's POV

Pony and Johnny have been missing for a few days now. Ever since the night Darry hit Pony and Johnny killed that Soc. I miss them right bad. I just hope nothing happens to them. Dally told the cops that they fled to Texas. But knowing Dally, it was probably just a wild goose chase. He left to go somewhere the other day. He told me he was just going out for a ride, but I think he's really going to where they're hiding. I gave him a note to give Pony, even though he still insisted that he didn't know where they were. Ever since they left, Darry's been moping around. One night I even heard him crying in his room. It took me a second to realize that it really was my tough, big brother, Darry. I know he never meant to hit Pony. He was just mad and frustrated with him. If only we could get along, things could be different.

"Hey Soda, have you heard anything yet?" asked Steve as he walked inside the house.

"Nothing yet. I hope nothing has happened. Is Dally back yet?"

"Nope. Haven't seen any sign of him. Well, let's get going, we don't want to be late for work"

"Okay then. Let's go," I said just wishing for once I could call in sick so I could go out and look for them.

Steve and I still got there a few minutes late but the boss let us slide. A group of girls came over to me and started flirting with me. I usually don't mind it, but today was different. All of a sudden the phone rang and I quickly left to answer it.

"DX station."

"Soda, I just got a phone call from Dally," I heard Darry say with his voice shaking.

"Where are they? Is everything all right?"

"I'm not sure Soda. Dally said that he was calling from the hospital and sounded pretty shook up. He said something about a fire and a bunch of kids and that we'd better get there soon. They're up at the hospital now."

"Have you told the rest of the gang?"

"Not yet. Can you tell Steve and Two-Bit for me and meet me at the hospital in an hour?"

"Sure. I'll see what I can do."

I hung up the phone, not knowing if I should be relieved that we knew where they were or worried because they're at the hospital. All I knew is that I had to go see Pony now. I went over to where Steve was filling up somebody's car, so I could tell him what was going on.

"Steve, that was Darry. Dally called him at work not too long ago. He said that Johnny, Pony and him are all in the hospital and that we need to do get there as soon as we can. Can you tell Two-Bit and meet me and Darry at the hospital?"

"Sure, no problem. Did Dally say what was wrong?"

"No, that's why I've gotta go. Can you tell the boss for me?"

"Yeah, just promise me you'll be okay 'til we get there."

"Sure, I'll be all right. I'll see ya there."

All kinds of thoughts were going through my head. Was Pony dead? Was he gonna be all right? And what about Johnny? The gang was his only real family. Was he okay? I finally reached the hospital, I hadn't been in one since Mom and Dad died. When I asked at the front desk for Pony and Johnny the lady looked at me, her eyes full of pity. I was directed over to ICU. As I went into Pony's room I almost fainted. This didn't look like my little brother. His hair was bleached a bright colored blonde and he had bad burns all over his face.

"Pony. Pony, it's me Soda," I whispered to him.

"He can't hear you. He's been unconscious ever since they brought him in. You must be one of his brothers. Dallas Winston identified him and another boy," said the nurse.

"You mean Johnny. How is he? Is he okay?"

"We're not sure yet, but it looks like he'll make it. He has severe burns on his back and arms."

"How about Pony? Will he be okay?"

"We can't be sure until he wakes up. Why don't you go visit your other friends while your here. You can't do anything here but sit and wait for him to wake up."

I hated to leave, but I was still anxious to see how Johnny was.

"I'll be right back Pony. Please be okay. We really need you. I really need you," I whispered into his ear.

As I left to go see Johnny, I felt tears running down my face. I really do need you to be alright Pony. I really do.
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