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Unexpected Message

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What if Pony had been seriously injured in the fire as well as Johnny? Will the gang be able to cope with it? COMPLETE!

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Unexpected Message

Pony's POV

I know what I said to the gang was pretty harsh, but how would they react if someone told them that they were blind? Every day I wake up hoping that my sight has somehow miraculously returned. But every single time, it's the same as the day before. I can't go anywhere with out running into something. I can't see Soda's big grin or Darry's muscular build. I long to go see a movie with the gang or watch just one more sunset. But nothing will change what happened, no matter how much I wish it was just another nightmare.

"Pony, if you don't want us to go, we'll stay. We're okay with that," Darry said upset about his little brother's outburst.

"No. I'm fine. You two just go and have some fun. Okay?"

"Pony, are you sure?" Soda asked studying his brother's face.

"Yeah, I'm sure."

"All right then. Let's get started already!" Steve shouted as he ran out the door to get into the truck. The gang followed him out, hoping that for once they could forget about everything and have some fun. Then Pony heard the car start up and squeal out of the driveway, and he knew they were all alone.

"Johnny, I'm sorry about what I said. You know I didn't mean nothin'. I just don't understand. The one time I do something good with my life this happens. I just don't get it."

"I know what you mean. But we're in this together Ponyboy, and I'm here for ya. We just gotta tough it out and things will get better I promise."

"I sure hope you're right. I don't know how much longer I can take this! I'm sick of them treating me like a baby. I know they mean well, but . . . you gotta cigarette, Johnny? I really need a smoke," I said trying to control my shaking voice.

"You know Darry don't want ya smokin' the way you are," Johnny said trying to reason with me, but it had been awhile since I had smoked one. Dally had snuck me one every once in awhile, but he hadn't been by the house lately.

"Come on, Johnny. I gotta lighter in my pocket, but you know Darry's got all the smokes under lock and key," I pleaded with him, hoping he'd give in.

"All right. But don't you let Darry find out or he'll skin me alive," Johnny said placing a cigarette into my hand. I carefully took the cigarette and placed it in my mouth and then started fumbling with the lighter.

"Aah!" I said jumping up suddenly. I had almost had the thing lit when the flame had come across my hand.

"I knew I never should've given it to you. Here, I'll light it for you. Then I'll go get something to put on your hand," Johnny said as he bent down to pick up the lighter where I had dropped it. He quickly lit my smoke and then went to go get something for my hand.

"You'd think you wouldn't want to mess with fire like that after what happened to us. I guess some things just never change," Johnny said as he began to wipe my hand down with some kind of salve and bandaged it up. All I knew was that I wasn't relishing the fact, about explaining a bandaged hand to Darry.

"Thanks, Johnny. We've been through a lot together. Remember when we were trying to climb that big oak and when we finally made it to the top I slipped and fell? I guess I'm just an accident waiting to happen," I said with a laugh, but was stopped suddenly when I heard a big noise. I heard Johnny get up and walk slowly toward the door.

"What is it Johnny? What's going on?" I said too scared to think about what it could be.

"It's Dally, Pony. He's hurt real bad. Do you think you could help me pull him inside? He just opened the door and collapsed, I . . . I don't know what's wrong with him," I heard Johnny say as I carefully made my way over to him and helped Johnny pull him through the doorway. I heard Dally groan and say something unintelligible.

"What's he look like Johnny?" I asked wanting more than ever to see what was going on in front of me.

"He's been beat real bad and there's a bad gash on his forehead," Johnny said, but before he could continue Dally started regaining consciousness.

" . . . you gotta get outta here, man . . . the Socs are after both of you . . . they told me tell you . . . you gotta run . . . now . . . " Dally pleaded with us in a low voice.

"Johnny, I think we should lock the doors until the gang gets back," I said not knowing what to do. I hope the gang hurries. We really need them right now.

"I locked everything. Do you really think they'll try to break in the house?"

" . . . they'll try anything . . . but first . . . they wanted you . . . to know that they will . . . " Dally said sounding exhausted.

"He's out again, Pony. I just don't know what to do. I'm the one who killed that Soc not you. You shouldn't have to pay," Johnny cried.

"That's not true. You wouldn't have been in that park if I hadn't asked you to come with me. So stop blaming yourself. Everything will be okay," I said trying to tell myself that I was right. Everything would be okay.
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