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Every New Day

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What if Pony had been seriously injured in the fire as well as Johnny? Will the gang be able to cope with it? COMPLETE!

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Every New Day

Two-Bit's POV

It has been a week or so since the accident up in Windrixville and the news about Pony. Pony's finally beginning to accept the fact that he can't see anymore, but he still seems mad at the world. Darry and Soda are trying to help him adjust with everything as well as trying to cope themselves. Dally's still taking it pretty hard, blaming himself for what happened. We all know that it wasn't his fault, but we know Dally won't accept that. Johnny's been staying at the Curtis' lately cause he's tired of hearing his parents gripe at him about how useless he is. Other than that I'd say that Johnny's doin' pretty good, besides trying to get around on his crutches, which he's still pretty clumsy at. And then there's Steve, who is just trying to act like nothing happened, which makes it pretty tough on all of us. It's like our whole life has had to start over from scratch. And in the end I don't know if we'll make it.

"Hey Two-Bit! Want to go catch a movie tonight?" yelled Steve as I came into the Curtis' house.

"I dunno, what movie were you plannin' on goin' to see?"

"Which ever one's easier to sneak into," Steve said with a laugh.

"Hey Soda! Are you and Darry goin' to go with us?" I asked pretty sure that I already knew what his answer was gonna be.

"I don't think so Two-Bit. The kid just got back from the hospital not too long ago and he needs us right now."

"Don't worry 'bout Pony. I'll stay with him. You and Darry haven't been anywhere since we got out of the hospital," Johnny said as he came down the hall.

He was right. Those two wouldn't even leave the hospital room to go get a bite to eat. And now that he's out of the hospital they still don't want to leave him alone.

"Come on Soda. Pony'll be all right with Johnny watching him. Ain't that right Johnny-cakes?" I asked trying to convince my friend.

You know I won't let nothin' happen to him. Come on Soda, you just need to get out of the house. After all you go back to work next week anyway."

"I guess, but you know Darry'll never agree."

"Agree to what little brother?"

"Steve and Two-Bit want us to go to the movies with them tonight. Johnny said he'd look after Pony. I don't want to leave him anymore than you do, but you have to admit it's been about week since we've even been outside," Soda said trying to convince Darry.

"I don't know Soda. Why don't we ask Pony what he thinks, it's about time for him to be gettin' up anyway," Darry said resentfully.

"I'll wake the kid up," I said jumping up off the couch and starting to head towards his room.

"Hey Pony! Time to get up you lazy bum," I said trying to shake him awake.

"Is that you Two-Bit?" he asked trying to sit up.

"Yep, It's me all right. You want me to help you get ready?" I asked knowing that he was still having a hard time trying to find stuff in his room.

"Sure. What time is it anyway?"

"It was 10:15 in the morning, last I checked."

"Okay. Can you find me a shirt and a pair of jeans?" Pony asked groping on top of his dresser for a comb.

"Here you go," I said placing the pile of clothes he asked me for plus his comb into his hand.

"Thanks Two-Bit. Tell them I'll be out in a minute."

"Okay, but hurry up I'm starving," I said hoping to make him smile, but got none of the sort. So I walked back into the den and flopped down on the couch.

"How's he doin' Two-Bit?"

"He's doin' fine, Darry. He just needed some help finding his clothes and a comb. He'll be all right. He's a tough kid."

"Hey guys," Pony said as he began to make his way down the hall.

"Hey Pony," Soda said as he got up to help his brother over to the couch. "I've got ya. Let's sit on the couch. Okay?"

"Okay, Soda. Just don't let me trip over anything like last time," Pony said trying to sound serious. It was just a few days ago that Soda had guided Pony to the couch only to let him trip over Soda's old tennis shoes. Soda had felt so bad when Pony fell and was afraid that Pony wouldn't trust him anymore. Things had smoothed out since.

"Hey Pony. Steve and Two-Bit wanted us to go to the movies with them. Would you be okay with that? If you'd rather we stay it's fine with us," Darry said real nervous like.

"I'll be fine guys. Just go see the movie. But promise me you'll tell me all about it. The world's robbed me from seeing movies anymore, so why should I do the same to you? I'll be fine, Johnny will stay here with me. Right, Johnny?"

"You know I wouldn't go anywhere without you. Don't worry we'll hang tonight."

"Thanks, Johnny. You're a real pal. I don't know how much fun I can be, after all we can't play cards, watch T.V., or anything like that. I honestly don't understand why this happened. But it has, so I'll just learn to deal with it."

I hated to see the kid like that. Pony was the one who always showed how much good there was in everyone's life. Ever since the accident he hasn't been the same. I just wish that he'd wake up and be the same old Ponyboy I knew before the fire took everything away from him like that. Every new day just brings us more trials to deal with. Why? I don't think anyone knows. But we all needed Pony to return to how he used to be. A kid full of love for life instead of hatred.
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