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Unending Retaliation

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What if Pony had been seriously injured in the fire as well as Johnny? Will the gang be able to cope with it? COMPLETE!

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Unending Retaliation

Soda's POV

We got back from the movies later than we thought we would. We all had been lingering around talkin' to some other greasers about what's been going on lately. We finally managed to get on our way, saying that we needed to check on Pony and Johnny. As we drove down our street, we saw a blue Mustang parked in front of the house. There were about five Socs standing in front of our door banging on it.

"Stop the car, Darry!" I yelled, and the car quickly came to a stop. We all jumped out and began to run toward the Socs. They saw us coming at them and turned around to face us. The fight had begun. I was mad that they came to fight Pony and Johnny, when we weren't around to protect them. I took out all my anger on my Soc and almost had him on the ground when he pulled out a blade. I knew that mine was in the house, since Darry doesn't like me and Pony to carry one. I looked over at the rest of the gang and saw that me and Darry were the only ones without a blade. The Soc I was fighting was quickly back on his feet, holding the blade out at me.

"You can't beat me that easy, greaser!" the Soc yelled as he took a swing at me. I felt the blade slice threw my t-shirt and into my skin. I looked at the gang to see if anyone could give me hand, but everyone was still goin' at it. Darry looked at me and tried to get over to me, but he still had two Socs on him. I was on my own. But before I could focus back on my Soc, he pinned me to the ground.

"You're pretty good-looking greaser, but I think we can change that," the Soc slurred drunkenly as he held the blade up to my cheek. I struggled, trying to get him off of me, but it was no use. He slowly ran the blade down my cheek and I could feel the blood running down my face. After struggling with him a little longer I managed to get loose and saw him waiting for me to strike back at him. I punched him in the stomach, but couldn't avoid the blade that cut deep into my shoulder. I kept on trying to hit him, without having much luck. I felt like I was going to collapse if I didn't get away from this Soc soon. After a few minutes, I fell to the ground exhausted.

"Soda! I'm comin'! Hang on buddy!" I could hear Darry yell. He had one Soc down and was finishing off the other. Two-Bit and Steve glanced over at me with concern, when they heard Darry yell. I guess I looked pretty bad, cut up and bleeding like I was. I looked over at Darry again and saw him running towards me. He made quick work of the Soc and came over to me to see if I was okay.

"You all right, Soda?"

"Yeah, just a few cuts is all. Thanks, Darry," I said. Steve and Two-Bit had just finished their Socs and were comin' towards us.

"You guys okay?" Two-Bit asked looking me over.

"Yeah, but let's check on Pony and Johnny. Help me up, will ya?" I said as Darry grabbed my arm to help me stand up and walk to the door. Steve tried to turn the doorknob for us, but it was locked.

"Johnny, open the door. The Socs are gone," Two-Bit said tryin' to look through the window at them. We could hear some noise in the house and finally the door opened. Darry and Steve helped me to the couch, but we were suprised to see Dally lying on our living room floor. He looked like he had been jumped and didn't seem to be concious.

"Johnny, what's goin' on?" Pony asked sounding shook up.

"Nothin' Pony, some Socs tried to break in. We took care of it already, don't worry. We're all here now," I said trying to reassure him.

"Steve, can you go get me a clean cloth, bandages and some peroxide for Soda? And don't you start telling me your fine, cause I know you're not." Darry said to me with a worried expression.

"All right, but hurry up will ya?" I said as I saw Steve retrieve the stuff Darry had asked for. He helped me ease off my bloody shirt and threw it in the trash can with disgust. He took the rag Steve handed him and tried to wipe as much of the blood off my chest and face as he could. Then he put some peroxide on the cuts and bandaged them up.

"You look like a chipmunk!" Two-Bit said with a laugh when he saw the bandage across my face.

"Very funny," I said as I threw a pillow at him.

"Johnny, do you know what happened to Dally?" Darry asked hoping he could find out what had gone on while we were out.

"A bunch of Socs jumped him in the vacant lot. He keeps coming in and out of it. We cleaned his cuts the best we could. He said the Socs were after us and that we needed to get out of here."

"I think that from now on, we all need to keep together and not go out alone, especially you two," Darry said pointing at Pony and Johnny.

"It's getting late. Why don't you and Pony go ahead and get to bed," I said hoping that I could join them soon. They quietly got up and made their way to the bedroom. I felt rather sick and stood up leaning heavily on the wall.

"Soda, are you okay? You're bleeding again. Here, let me help you," Darry said as he came over to me. I felt my legs give way and I fell to the floor. The gang rushed over to me looking at me like I was on my death bed. I tried to grin at them, but it hurt too much.

"Those cuts are deeper than I thought," I could hear my brother say.

"Should we take him to the hospital?" Two-Bit asked sounding pretty worried.

"He's goin' to need stitches and I'm not goin' stitch him up. Help me get him to the car. Can you stay here until we get back, Two-Bit?"

"Sure." They helped me get up and into the truck and we took off.

"Darry, I'll be fine. We can't leave Pony at the house again, the Socs will come back."

"Not this time little buddy. You lost a lot of blood and you just can't seem to stop bleeding yet. Don't worry Two-Bit's staying with them."

"Darry it's just a few cuts. I'll be fine tomorrow morning. I just need to sleep it all off."

"Soda if you keep bleeding like this, you won't see tomorrow morning," Steve said trying to sound serious, but I knew it was no use to argue. It didn't take long to get to the hospital. They took me into a back room and looked me up and down. They sewed most of the cuts up and then sent us on our way, with a stern warning about staying away from knives. When we got back to the house I went into our room that me and Pony shared, and lately Johnny. I crawled into the bed beside Pony trying not to wake him, and fell asleep.
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