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Living A Nightmare

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What if Pony had been seriously injured in the fire as well as Johnny? Will the gang be able to cope with it? COMPLETE!

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Living A Nightmare

Two-Bit's POV

The slam of Pony's bedroom door, resounded through the house. We all know Darry didn't mean to hurt Pony like that. He was only trying to get him help, which he needs a lot of whether he wants to admit it or not. He's been through more than anyone should ever have to go through. Darry and Soda are trying to help him the best that they can, but it's just not enough.

"I'll go talk to him," Darry said slowly beginning to walk toward the closed bedroom door.

"Darry, wait. Let's all talk to him together," I said, knowing that Darry was probably the last person, Pony wanted to see right now.

"Two-Bit's right, Pony seemed really mad and it might be better if we all talked to him together. We're just as much his family as you are, minus the whole blood tie thing," Dally said grinning from ear to ear, but something in his eyes told me he was more worried than he was letting on.

"Okay," said Darry quietly. We slowly got up and followed him to Pony's room where the door still remained shut. Soda and Darry knocked on it softly, hoping Pony would open it for them, but there was no answer.

"Pony, you know Darry didn't mean it like that. We're just worried 'bout you and we don't know how to help anymore," Soda said more like whimpering then talking.

"Come on, kid. At least give us a chance to explain," Dally tried to reason, but recieved just as much response as the rest of us.

"Pony, can we please come in? We really need to talk about this," I said trying to get some sort of response from him.

"Go away! I don't have anything to say to any of you!" Pony yelled, the anger in his voice not going undetected.

"Pony, please! If not for them, at least for me. I've told you things I haven't told anyone else. At least talk to me, Pony. I need you, just as much as you need me," Johnny begged, staring at the door, which still remained unopened.

"I ain't goin' to take this anymore. That kid is nothin' but a stuck up little brat with everyone listin' to his every word. I'm sorry that the kid's blind, but he needs grow up and get over it," Steve said and turned to leave, but Darry grabbed him by his shirt before he could make it out the door.

"I suggest you never show your face around here again," Darry said grabbing the front of Steve's shirt with both hands and slamming him against the wall, and letting him fall to the ground in a crumpled heap. Steve slowly picked himself up off the ground and turned to go, but seeing Soda entering the room, he stopped.

"Look Soda, I'm sorry 'bout what I said, but your brother's ruining your life. I was only trying to help you."

"Get out. If you really wanted to help, you would've kept quiet, so now do us all a favor and get out," Soda said in a cold, harsh voice and not wanting cause anymore trouble, Steve walked out of the house, without even looking back.

"Has he said anything else?" Soda asked as he and Darry walked back to where the rest of us were standing.

"No, but I think we should just let ourselves in. Something's not right, I can feel it," Dally said, his worry finally showing through.

"You're probably right, but what if he locked it?" I asked wondering where we would be if he had locked it.

"Well, you don't know 'til you try," Dally said turning the doorknob slowly. It was unlocked. As he gently pushed the door open, the gang gasped in horror at the sight that layed before them. Pony lay on his bed with tears endlessly falling down his face. Blood was flowing freely from his left arm and he held a bloody knife tight in his other hand.

"Oh no, Pony, " Soda muttered under his breath and quickly went to his brother's side.

"I'm sorry, Soda. I just couldn't take it anymore," Pony whispered to his brother softly.

"Don't . . . don't say that. It'll be okay. We'll take you to a doctor and you'll be fine," Soda said taking hold of his brother's hand and holding it tight. We each slowly approached Pony's bed, still shocked about the scene playing out in front of us. We all knew Pony needed help, but we never thought it would come to this. Pony had actually tried to kill himself and by the amount of blood he was losing, it looked like he might actually succeed.

"Soda, we need to stop the bleeding. Tie this 'round his arm, I'm goin' to start the truck up," Darry said picking up one of Pony's shirts and ripping it into strips, before handing it to Soda and walking out the door. Soda looked at the strips thoughtfully, but couldn't bring himself to let go of his brother's hand.

"Here, I'll tie it for you," I said taking the strips from Soda and tying them tightly around Pony's left arm. Soda was crying and continuing to hold his brother's hand, as if that was the only thing that was keeping him here. Dally was still sitting at the foot of the bed, tears rolling down his face and muttering curses under his breath. Johnny was sitting on the opposite side of Soda, crying hysterically, saying over and over again that it was all his fault. Then there was me, standing there crying, not knowing what to do. It was like living a nightmare, that you can't seem to get out of no matter how hard you tried, cause it was real.

"Let's go! Someone help me get him in the truck!" Darry yelled at us as he walked down the hallway. He carefully picked Pony up and Soda walked beside him, still refusing to let go of Pony's hand. Dally and Johnny caught all the doors and I made sure that we didn't run his arm into anything. Me, Soda, and Johnny piled into the back of the truck, so that Darry could pass Pony over to Soda, before hopping into the front. We quickly were on our way, driving as if we were in a drag race. Pony was lookin' worse by the minute and blood was beginning to come through the make shift bandages and our world seemed to stop when Soda's voice confirmed what we feared would happen.

"Darry, he's not breathing! Darry!"
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