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The Leader & The Hunter

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The title says it all!

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I turned around and looked at Jay, standing next to my window. He looked so sad, and so lost. I couldn't explain the way he felt, and he couldn't explain my feelings. I was about to leave my room, when I had to look back at him once more. What was so intriguing for him to be looking out the window that long? Was he watching the heavy downpour, cleansing the earth? Or was he staring at nothing, and thinking about me?
With my hand on the doorknob, I turned it and went to walk out, when he called my name.
"Atlanta," he said. I turned once more and looked at his handsome face. He looked a little lost for words, but finally spoke up. "What are we going to do about us?" he asked me. It made me think about how this whole thing had started...
I was walking down the school hallway with Theresa. We both had a free so we walked into the library and down to one of the back sections. As soon as I sat down, tears ran down Theresa's pretty face.
"It was all a mistake, I should have never done it," she whispered.
"Done what?" I asked her. I already had an idea of what this was about, and I was right.
"Trusted Jay. After I told him some very personal things, he hasn't spoken to me since. I can't handle his ways anymore," she told me. This wasn't like Jay; he always looked out for the team and never hurt Theresa, so why was he doing this?
Theresa wiped away her tears and turned to me.
"I probably sound so stupid," she said.
"Hey, I'm here to listen Terri, you're not stupid for wanting to tell me, that's what best friends are for," I said. She smiled at me.
"I know, thanks Lannie," she said. I felt better after helping my friend, but I could still see how upset she was about Jay.
When I got back to the dorm after school finished, I looked around for Archie to see if he wanted to go for a run, but I couldn't find him anywhere.
"Jay, have you seen Archie?" I asked as Jay walked in the door. He dropped his things and looked at me.
"He's still at school with Ares, why?"
"I wanted to go on a run with him, but I guess I can go later," I said. I started towards the stairs to go to my room.
"I'll come with you, I haven't been in awhile," Jay said. I turned around and watched as he sifted through the mail.
" ready in five," I replied and walked up to my room to change. Jay had never gone on a run with me, unless we went as a group. Why was he going with me now?
I quickly threw on my trackies and a T-shirt and walked down to the kitchen. I filled up a bottle of water and walked back into the lounge room and found Jay tying his shoes.
"You ready?" I asked. He stood up and smiled at me.
"Yep, let's go," he said and opened the front door. We walked out into the cool, crisp air. The smell of rain was in the air, and clouds were forming in the sky. Jay looked up.
"You think we'll get caught in the rain?" he asked. I jumped down the steps and looked up at him. There was nothing more I loved then running in the rain.
"No, even if we do, it won't matter," I told him and started off down the pathway. After a few seconds, Jay caught up with me and we jogged into the park. When we were halfway round, I decided to ask Jay about Theresa.
"Theresa cried today," I started.
"Really? Why?" he asked, concerned. I looked at him.
"She told me that you stopped talking to her after she told you personal things," I said.
"Oh, um about that..."
At that moment, the rain started. Falling light at first, and then turning into a rough downpour. We kept running around the park, our clothes were soaked through to our skin, but we didn't stop.
"We should head back!" Jay yelled over the rain.
"Why? Isn't this great?" I cried and spun around in a circle. We stopped under a thick tree and Jay laughed.
"Sure, if you like that kind of thing," he said.
"Me and Archie always get caught in the rain. I love it," I said. Jay smiled and wiped his hand over his face.
"Man, it's really coming down hard," he said.
As I looked at Jay, I wondered what kind of thing Theresa could've told him to keep him away. He didn't look like the type to keep secrets, or to stay away from Theresa. The guy was always looking after her and following her around-
My thoughts were interrupted by Jay, confessing to something I never expected.
"Theresa and me, we never really...hit it off," he said.
"What do you mean? You guys are perfect for each other," I said.
"No, we're not, I never liked her, only as a friend," he said.
"What?" What was he saying? Of course he liked Theresa, he had to.
"It probably doesn't make sense," he said and sat at the trunk of the tree. I walked over to him and sat next to him.
"Yeah, it doesn't make sense. Jay, you like her, everyone knows it," I said. Jay grunted.
"Right, well everyone is wrong," he said.
"Why are you so angry? Does it have to do with what Theresa told you?" I asked. He looked down at his feet. Something was deeply troubling him.
"No," he muttered.
"Then what?" I asked. He sighed, and it was probably loud since I still heard it over the rain.
"I've been thinking about someone else, and I can't get that person off my mind," he said.
"It's not Thalia, is it? She's a complete bitch," I said scrunching my nose up. Jay laughed nervously.
"Nah, it's not her," he said. The rain started to lighten up so we stood.
"Then who Jay? You know how much this will kill Theresa when she finds out," I said.
"That's what I'm scared of," he said quietly.
"Why?" I asked.
"Because that person is her best friend," he said. What he said hit me right in the face. Was he...? No, he couldn't be...not me? No, it couldn't be me; it just couldn't, could it? Jay looked at me and then at the park.
"We better head back to the dorm, the others could be worried," he said and quickly started running away.
"I'll catch up with you later," I called and ran the other way. He didn't complain, actually, it looked as though he ran faster. I ran faster. I couldn't believe what he just told me. Jay, liked me? Couldn't stop thinking...about me? Jay and Theresa...yes, Jay and The Leader and the Hunter aren't supposed to get together, it just wasn't to be.
While I ran, I couldn't help asking myself, do you like him back? Did I? People thought I was oblivious that Archie liked me, when all along I had known. And for some reason, I didn't feel the same way about him. Was I crazy? Theresa sure thought I liked him. Jay was confusing me. Why had he told me? Now I couldn't get him off my mind.
I stopped running and realised I had ended up in front of the brownstone. I caught my breath and slowly walked up the steps. I turned the handle and opened it the door, welcomed by the warmth of the building. I quickly shut the door and rushed into the kitchen. I turned on the kettle and got a mug out. On the counter was a note from Theresa.

Hey Lana,
Me and the guys have gone to see a movie and
we'll probably be back late. Don't wait up for me

I put the mug down and walked out of the kitchen and up to the bathroom where I started the water. I stayed in the shower for twenty minutes and when I got out I could hear the T.V on below. I quickly dressed and slowly descended the stairs and found Jay staring uninterested at it, looking slightly bored and confused.
"Jay?" I said. He jumped and turned around.
"Oh, hi Atlanta," he said. I threw my clothes in the laundry and sat down on the opposite end of the settee to him.
"Jay, what you said back out there, what did that mean?" I asked him. He turned the T.V off and looked at me.
"What did it mean? It means that...that I like you Atlanta, I can't help it. Like I said, I couldn't get you off my mind. I can't help how I feel," he said.
"But what about Theresa?"
"What about her? She's not for me," he said. Jay looked really angry and sad, and that was how he was making me feel.
"Jay, you know we can't do this," I said quietly.
"I know," he replied. I smiled at him and stood up. I slowly walked up the stairs and just as I reached my room, he grabbed my arm and spun me around.
"I don't care," he said and kissed me. The funny thing was I didn't stop him. He took that as a good thing and kissed me for longer, running his hand through my short damp hair.
What was happening? What would Theresa think, and Archie? It scared me just thinking about it. They hated each other, but I'm sure they'd team up and hunt us down.
Jay picked me up so I was clinging to his waist with my legs. He kissed my neck as my hands ruffled his hair.
"Jay...we can't do this," I said as he kissed the middle of my neck.
"I know," he replied. Who was this new, wild person and what had he done with the responsible, we-must-defeat-Cronus leader? I could never imagine Jay doing this with Theresa, so why on earth was he doing this with me of all people?
"Who are you?" I asked as he kissed my lips again.
"The Leader," he whispered. "And you're the Hunter."
When he kissed me this time, the front door opened and slammed. We broke apart and stared in horror as our friends started up the stairs. He put me down and quickly jumped into his room and shut the door. I ran to the bathroom and shut the door just as Archie and Herry rounded the corner. I slid down the door and stared in the floor length mirror at myself. What had I done?
I looked at Jay standing next to my window and shut the door. He stared at my face for an answer. I stared back at him until he walked up to me.
"Atlanta, please," he said. I looked out at the rain, cleansing the earth that I had treaded so many times. That was what caught my attention out the window. Not thoughts about Jay.
I finally came to a decision that I knew would surely shatter him.
"Nothing, we do nothing," I replied and opened the door again. I walked out, leaving Jay, our fling, and my feelings behind.

.....That was just something i thought of the other day. Hope you liked it R&R
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