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chapter 1

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Benji has a doctors appointment with the new doctor in town maybe his temperature won't be the only thing thats rising, lol. sorry it's been a while guys, you know the drill you review and i'll upd...

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Dani's POV

It was coming to the end of my first day in a new town and in my new job. I'm a doctor and I have just been transferred to LA. I was taking over the position of Doctor J. Lewis as head of the practise as Dr Lewis had left on short notice for personal reasons. It was 6:45pm and other than the receptionist I was the only one left in the practise because it was my late night. I had my last appointment at 7:00 then all I had to do was lock up and I was free to go home. Not that I was really looking forward to going 'home' seen as all it consisted of was boxes of my shit. I still had to unpack which I wasn't looking forward to.

Benji's POV

I was on my way to the room the receptionist sent me to. I knocked on the door before entering. When I walked in I was stunned. Sat behind the desk was the most beautiful woman I have ever seen. This can't be right I'm supposed to be seeing Dr. Dan Jenkins, a guy not a chick, a very hot chick at that.
"Can I help you?" She said looking up at me from her computer.
"I...I erm, I think I've got the wrong room." I stuttered.
"Who are you looking for?" she said turning to look at me.
"Dr Jenkins?" I said about to leave.
"Then you're in the right place I'm Doctor Dani Jenkins. I'm guessing your Mr Madden?" she smiled at me making me feel very nervous. I stood there absolutely gob smacked. She must have noticed this. "Are you ok?" she asked. I nodded slowly; this can't be happening I can't have a hot chick as my doctor, damn Dr Lewis for leaving.
"Would you like to come in and sit down." She said to me. I felt so stupid why was I acting so retarded around her, I know maybe because she was absolutely fucking hot. I jumped out of my daze and walked into the room closing the door behind me.
"Ok now what can I do for you?" she said flipping though some files looking for mine.
"Erm just a check up I think." I said nervously.
"Ah yes here we go." She said pulling out my records and looking through them. "I'm sorry about this it's my first day here and I'm trying to catch up with everything since Dr Lewis left so suddenly." She said.
"No problem." I smiled relaxing about she really was a nice person.
"So Mr Madden how have you been feeling recently, any problems or anything?" she asked flashing me a charming smile.
"I'm not too bad I've been having a few headache's recently but I think that's just because of lack of sleep, I've been really busy lately."
"Ok well we'll just do a few routine checks and see from then on, ok?" she flashed that charming smile again leading me over to the examination bed. I nodded feeling a little unsure about having her doing all these checks on me, her being so close to me and her hands on me I know it's all professional but she's so hot, who knows what embarrassing situations could 'pop up' from that. I want Dr Lewis back. I sat on the bed still feeling rather uncomfortable and nervous while she got all her examination things ready. She must have noticed how I was feeling by the look on my face.
"Are you sure your ok, if your not comfortable with this we can reschedule your appointment so you can have a male doctor if it will make you feel better?" she said. I didn't want to have to make another appointment but I really didn't want to embarrass myself in front of the hot Doctor. I decided it would probably be best to ask for another appointment but instead this came out:
"No I'm fine." I said and smiled.
"Ok let's get started then." She smiled charmingly at me again; I guess it came with the job. First she asked me to do the eye test reading out the letters on the white board on the wall, she seemed happy with the results. Next she took my blood pressure and then she went to listen to my heart beat. She moved closer to me to do it, she lifted up my shirt with her left hand and placed the stethoscope on my chest with her right hand. She did this in a completely non-sexual way on her part but I couldn't help but feeling tingles of excitement and electricity through my body having her so close, breathing in her perfume she smelt really nice and having her hands on my body. Suddenly I remembered that she was listening to my heartbeat, my rather raised heartbeat at that, and tried to clam down. I think she noticed this as she gave a little smile and a flash of amusement came across her face. She finished the rest of the check she had to do on me.
"Ok well everything seems to be normal, I'm guessing your right about the headaches being lack of sleep and rest. I suggest you try to get as much sleep and rest as possible but if they prosiest or get any worse then come schedule another appointment and we'll see what we can do for you. Ok?" she smiled charmingly again.
"Yeah thanks a lot." I smiled getting up and following her across the room.
"No problem it's my job." She smiled. It was time for me to leave as the appointment was over but I had to try my chances.
"So you say this is your first day? How long have you been in LA for?" I asked before I got to the door. She was behind the desk packing some files into her bag.
"Yeah it's my first day and I've been in LA for all of twelve hours." She said picking up her bag, keys and jacket. We walked out of the office together; she turned the lights off and locked the door.
"Really so what do you think of it so far?"
"Well all I've really seen is the train station and this office so I can't really give you and accurate account on my thoughts of LA but when I do see more I'll let you know." she said as we started walking out of the practise. It was empty the receptionist had gone and all the lights where off. Ok did she just say she'll let me know more? Is it just me or is that an indication of her wanting to see me again?
"Oh of course..." I said we stood there staring at each other for a second, ok here goes, deep breath Benj you can do it. "So maybe you'd like me to show you round LA sometime?" I smiled at her.
"Yeah maybe." she smiled back and nodding. Then we walked together towards the car park.
"I take it you've finished work now?"
"Yeah finally it's been a long day." she smiled.
"I bet, so hopefully I'll see you again?"
"Defiantly." She smiled. We stood there staring at each other again for a minute then she snapped out her daze.
"I should probably get going now, it was nice meeting you." she smiled snapping me out of my daze too.
"Yeah, it was nice meeting you too." I smiled back then she turned and walked towards her car, I watched her as she walked away. God she was stunning.
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