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Chapter 2

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Chapter 2

Benji's POV

The next day I couldn't get Dr Jenkins off my mind, I couldn't concentrate on any of the work we where doing in the studio and I could tell it pissing everyone off it was even starting to piss me off.
"Ok guys lets take a break and we'll try again later." Steve suggested to us. Everyone left the room but Joel hung back.
"Benj can I have a word?" Joel said grabbing me arm as I was walking through the door.
"Oh...yeah sure." I said snapping out of my thoughts.
"Benj what's going on with you today? You've not been with us all day."
"I know I'm sorry I've just got something on my mind."
"Something or someone?" Joel smiled a little knowing me all too well. I smiled thinking of Dani again.
"Who is she?" Joel grinned I found myself grinning to at just thought of Dani again.
"My doctor." I mumbled with a smirk.
"Your doctor I thought your doctor was an old guy?" Joel said a little confused.
"No that was Doctor Lewis he left I have a new Doctor now I just met her last night when I went for my check up and she's fucking gorges Joel I mean it she's hot."
"She's your doctor Benj, isn't there some rule about dating patients?" Joel laughed a little shaking his head.
"I don't care if she's my doctor or not she's amazing, I'll change doctors if I have too."
"What makes you think she's even interested in you and if she's that amazing she probably already has someone."
"I'm not sure about that Joel she's only just moved here yesterday."
"Ok so even if she is single what's your next move? Apart from pretending to be sick every five minutes to book doctors appointments." Joel laughed.
"actually I've got it all sorted I've had some flowers sent to her today and besides we already made plans for me to 'show her around LA seen as she's new here' last night." I winked smugly.
"Nice. She must be special for you to make such an effort." Joel laughed nodding in agreement to my plan.
"She is." I smiled dreamily.
"Hey Benj one last thing?" He turned to me seriously.
"If she's a doctor, isn't she a little smart for you." he cracked up laughing earning a smack on the head off me.
"Fuck you."

Dani's POV

I was in work the next day, a little tired as I didn't get much sleep last night. Something or should I say someone was on my mind, that's someone went by the name of a Mr Benji Madden. I know it's wrong, dating penitents is frowned upon if not forbidden in some practises. Luckily this was not, unlike my old practise, one of those which it was forbidden but defiantly seen as wrong. I don't know what it was about him he is defiantly not my type; well at least I didn't think he was.

I luckily didn't have any appointments till after lunch so I took the opportunity to catch up on all the paper work I had to get through in the morning. I was sat at my desk sorting though file after file of endless paper work when the receptionist buzzed in saying there was a delivery for me was she to send the delivery guy in with it. I agreed and seconds later there was a knock at my door.
"Come in!" I called. Seconds after I called the delivery guy came in, not that I could really see that it was as they where carrying one of the largest bouquet of flowers I have ever seen. The flowers where beautiful they where lily's my faverouite.
"Delivery for a Doctor Jenkins." He said struggling to look at his clip board and keep hold of the flowers.
"That would be me." I said getting up from behind my desk.
"Ok can you sign here please." He said setting the flowers down on a space on my desk and handing me the clip board.
"Are those for me?" I asked dumbly in shock who would send me flowers let alone flowers as nice as these, they must have cost a lot.
"Um yeah, you must be special to someone." He grinned at me.
"I guess, I don't know who though." I laughed.
"Well there's a card if that helps." He smiled then left. I walked round to the front of the flowers taking hold of the card and reading it.

How about that LA tour tonight at eight O'clock,
pick you up outside the practise.

I had to read the card several times over before it actually sank in. I didn't know what I was going to do. If this was back home and Benji was any other guy then you wouldn't have had to ask me twice if I was going or not. Here it's different I'm in a new place, with new people, a new job and Benji is a patient not to mention up till now I didn't even consider him my type. I was so confused a part of me was screaming 'just go you know you want to' and then there was another part saying how wrong it was. I was lost in my thoughts when I heard a knock on my door.
"Yeah come in!" I called. Seconds later Charlene the receptionist came in grinning.
"Hey." I smiled at her. She was a nice girl about the same age as me maybe a little younger. We'd talked quiet a lot since I had got here, she was a little bit of a gossip but she meant well.
"I was just going to make some coffee and was wondering if you'd like some." She smiled eyeing up the flowers. I knew exactly why she had really come and it had nothing to do with coffee.
"Erm yeah coffee would be good thanks." I smiled waiting for her to leave but she just stood there eyeing the flowers. "Would there be anything else." I grinned at her. She snapped out of her daze.
"Oh no sorry coffee it is." She smiled and started to reluctantly walk out trying desperately to find a card on the flowers. She had not luck seen as the card was with me on my desk. Five minutes later she returned with a cup of coffee.
"Thank you." I smiled taking the coffee off her as she was eyeing the flowers again.
"Their beautiful, off anyone special." She finally got out.
"Actually I only just met the sender last night." I smiled. He eye almost popped out of her head and I could tell she was dying to know all the gory details.
"Really? You don't waste time." She smirked.
"Hey don't be getting any ideas after my last appointment I went straight home."
"So you have an admirer..." you could see the cogs in her brain working over time trying to figure it all out. "...and you say you went home straight after your last appointment... wait! That's it! Your last appointment, Benji Madden. BENJI-FREAKING-MADDEN SENT YOU FLOWERS!" she said excitedly, damn she was quicker then I thought. I sat there with an amused expression on my face watching her. "I don't believe this do you know him? You know like really know him? What's he like? Are you dating? Or just friends?..."
"Wow slow down there girl I don't want to have to give you CPR or something." I laughed.
"Tell me everything?" she grinned pulling up a chair and looking at me expectedly. I laughed a little.
"There's nothing to tell. He came for a check up last night, some harmless flirting went on then we went our separate ways. Nothing to it." I shrugged.
"Apart from the fact that he sent you flowers not just any flowers the mother of all bouquets of flowers. I mean seriously look at them there beautiful and they obviously didn't come cheep."
"Maybe it was just a thank you." I shrugged knowing I wasn't fooling anyone. She was about to start interrogating me again but the reception phone rang. She looked at it for a second then turned back to me opening her mouth to say something.
"Aren't you going to answer that." I grinned. She pulled her face then reluctantly sighed and went back to reception to answer it. When she left I read over the card one more time and looked at the flowers. I had no idea what I was going to do but decided to worry about it later and get some work done. No sooner had I started working again did my phone ring.
"Hello Doctor Jenkins speaking, how may I help you." I answered in my usually work manor.
"Now that's a tempting offer." I heard Benji say on the other end.
"Now, now Mr Madden lets be professional now." I laughed, I heard him laugh too from the other end.
"Ok well you see I've been having a few symptoms and I would like to schedule a private house call."
"Can you tell me what these 'symptoms' might be?" I played along.
"I've been having hot flashes, heat palpitations, and loss of appetite and lack of concentration." He continued with the game.
"Well these symptoms do seem serious is there any particular time when these symptoms occur?"
"Well yes actually there is, they seem to come when I see a certain Doctor new in town."
"Oh really and why do you think this is?" I grinned.
"Well it might have something to do with the fact that she's beautiful... hot... sexy..."
"Ok I think that enough information for now. So when would you liked his house call?"
"Maybe tonight at around eight."
"I'm sorry I already have arrangements for eight o'clock tonight."
"Really? What might they be?"
"I have been promised a tour of LA by a rather charming and good looking guy." We continued our game.
"Sounds nice."
"Yes I also got an impressive bouquet of flowers from said charming and good looking guy."
"Oh really." I heard the amusement in his voice which matched my own.
"yes." I grinned.
"Ok I give up now." He laughed. "So you really did like the flowers?" he asked sounding a little unsure.
"Yeah there lovely thank you so much, lilies are my favourite."
"No problem, glad you liked them. Now moving onto the card..."
"Ah yes the card." I laughed slightly.
"Do you have an answer?" he asked sounding a little nervous.
"Actually I do."
"And the answer is, yes."
"Really?" he said sounding almost as excited as Charlene had when she found out who the flowers where from.
"Ok cool so I'll pick you up at the practise and around eight o'clock?"
"Sounds good."
"Ok well see you later."
"You will. Bye."

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