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Linzi's POV

I'm Linzi; I'm 25 and engaged to Billy Martin of Good Charlotte. We have been dating since high school and in one weeks time we will become husband and wife. Everything has been set and organised for the wedding it's just a matter of time now until the big day. We decided to have the wedding in our home town in DC; we had friends and family flying in from all over the place. The wedding and everything will be held in a really nice old fashioned mansion that had been converted into a hotel and done up. We had booked the whole of the hotel for the week so that we could get in set up exactly how we wanted it and our guests that where all arriving at different times during the week had somewhere to stay as soon as they arrived. The main people in the wedding would be arriving first and the others will fallow later on in the week. Over the years I have become good friends with Billy's friends and band mates Benji, Joel and Paul who will also be Billy's best men. We had a good team off professionals catering and preparing everything for the wedding exactly how we wanted it. Everything will be perfect, well I say everything I just hope one certain person won't ruin it, my older sister Tash.

Tash is three years older than me; how do I describe her, she's defiantly one of a kind; you can't put her into a category. She's loud and crazy. Some say she's got a 'foul mouth' seen as she just say's what ever pops into her head she has no shame with her bad language and dirty thoughts, if she has a problem with you she'll let you know. She'll do anything, she does what she wants when she wants and you defiantly can not tell her what to do. We have a kind of love hate relationship we do love each other but we're complete opposites I'm more quiet and a little on the shy side so naturally we piss each other off. Billy on the other hand doesn't like her much at all I think he only tolerates her because she's my sister. Tash barely made it through school with being suspended for fighting and all sorts of other outrageous things, when she finally left school she went away to college in New York studying fashion. Now she's manager of a huge fashion company making a shit load off money. I've not seen her properly for years since she left, we've only kept in contact by talking over the phone and sending e-mails so I'm really excited about being able to spend some time with her again. She will be my one and only bridesmaid and she's flying in tonight.

Tonight (Saturday) will be our first night, of our week leading up to the wedding, staying in the hotel. The hotel was a mass of boxes and luggage with people struggling to move round on the little space we had left. Non of the decorations and stuff had been unpacked or set up yet, seen as the team, me, Billy, a few of my close friends and family and some of Billy's friends where the only people here. We decided after our hard day of lugging boxes and luggage into the hotel that we'd have a little party in the bar to help us all relax and get to know each other better. Some of the people who would be at the party are: Me, Billy, Benji, Joel, Paul, Tony Lovato, Matt Lovato, Josh Madden, Scott (Tash's best friend from before she left, they were as close as brother and sister, when Tash left he became a close friend of mine.), Dean and Shawn (Scott's friends), Jenny and Chloe (two of my best friends), Tash and the ten guys from the team of helpers.

I had gone up to mine and Billy's room for a shower while everyone else had started going down to the bar. Me and Billy had the best room in the hotel it was amazing. When I had finished my shower I got ready and went down to the bar with everyone now in it apart from Tash who would be arriving any time now. I walked over to where Billy, Benji and Joel where stood.
"Hey babe." Billy smiled giving me a kiss.
"Hey. Is Tash not here yet?" I said checking round the room.
"Tash? Tash as in your sister Tash?" Billy said.
"Yeah, who else?" I smiled.
"No she's not coming to the wedding." He said seriously.
"Billy she's my sister of course she's coming to OUR wedding." I said lightly back.
"I don't want her here she'll do something to fuck it up."
"Billy she's my sister and she's coming because I want her here." I said getting a little annoyed at the way he was acting, yeah Tash can be a little outrageous at times but she means well really.
"Who's Tash?" Tony said walking up behind me.
"My sister." I said.
"The biggest bitch in the world and you know what really pisses me off about her..." Billy said after me. What he didn't notice was that Tash had just walked in the room and was standing right behind him when he called her a bitch. We where all trying to give him the message to shut up because she was right behind him but it was too late.
"That's right Billy the bitch is back." Tash grinned confidently she didn't mind being called a bitch, she even called her self a bitch what she didn't like was people calling her it behind her back.
"Shit Tash I didn't see you there." Billy stumbled over his words turning rather red.
"Evidently." She smirked looking him up and down then pushed past him to get to me. "Alright Kid, how you doing?" she smiled giving me a hug. She calls all her close friends and the people she loved 'Kid'.
"Good. You? Nice to see you." I said smiling at her it was so nice seeing her again. She'd changed a lot from the last time I'd seen her but was still the same old Tash. I always thought she got the looks in the family, not that I didn't like the way I looked but Tash was just so much more beautiful and sexy in everything that she did, she oozed confidence which added to her charm. I could see she'd already made quite an impression on Benji, Joel and Tony who where stood eyes wide, moths agape with slight grins on their faces, staring at Tash.
"I'm great, it's good seeing you to, been a long time." She smiled and I nodded.
"So are you going to introduce me to these other fine men." She smiled turning to Benji, Joel and Tony. All three of them for once looked a little shy and went slightly red.
"These are Benji, Joel and Tony, guys this is Tash my sister." I said pointing to each in turn. Tash smiled and shook a hand with each of them. They where about to go into conversation when from across the other side of the room we heard someone screeching.
"TASHA!" Scott shouted running over to her. She turned when she heard him and walked to meet him.
"SCOTT!" she screeched back. They flung themselves into a huge hug. By this time with all the commotion nearly everyone in the room where watching them in amusement but neither of them cared.
"How you doing babe?" Scott smiled when they finally broke away from the hug.
"I'm doing great, how you doing kid?" she grinned.
"Good and my days just got loads better for seeing you."
"Cut the crap." She said and they laughed. "And what've I told you about calling me Tasha, Scotty." She teased, she hated being called Tasha there was only Scott who risked his life by calling her it. Tash and Scott wandered off together deep in conversation.

"Billy you ass calling her like that when she's stood right behind you." Tony playfully shoved Billy in the shoulder.
"Well she is a bitch she admits it herself." Billy shrugged.
"Billy can't you just try and get along with MY SISTER soon to be YOUR SISTER-IN-LAW just until we've got the wedding over, for me." I pouted.
"Sister-in-law shit I never thought about that damn." Billy said.
"Billy promise me." I warned.
"Yeah ok I'll try just as long as she doesn't do anything stupid."
"Oh come on she can't be that bad." Benji said. Billy snorted.
"Yeah right but then again she's your type of girl or maybe Tony's I'm not sure I'm undecided between rebellious bitch and slut."
"BILLY! That's enough." I said now pissed off there's no way I'd talk about any of Billy's family like that no matter how much I didn't like them. I turned away from him.
"You really don't like her?" Joel said surprised at how Billy was acting.
"You don't know what she's like dude when you get to know her..."
"Billy stop right now, I mean it." I said getting upset at him and stormed off, I'd heard enough. Billy followed.

Benji's POV

Ok so we've just met Tash, Linzi's sister who Billy apparently doesn't get along with to put it lightly. This wedding was going to be eventful to say the least. I don't know where Billy gets it from, from what I've seen of Tash she seems quiet nice. Yes she is loud and seems to have the rebellious 'I don't give a fuck' type of attitude but she doesn't seem all that bad and she's defiantly not bad to look at, she's fucking hot. I could tell by the look on Joel and Tony's faces when they seen her they thought so too. I think I might have some competition from Tony but not from Joel, she's not Joel's type of girl he goes for the more quiet sweet type.
"Wow she's fucking hot." Tony muttered as the three of us stood there watching Tash talking with Scott, Dean and Shawn.
"You can say that again." I agreed and Joel nodded in his agreement.
"I saw her first." Tony said acting like little child arguing over who got the last piece of candy.
"No way." I argued back.
"Ever thought she might not be interested in either of you." Joel piped up. Me and Tony burst into laughter.
"What you mean you think you have a chance?" Tony said.
"Joel she's so not your type." I said.
"Oh yeah what is MY type them Benj?" Joel said a little irritated by me and Tony.
"You know the nice, sweet, quieter girls." I explained.
"Hey guys who's the hot chick that you where just talking to?" Matt said walking over to us.
"Tash, she's Linzi's sister." I explained.
"I never knew Linzi had a sister especially not one as hot as that." Matt smirked.
"Yeah I heard Billy mention something about she's been working away in New York for a few years now. Tash and Linzi haven't seen much of each other while she's been away." Joel said.
"Hey do you guys know where that sister of mine's fucked off to?" Tash said walking over to us. None of us knew who was going to answer her so instead none of us did. We probably looked stupid just stood there staring at her, well more like checking her out. Matt who was stood more to the side of her was getting a good look at her ass. I decided to finally answer her seen as no one else was about to.
"She went up stairs with Billy..."
"Ok enough information this is my sister." She laughed.
"No I don't think their up to... actually never mind, they went upstairs a while ago." I finished.
"Ok thanks." She nodded smiling at me giving me butterflies in my stomach. She turned to walk away catching Matt and Tony checking her out. She grinned looking them up and down. "You like what you see?" she smirked raising her eyebrows at them. They both blushed nervously at being caught.
"I, erm... we..." they both stuttered. She laughed shaking her head and walking back over to Scott, Dean and Shawn. They seemed really close having a good laugh and joking around together.
"Busted." Joel laughed teasing Matt and Tony.
"Shut up." they both said. Me and Joel laughed at them.
"What was that I just witnessed the great womanising Lavato's speechless and shy infornt of a hot chick?" I laughed.
"I mean it Benj shut up." Tony warned.

Tash's POV

I had been at the hotel/mansion for two hours now. It was really good seeing my sister again even though her husband to be and my brother-in-law to be didn't really want me there. I don't really know what his problem is, we've never really got along, I try to be nice to him for Linzi's sake but he just doesn't even seem to try but never mind it won't keep me awake at night. I have met some of Linzi's new friend's some of them are in the band with Billy. They seem nice, a little weird but in a good way. They keep checking me out; it's quite funny when I catch them they get all shy and embarrassed. Linzi had disappeared off with Billy somewhere over an hour ago leaving me to introduce myself and get to know her friends. I was getting a drink from the bar when, Benji I think his name was, came over to me.
"Hey." I smiled at him.
"Hey you not found Linzi yet?" he asked.
"No she's not been back down since so I've just been hanging and catching up with a few old friends and family." He nodded. "You wanna come sit with me?" I asked motioning over to the sofa's by the huge full length windows over looking the huge gardens.
"Sure." He nodded.
"So did Linz say anything before she left?"
"Well they seemed to be in an argument or something because she stormed off and Billy went after her."
"Oh, arguing about me?" I smiled knowing too well what happened when me, Linzi and Billy got together. Billy didn't want me around and would bitch about me then Linzi would get pissed off that he was speaking about her sister that way but I really didn't give a fuck any more what he thought about me. Benji didn't know what to say I could tell that I was right but he just didn't want to tell me.
"They where arguing about me." I nodded. Benji looked at me a little concerned. "It's ok I'm used to it now, Billy just doesn't like me."
"I'm sure he does really it's just...he..."
"No you don't need to sugar coat it, I'm not bothered any more we just don't get along." I said he nodded looking less concerned at the fact that it didn't bother me.
"So I heard you work in New York?" he asked changing the subject gratefully.
"Yeah when I left school I went to college there studying fashion then I got a really good job in huge fashion company, which I'm now manager of." I smiled.
"Wow, so you like New York?"
"Yeah it's cool but I miss it here, I miss my old friends and some of my family." I said truthfully. He nodded.
"I know what you mean about missing them when your away, but why only some of your family? If you don't mind me asking."
"No not at all, I do miss Linz but that's about it the rest of my family... lets just say if I never saw them again it would be too soon. I'm the fuck up in the family. The fact that I have successful career earning good money, my own independence and having a pretty good life doesn't mean anything to them. To them it's all about what Linzi's doing, finding a nice guy getting married and starting a family."
"And you don't want that?"
"It's not that I don't want that but I want to live first do things for me before I get tied down."
"I agree with you." he smiled.
"Good, so what about you, tell me about you?" I smiled at him.
"There's not much to tell really I'm in a band, I love my band, my friends, my family. I tour and when I'm not touring we're working on new stuff in the studio."
"Cool, so Joel's your brother right?" I asked.
"Twin." He nodded.
"I take it your really close?"
"Yeah we can't stand being apart too long. The whole bands like a family we can't stand being away from each other too long." I admitted. I smiled nodding.
"I used to be like that with Linz, Scott, Dean and Shawn but I guess I just grew away from them but I do miss them so much seeing them again has made me realize just how much."
"Would you not consider moving back?"
"I don't know I'd like to I really would but my jobs too good to leave." Benji nodded in understanding what I meant. "So what's the deal with Billy, is he good to my baby sister?"
"Yeah their so in love you wouldn't believe."
"Lucky bitch." I laughed faking jealousy making Benji laugh too.
"No one special in your life at the moment then?" he asked with a slight look of hope and curiosity in his eyes.
"Nope never really has been, I mean there have been a lot of guys but none that I can say I really care about never mind love like that." he nodded again. "What about you?"
"Same as you." he sighed.
"So us rejects together." I laughed making him laugh too nodding. "What about this wedding what's all the gossip on it? Anything I need to know?"
"Not really, I think the main thing everyone's talking about is you coming back and if there's going to be any bust ups between you and Billy." He said truthfully.
"well I'm sorry to disappoint everyone but I've changed a lot since I left, I may still be as loud and as outrageous as I was, but I have more self control and I'm not going to do anything to ruin my sisters wedding so that means no bust ups with anyone especially Billy." I said. We talked for a little longer. I liked this guy he was cool to get along with and he wasn't bad looking either. It was getting late and I was tired from the flying and everything that day. I just wanted to go to my room and sleep but I couldn't because Linzi had my key to my room. I yawned for the hundredth time that night. I was still sat with Benji his brother Joel had joined us too; he was also a nice guy.
"You tired?" Benji smiled.
"Yeah shattered I really need to go to bed." I nodded.
"Well why don't you?" Joel asked.
"Because Linzi's got my key to my room and she's still not came back yet, I'm going to give her a call." I say getting my phone out a dialling her number, seconds later she answered it.
"Hey Linz how are you?"
"Not bad, me and Billy..."
"Ok not to be rude but I don't really care how you are at the moment I just want my room key so I go to sleep." I said making Benji and Joel laugh.
"Shit sorry Tash but... erm something came up and..." I heard a giggle and some rustling of sheets.
"Ok stop there please don't be doing what it sound's like your doing while you're on the phone to me. It doesn't matter about the key I'll, I don't know what I'll do but I'll see you in the morning." I say grossed out then put the phone down.
"Ok now I'm scared for life and all I wanted to do was go to sleep." I say putting my phone back in my pocket, Benji and Joel laughing at me.
"What are you going to do then if you can't get your key?" Joel asked.
"I don't know I guess I'll just ask at reception if they have a spare one or something." I said and they nodded. We talked for a while longer it seemed like we'd known each other for years not hours. Before we knew it it was 2am and the party was coming to an end. Everyone was exciting the room when a very drunk Scott, Dean, Shawn and Tony came staggering up to us. Scott stood behind me hanging his arms around my neck resting his head on my shoulder, dean and Shawn got on either side of me leaning into me and Tony put an arm on each of Benji and Joel's shoulders.
"I love you Benj." Tony mumbled. The three of us laughed at the drunken behaviour of the four of them.
"And I love you Tash I really do." Scott said.
"I love you too Scott." I laughed.
"But I do love you I think you and me should get married." He carried on with his drunken ramblings.
"And I think your very drunk Scott and that you should go to sleep and really think about it in the morning."
"No I know what I'm talking about I love you, do you know what I really love more than anything though... I love pancakes, I want some pancakes." He said rubbing he belly.
"Ooo yeah pancakes sound good, Benj you'll make me some pancakes wont you?" Tony said to Benji. The three of us still in hysterics at their behaviour.
"Maybe in the morning but not right now." Benji said.
"Aw you suck I want pancakes now."
"No I think you guys need sleep now." I said. They all blew raspberries.
"That Idea sucks." Dean said.
"Yeah we need to party now." Shawn said.
"No sleep now party later." I said being serious now. We helped their drunken asses to their rooms then me and Benji walked Joel to his room.
"Night guys it was really nice meeting you Tash." Joel said giving Benji a brotherly hug then turning to me giving me a quick hug.
"Night, nice to meet you too." I smiled.
"So..." Benji sighed as we set off walking down the deserted hall way.
"So... I'm going to go see reception."
"Want me to come with you?"
"You don't have to but if you want to feel free."
"I want to." he nodded. So we walked to reception. I asked for a key but they said they only hand out one key per room and that I need to get that key if I want to get into my room.
"Well that sucks." I sighed as me and Benji walked away from the desk.
"It's just a thought but there are two beds in my room if you would like to stay in the spare one tonight?" Benji offered.
"If you don't mind?" I said. Benji shuck his head.
"No it would be my pleasure." He smiled.
"Ok well thank you." I smiled.
"Your welcome." He smiled.
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