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The next morning when I finally got up Benji was no where in sight. He had left me a note saying that he didn't want to wake me and that he'd gone down for breakfast. I got up had a quick shower then got dressed in the same cloches as yesterday may I just add which I wasn't too happy about. Then went down for breakfast. When I got down to the dining room there was Billy with Linzi opposite him, then Benji with Joel opposite him, Shawn with Dean opposite him and Tony with Scott opposite him sat at a table together. Linzi had her back to me, I creped up behind her.
"You bitch." I whispered playfully in her ear.
"Tash!" she jumped turning her head to look at me. I laughed at her shock. "Shit I'm sorry about last night."
"I don't want to know." I held up my hands both of us laughing. Billy was glaring at me, no change there.
"What happened? You're wearing the same clothes as last night." she stated smirking at me.
"Hey don't get any ideas, I went to reception asking for another key but they wouldn't let me have one they say they only hand out one key per room, but Benji very kindly offered me the spare bed in his room." I explained.
"Well here you go." she said handing me my key.
"It's about time." I said tasking it off her. "Don't ever do that again." I laughed.
"You getting some breakfast?" she asked.
"Yeah in a minute I just have one more score to settle." I said moving down to the other end of the table leaning over Scott.
"So you love me and want to marry me..." I said sweetly to him. "But you love pancakes more!" I shouted the pinched him. Benji and Joel started laughing.
"Tash, I'm so sorry I was drunk and..." he thought I was serious then when he seen the look on my face and then pushed me playfully. "Bitch." He laughed as I started laughing.
"Hey who do you think you're pushing?" I said pushing him back. We got into a shoving fight everyone else joining in laughing with Benji and Joel.
"Hey Tash?" Dean called I stopped and looked at him. "These are good pancakes." He laughed.
"Really?" I said then took Scott's knife and fork and took a piece of his. "You're right they are good." I said then taking Scott's whole plate and going squeezing on the end of the table with Linzi.
"Hey Tash their mine." Scott wined.
"There mine now." I laughed. Scott pouted while everyone but Billy laughed too. Billy was still giving me evils. We all went back to eating breakfast; well Scott went and got some more pancakes while I finished off his.
"So what's planned for today?" I asked Linzi.
"Dress fittings." She beamed.
"Oh please tell me the dress looks half decent and that it's not going to make me look like a marshmallow." I whined the thing I was dreading most about this wedding was this dress I still hadn't seen it.
"Don't worry it'll look great on you, not too great though because I'm the bride and your not allowed to look better than me but second best is ok." Linzi grinned.
"Far enough I'll settle for second best just this once." I laughed.
"Come to think of it we have to be there in an hour so we'd better get a move on." Linzi said looking at her watch.
"Ok just give me five minutes to go to my room to get changed into some clean clothes and I'll meet you back down here."

I finished the pancakes off then went to my room to get changed then went and met Linzi at the reception. There was only me and Linzi booked in at the bridal fitting shop for the whole day so we had the whole shop to ourselves. They brought the dresses out.
"Wow Linz you dress is amazing and you weren't lying when you said mine wasn't bad either, their both lovely."
"Glad you like them; I thought you'd like this dress." She said showing me my dress. It was a royal blue, long figure hugging dress that would show off all my curves and bring out my eye colour. The front was low cut to show off some good cleavage. The back was cut in a low scoop that came down to my lower back showing off my tattoo there and the spaghetti straps where a string of diamonds. "Go try it on so we can see it in all it's glory." She grinned shoving the dress into my hands and pushing me into the changing room.
"Ok you ready?" I asked from in the changing room.
"Yeah hurry up." she said excitedly. I opened the door and stepped out so she could have a good look. Linzi and the two people who worked in the shop and made the dress stood there with eyes wide and mouths agape.
"Say something." I smiled.
"It looks... you look so good." Linzi stuttered.
"The dress looks amazing on you, Linzi defiantly picked the right dress for you." one of the girls said.
"Thank you." I smiled.
"It fits perfectly, are you both happy with it?" the other girls said.
"Yeah I am if Linz is." I said looking over to Linzi.
"Yeah it's great I'm so jealous I want it now." Linzi laughed. I went and got changed back into my normal clothes and waited for Linzi to change into her dress.
"Linz hurry up the wedding'll be over before you get this dress fitting over." I laughed.
"Alright I'm ready."
"Come on then let me see." I said. She opened the changing room door and stepped out. She looked beautiful no matter how good my dress looked there was no way I could beat Linzi in her dress. She looked just like the bride off the top of wedding cakes.
"Liz you look beautiful, your dress is amazing."
"You think so?"
"Yeah I really mean it, you look stunning."
We finished off the dress fitting just adding the finishing touches to Linzi's outfit. Then me and Linzi went into town shopping but mainly to just hang out for a while. We where walking down the street with and ice cream just like we would do when we where kids.
"I miss this." Linzi piped up.
"Miss what? Ice cream?"
"No, us being together hanging out, I miss having my big sister around, looking out for me, getting her self into trouble for me."
"I miss hanging out with you too, not the getting into trouble bit as much but I do miss here and all this."
"Even mom and dad?"
"No, not them."
"Why I don't see what the problem is between the three of you." she said innocently she never did get what went on in the real world she always had life so easily, she lived life in this bubble. It's our fault really, mine and moms and dad's we always protected her from everything and now Billy's came along he does it too. She's never had to defend herself or had to deal with real problems she thinks life's a bunch of roses, its part of her charm her innocence, really you can't help but want to look after her and protect her. So instead I got all the shit plus some.
"Linz it's hard to explain, we'll never be close ever they want me to be someone I'm not and because I won't be who they want me to be they don't want me and I'm fine with that, I don't want to be around people who don't want me for me." I said trying to explain it in the best way possible for her.
"I know but can't you just all get along and forget about it, just say sorry and make up." she smiled not really getting it.
"It's not that easy kid, believe me if it was I'd have done it years ago." I would have done it for her so she didn't have to live through the arguments that we had, had when we where growing up and me leaving. Yeah I left for the course and job but truthfully I could have got all that and more here too but I just needed to get away before but now I', back I don't want to leave again. I miss being home too much and I realise that now.
"So what about you and Benji? You stayed with him last night?" she grinned.
"Yeah he offered me the SPARE bed in his room, nothing happened." I said.
"Billy said he heard that you two spent most of last night at the party together? What's going on there?"
"Nothing really I was tired and was looking for you, I asked Benji and his friends if they'd seen you but they said you hadn't been back down since you and Billy left earlier. Later on he seen me getting a drink at the bar and came over to me asking if I'd found you, I told him no I hadn't and we just kind of got talking from then on. He's a nice guy but nothing happened nor will there." I said.
"Why not? Do you like him?"
"Yeah he's... nice."
"YOU LIKE BENJI!" she grinned.
"He's a nice guy to get a long with." I nodded trying not to give anything away.
"So you obviously like him and he does like you, along with like everyone else who was in the room last night but that's not important right now, so why will nothing happen?"
"Because where here at a wedding, we met at a wedding, he's a best man and I'm a bridesmaid it's just too cliché." I said laughing.
"That's the lamest excuse ever."
"You obviously forgot what I was like while I was away. You should know I never go for all that romantic cliché stuff."
"Oh yeah you don't do Valentines Day either do you?" she said as if it was the most obscured thing she'd ever heard.
"No I bloody don't, it's a ridiculous holiday in fact it shouldn't even be called a holiday."
"You're so... wait your so Benji's type." She was about to insult me but the apparently a thought popped into her head and she looked all excited.
"Benji's type?"
"yeah all rebellious and everything, you two have so much in common you'd be so good together."
"Ok will you stop trying to set me up with some one I've only just meat beside how do you know I don't have a really hot serious boyfriend back in New York?" I said trying to be a smart ass.
"Because if you did you'd have brought him with you, your invitation had a plus one on it." She smirked smugly.
"Shut up." I said playfully shoving her as she was laughing at me.

Back at the hotel it was getting late and I was hanging out in my room. We'd got back from the dress fitting and shopping for a while now. I was trying to relax watching the TV and doing my nails but Scott, Dean and Shawn had other plans. For the past three hours they had been knocking of the door wanting me to answer it then running or just asking me some 'really important question' that turned out to be completely pointless. They where really starting to piss me off, they hadn't grown up one bit; we used to play stupid pranks on each other years ago before I moved, we all used to live on the same street. It had been twenty minute since I last heard from them which probably meant that they where planning something big this time. I must have spoke too soon because there was a knock on my door again. I tried to ignore it but they knocked again.
"SCOTT I MEAN IT IF YOU MAKE ME GET UP ONE MORE TIME I'M GOING TO FUCKING K..." I said stomping over to the door completely pissed off I wasn't playing along any more. When I flung the door open it wasn't Scott or Dean or even Shawn stood there it was a now rather scared looking Benji. "Shit I'm sorry I didn't mean you, I'm... completely embarrassed now." I said shaking my head Scott probably planned this too. Benji now looked amused. "I'm sorry, what can I do for you?" I smiled taking a deep breath.
"Erm you left this in my room I thought you might need it." He said handing me my phone.
"Oh shit thanks. I have a memory like a sieve sometimes." I said taking the phone off him making him laugh. "You wanna come in for a bit."
"If I'm not interrupting anything?"
"No I'm just trying to finish off my nails but failing due to interruptions from dickheads such as Scott, Dean and Shawn." I laughed. He nodded then followed me into my room.
"So how did the dress fitting go?"
"Good the dresses are amazing. Linz looks so beautiful. How about your suits have you guys got them sorted?"
"We have our fitting tomorrow but it's only a final check the finishing touched where done a few weeks ago."
"Cool, so who else are best men then?"
"My brother Joel and Paul." I nodded. "You're the only bridesmaid right?"
"Yeah the one and only." I laughed. Just then there was a knock at my door. I got up charging over to the door expecting for it to be Scott again. "Right that's it; if this is Scott again I'm going top his fucking... Linz what are you doing her come in." I calmed down when I opened the door to Linzi and let her in. she laughed walking into my room.
"What's Scott doing now?" she laughed as I followed her into my room.
"You don't want to know." I laughed shaking my head.
"Oh am I interrupting something?" she grinned when she noticed Benji.
"No Benji just came by returning my phone that I left in his room last night." I explained.
"Sure." she said quietly so only I could hear and smirked.
"So what did you come for?" I asked her.
"Oh yeah, well you see I just came to warn you that Mom and Dad will be arriving tomorrow."
"Great." I rolled my eyes sarcastically.
"Just please try to get along or you know just not fight with them."
"Linz you know I wouldn't do that, I've promised you I'll cause no trouble and I mean it just make sure they don't either I can only hold back so much."
"I know and I know I have nothing to worry about from you, you proved you're self with Billy last night which once again I apologise for."
"Linz an apology from you for the way he acts means nothing to me I need it from him for it to mean anything which I know I'm not getting and I don't care any more."
"I'm sorry Tash." Linzi said upset about the whole situation.
"Don't be it's not your fault." I smiled and gave her a hug. "Don't worry about it kid."
"I love you Tash." She smiled when I realised her.
"Love you too Linz." I replied then we said goodnight and she left.
"I think I'm going to go too." Benji smiled.
"Ok well thanks for dropping my phone off." I smiled.
"No problem." He smiled back at me. We stared into each others eyes for a second. "I... I really should be going." He said as we snapped out of our gaze.
"Ok, it was nice seeing you again." I smiled following him to the door as he opened it.
"Like wise." He smiled. "Good night." he gave me a peck on the check then left. I closed the door behind him then went to bed tomorrow was going to be a long day.
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