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I woke up the next morning to someone knocking on my door. I am defiantly not a morning person and usually my 'morning' is till lunch time. I groaned and rolled over hoping who ever it was would go away and I could go back to sleep. No luck the knocking continued. I groggily got out of bed and put on one of the hotel bath robes as I only sleep in my underwear and I vest top. I opened the door still half asleep to find Benji stood there.
"Benji?" I said rubbing my eyes trying to wake up, my voice raspy from just waking up.
"Tash Linzi sent me, she and Billy had to go do some urgent wedding stuff so would you go and pick your parents up from the air port..."
"Fuck no! You got me up for that tell them to get a taxi or something." I grumbled only half joking, I knew I had to but I really didn't want to. I turned walking back into my room leaving the door open for him to follow. He seemed a little unsure whether I was serious or not.
"S-she says she's really sorry but she's desperate their plane lands in half an hour and..." he tried to explain.
"I was joking I will go and pick them up but in no way am I fucking happy about this." I smiled he looked relieved. "What time is it anyway?" I said searching round for my phone.
"Nine o'clock."
"Nine o'clock, nine o'clock in the fucking morning." I sighed shaking my head making Benji laughed a little. "I better go get ready then."
"Oh yeah by the way she told me to come with you." Benji said.
"What to make sure I don't do anything to them like accidentally-on-purpose drop them off in the middle of now where and leave them there." I laughed.
"Actually yeah." He laughed.
"That girl knows me too well." I said going into the bathroom to get dressed.

When I'd finished getting dressed me and Benji drove to the airport to pick the parents from hell. On the way there we just talked about music and shit. When we got the airport we went straight to the pick-up point seen as we where a little late. When we got there mom and dad where already there. when I walked up to them, Benji following a little behind me, Mom gave me a snotty look (the look I always get) as she looked me up and down, dad just didn't even acknowledging me.
"Tasha." mom said forcing a fake smile and looking as if there was a really bad smell around. I just stood there and gave her the same dirty look back, looking her up and down.
"Mom." I forced a smile back but mine wasn't very successful. Benji was trying really hard to hide his laughter. I looked over to dad who deliberately was looking the other way. "Dad." I greeted him. As I said his name he briefly looked over at me giving a little nod as if he'd only just noticed me.
"So where is my daughter?" Mom said snottily.
"I'm here mom." I smiled proudly knowing that she really meant Linzi seen as she only ever referred to Linzi as her daughter never me.
"No I mean my other daughter." She said sounding discussed.
"She had to go do some urgent wedding stuff so she had to send me." I sighed flashing a fake smile.
"Oh I guess there was no one else then." She muttered under her breath turning towards dad.
"No I guess not." I said casually as if it didn't bother me then turned and walked towards the car, Benji walking by my side, not bothering to ask if they wanted help with their bags.
"I see what you mean about them." Benji whispered to me as we where walking out the airport.
"Oh this is nice compared to what their usually like with me, their on their best behaviour." I laughed making him laugh too. "Linz should know better putting me in a car with them I might just be tempted to push them out while the cars still moving." We laughed.
"Would you like me to help you with that?" I reluctantly asked when we got to the car and they struggled slightly fitting all their shit in the car.
"No thank you." mom said to me snottily. I just shrugged and jumped into the driver's side of the car while they struggled for ten minutes longer. Benji looked undecided whether to offer help himself or not but in the end decided to just get in the car with me.

We had a long ride back to the hotel with 'my' parents being as annoying as hell. After spending half an hour in the car getting their bags in the car and arranging how they where going to sit they spent the whole ride moaning. Saying I was 'driving too fast', 'I was going the wrong way', 'it was too cold with the air conditioning on' then when I turned the air conditioning down it was too hot; I ended up getting that pissed off at them that I just turned my radio up so loud that I couldn't hear them. Benji spent the whole ride trying to hide his amusement.
When we finally got back to the hotel Linzi, Billy, Joel, Tony and Paul where waiting for us in the lobby. Benji walked in first followed by mom and dad and I was last as I was locking the car. By this point I was well and truly pissed off to the point where I was about to rip someone's head off.
"Where have you been? What took you so long? You should have been back an hour ago." Linzi asked slightly annoyed.
"Don't ask." Benji said quietly, knowing what a mood I was in; then joined Tony, Joel and Paul stood slightly behind Billy and Linzi. Linzi and Billy where greeting our parents as I walked up to the group. "Mom,...Dad!" Linzi squealed giving them a hug each.
"Hello darling." Mom smiled genuinely hugging her back.
"Hi baby girl." Dad smiled hugging her.
"Mr and Mrs Roberts how nice to see you again." Billy greeted shaking their hand. You guessed it Billy and our parents got along really well. In fact I think they loved him more than they loved me.
"William lovely to see you too." mom smiled greeting him. "But please call us Julie and Richard." She smiled. Billy and Dad shook hands.
I intended on walking straight past them and up to my room to cool off but no that wasn't going to be the case.
"Tash, what took you so long, don't say you where late again?" Linzi said making me more pissed off she always got slightly bitchy towards me when mom and dad where around trying to be the perfect daughter that mom and dad thought she was.
"We..." I started but was cut off by mom.
"She was late we where stood waiting for ages." Mom said. Linzi turned to be looking annoyed. That was it I was pissed off beyond belief.
"I was not late I was on time." I defended.
"Well you should try and be early next time." Mom muttered.
"You could have at least helped them with their bags after the long journey that they've had." Billy said pushing past me and taking their bags off them. They smiled and thanked him. That did it I couldn't hold it back any more.
"Well I did offer to help but my help like everything else I do isn't good enough also we may have got here earlier if it wasn't for some people moaning and picking at every little thing on the way here!" I ranted shocking everyone slightly. Billy and Paul took mom and dads bags up to their room leaving us all in an uncomfortable silence after my little out burst.
"Now dear I think that was a little over dramatic." Mom said obnoxiously breaking the silence. Everyone apart from my mother could tell the rage building up inside me. I was about get into a fight with her when I remembered my promise that I made to Linzi that I wasn't going to start any trouble until the wedding was over and I was going to keep that promise. I'll prove them wrong; I'm better than them and will not go down to their level. I took a deep breath and decided to carry on up to my room for some peace.
"Tash wait, we're all going out for dinner together." Linzi told rather than asked.
"No thanks." I smiled and went to take another step I knew I had to go with them but I really didn't want too. Billy and Paul returned, Linzi stopped me and gave me the look 'please just do this for me'. I sighed and turned round to go with them. The good thing was that Joel, Benji, and Paul where coming along too so it wouldn't just be me with mom, dad, Linzi and Billy. Mom, Dad, Linzi and Billy took Billy's car and Benji, Joel, Paul Tony and me went in my car.
"This is going to be hell; you guys have no idea what you're getting your selves into." I said to them in the car on the way to the restaurant.
"I can't believe your parents wouldn't stay and does stuff like that to you." Benji said who was sat next to me in the passenger side.
"Welcome to my world." I smiled. "It doesn't bother me so much any more I', used to it. It just annoys the hell out of me when Linzi starts."
"I couldn't believe how Billy was acting too." Tony said from be backseat between Joel and Paul.
"No that's usual Billy towards me too." I said simply.
"Why are they such bastards to you?" Paul said.
"Their jealous of me." I laughed making them laugh too. "I really don't know, well mom and dad mainly hate me because I have my own life and do what I want which is nothing like what they want me to do..."
"But I thought you had a really good job and life New York?" Joel said.
"Yeah that's the thing I'm successful, independent and don't need to rely on anyone especially them. That why they love Linzi because she's so innocent and needs them around controlling her life." Then nodded understanding.
"So what the deal with Billy?" Tony asked.
"Not really sure about that one he's always had something against me ever since Linzi brought him home to meet the family as her first boyfriend." I said.
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