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Monday (night)

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Monday (Night)

Not long after we arrived at the restaurant. When we got there mum, dad Billy and Linzi where already there and had apparently already ordered, how nice of them to have manners and wait.
"Well it's about time." Dad muttered when we sat at the table with them.
"How nice of you to wait for us." I smirked.
"Yes well we didn't know exactly how late you where going to be this time." Billy said smugly earning brownie points from mum and dad.
"We where ten minutes behind you at the most." I said through gritted teeth.
"Ok so shall we order then?" Joel said trying to change the subject seeing the death glare me and Billy had on each other.
"Yeah why not." I smiled cheerfully walking off with them to order. Leaving Billy and my parents to glare at me.
"Oh dear me, this is going to be one hell of a wedding." I sighed to no one in particular. Making them all laugh.

Once we ordered we sat back down at the table. Down one side was mum, dad, Joel and Paul. Down the other side was Linzi opposite mum, Billy opposite dad, me opposite Joel, Benji opposite Paul and Tony at the head of the table (don't ask why).
When we joined back at the table they where once again in deep discussion about the wonderful wedding. Mum and dad where saying how proud they where of Linzi 'making something of her life'. I rolled my eyes discreetly trying not to let anyone see but evidently Benji noticed mid drink. So when he tried to hide his laughter he ended up chocking drawing more attention to himself. Everyone gave him a weird look apart from me and Joel who also seen what was going on both of us trying to hide a smirk.
"So anyway Tash why don't you tell mum and dad about your job, she's just been promoted again." Linzi said proudly. Mum and dad had discussed looks on their faces, nothing like being the proud parents of a successful daughter I thought to my self. I gave Linzi a warning look for trying to involve me in their conversation.
"Yeah I got promoted again earning more money, got more responsibility, respect and independence." I smiled fakely.
"That's... nice." dad forced a smile.
"So other than wasting your time have you actually found your self a husband yet?" mum asked arrogantly. I laughed.
"I'm not wasting my time and no I haven't found myself a husband nor have I been looking." I flashed a smile and she just snorted then went back to her dinner making sure to ignore me for the rest of the dinner.

Finally we got back to the hotel mum and dad decided to go straight up to bed as they'd had a long, tiring day of travelling. The rest of us decided to go for a drink in the lobby.
"Finally peace at last." I sighed sitting down on one of the huge sofas.
"What's that all about?" Linzi snapped at me.
"What do you mean?" I asked confused sitting up to look at her.
"All those sly comments to mum and dad during dinner, I thought you promise not to cause any trouble before my wedding." She carried on with her hissy fit. This pissed me off because unlike mum and dad I was on my best behaviour there have been so many times today I'd bit my tongue and held myself back from snapping at them but I haven't all for her sake and now she's blaming it all on me.
"Excuse me? Sly comments? What planet have you been on do you have any idea how many times I've held my self back tonight from all the sly comments from mum and dad, all for you! I told you I wasn't going to cause trouble for this wedding and you have nothing to worry about from me I wont but mum and dad their your really problem."
"See there you go again. You don't even know when you're doing it."
"Doing what?" I said standing up to face her better.
"Causing trouble why can't you just get along with them you're always such a bitch to them."
"I'm a bitch to them, your so naïve. You have no idea what's going on between me, mum and dad. Just face it Linz we never have and never will get along."
"I don't understand because you won't tell me!"
"Linz you don't need to know. It's not just on huge thing it's lots of little things over the years that build up and can never be fixed. Just accept it and get along with your life." I said them walked off up to my room.
"Tash aren't you staying for a drink?" Tony called who had just got back from the bar.
"No I'm too tired you can have it." I called back not once looking at Linzi or Billy.
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