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I got up at around 1pm I don't know how I slept so long I really must have been tired. I'd just started the shower and was about to get in when I heard a knock at the door I decided to ignore it and hope that who ever it was would think I'd gone out and go away. I really wasn't in any mood for talking to anyone after last night. To my disappointment the person didn't go away and persisted on knocking on my door. I sighed turning the water off and putting my bath robe back on. I opened the door so find Scott stood there beaming. He looked me up and down them smirked.
"What do I owe this pleasure?" I groaned.
"No the pleasers all mine." He smirked.
"Shut the fuck up if you don't have anything constructive to say them please do me a favour and piss off." I said.
"Oh someone got up on the wrong side of the bed to day didn't we." He smiled ignoring me and pushing past me into my room.
"What do you want?" I sighed. "I'm really not in the mood for chit chat now."
"yeah I heard about last night but you know shit happens especially when you and your parents get together not to mention you had little miss perfect Linzi and the son they never had Billy thrown in with it all too."
"Yeah thanks for reminding me." I rolled my eyes. Scott really didn't care if I was a bitch to him he know I didn't mean it. He was always there for me to take my anger and frustration out on.
"Anyway I thought we'd go out to night to cheer you up and to help you forget about the bastards at least for a few hours and have a good time."
"We as in who exactly?"
"Me, you, Dean and Shawn." He grinned knowing full well what usually happened when us four went on our wild night out lets just say no one ever really remember much the day after. "So what do you say?"
"Yeah sure what ever. Now if you don't mind please leave, I was about to have a shower."
"Oh well don't mind Me." he smirked making himself comfy on my bed turning the TV on. I picked up the nearest magazine hitting him playfully with it.
"Get... (Hit) out... (Hit) now... (Hit)." I said chasing him out the door. He hurried out laughing and holding his hands up trying to protect himself.
"Tash one last thing?"
"What?" I snapped in frustration.
"I did what I came to do..."
"Piss me off more?" I laughed rolling my eyes at how annoying and childish he could be.
"No cheer you up, look I made you laugh." He smirked. I flipped him of and closed the door behind me going take my shower.

My shower was cut short by a knocking on the door; I was expecting it to be Scott again coming to piss me off.
"Scott I swear your soul purpose on this earth is to piss me off constantly." I muttered opening the door to let him in then turning and walking back into my room waiting for him to follow me in like usual. I did all this with out even looking up to see if it really was Scott. When I didn't hear Scott walking into my room but instead a clear of someone's throat I looked up and to my surprise it was Benji.
"Benji, sorry I thought you where Scott but come in any way." I apologised.
"Sorry was I interrupting anything?" he questioned looking me over as I was in just a towel with my hair still wet.
"No, no oh god no. he just came round to check on me from last night but to mainly annoy me more. I'd just got out of the shower when I heard you at the door." I explained, he nodded. "So what can I do you for?" I smiled at him.
"I was just going to get something to eat and was passing so I thought I'd stop and see if you wanted to come with?" he said sounding a little unsure.
"OK yeah sure I was just about to go down too. Just give me ten minutes to get dressed and dry my hair and I'll meet you down there."
"OK" he nodded.

I went into the bathroom again to get ready while Benji waited in my room for me. When I was ready we walked down to the dining area of the restaurant for something to eat. As we walked through the big doors I noticed Linzi and Billy sat with Scott, Dean, Shawn and Benji. I stopped in the door way when I seen them. They all looked over to me, I was not in the mood for Linzi and Billy's company I'd only just calmed down a little from last night so I turned and walked back out.
"Oh no you don't." Scott called and ran after me putting his hands on my shoulders to turn me round. "Come on you have to face them some time, for the wedding remember. Come on you don't have to talk to them just at least come and sit with us." He said in my ear pushing me towards the table as I unwilling let him.
"But I don't want to." I groaned.
"No but you have to." he said as I blew a raspberry acting like a little child being made to do their chores. I sat down in the seat furthest away from Billy and Linzi earning dirty looks from them but there was a hint of hurt in Linzi's eyes. She really did hate it when we fought but she just got so wound up and pissed off because me and mum and dad will never tell her exactly why we never get along; protecting her in our own little way but actually making things so much worse. Benji was sat opposite me when I'd ordered I looked up at him and he smiled weakly mouthing 'sorry' to me. I smiled at him and shuck my head.
"You've got nothing to be sorry for." I whispered. Scott was sat to the right of me and for the rest of our time in the restaurant the three of us me, Benji and Scott talked between ourselves. Linzi kept looking over to me apologetically I could tell she want to talk to me but I didn't really feel like talking about it all right now so I did my best to ignore her.
As soon as we'd finished eating Billy and Linzi got up to leave straight away while the rest of us stayed sat down talking. Billy walked straight out but Linzi hung around for a second trying to talk to me.
"Erm Tash I was thinking... maybe we could go out tonight you know just us so we can... you know talk..." she stuttered.
"I..." I started but was cut off by Scott.
"She can't she's coming out with us." He smirked making me glare at him.
"I am going out but you could call round at my room and we can talk while I'm getting ready." I offered.
"Oh ok." She seemed unsure but agreed anyway then left when she noticed Billy waiting impatiently at the door.

Later that night I was in my room planning my outfit for going out that night. It wasn't long before Linzi knocked on the door. I opened it and let her in going back to my outfit planning I couldn't decide between the blue or red top. Linzi stood quietly at first not quiet knowing what to say to me.
"You should go for the blue it brings your eyes out." She smiled. I looked over to her and smiled nodding.
"So you wanted to talk?" I sighed.
"Yeah erm I'm really sorry for the way I acted yesterday I was being a bitch it's just with all the pressure of the wedding and then the whole thing between you and mum and dad it really gets to me you now. Why do you never tell me what the problem is?"
"Linz I'm sorry I know your really stressed with the whole wedding thing and you where being a bitch but I forgive you, mum and dad always have that effect on people." I laughed she didn't really find it as funny but still gave a slight laugh. "No really it's ok you did piss me off. when ever mum and dad are around you get like little miss perfect and act like a bitch to me, you don't need to do anything to impress them because they already think you're the worlds best daughter next to me you can do no wrong in their eyes. It always has been and always will be that way."
"No it's true and you know it. Me and mum and dad have never seen eye to eye for years and it's never going to change you just need to stop worrying about it we've got it under control you don't need to get involved. I understand it must get to you and feel like we're hiding stuff from you but we're not it's just a whole lot easier if you don't know. Promise me you'll just forget about my shit and have a good time." I smiled at her. She smiled back although I knew deep down that she still wanted to know what was going on.
"Ok, I love you Tash I don't know what I'd do with out you." she said giving me a hug.
"Love you too sis." I smiled hugging her back.
"So where are you all going tonight? She asked.
"Don't really know it's going to be a typical Tash, Scott, Shawn and Dean night out so who knows what will happen." I laughed she laughed too.
"Ok well you have fun." she said walking towards the door to leave. As she opened the door Scott was there with his hand raised about to knocked.
"Wow your physic." He said dumbly making us laugh.
"Scott shut up." I said shaking my head as Linzi left.
"Are you ready yet?"
"Yeah ready when you are." I said following him out the door. And that was probably the last thing I remember that night.
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