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When I woke up I felt like shit. I felt sick and had the world worst headache. When I managed to open my eyes and looked around I noticed I wasn't in my room. Shit what have a done now.
"Good afternoon." I heard a voice say that I recognised. I managed to sit up and look around too see both Benji and Joel in the door way smiling at me.
"Oh shit what have I done, give me the bad news." I flinched waiting for the stories of how I made fool of my self in my drunken state.
"Well nothing that we know of." Joel said.
"How come I'm here?" I questioned suspiciously.
"Well at six o'clock this morning we woke up to a loud banging on our door. When we opened it there was a very drunken Dean and Shawn just managing to hold themselves up never mind you and Scott who where already passed out. They dropped you off here as they couldn't find your key to your room." Benji explained.
"Oh ok." I said thinking for a moment trying my best to remember anything from last night but failing terribly the only thing I got from trying to remember was an even worse headache. "Shit I really don't remember a thing." I laughed. Benji and Joel laughed too. "Ok I think I'm just going to go back to my hotel room for a shower and try to forget what ever I can't remember." I said dragging my hung over ass out of bed and standing up searching my pockets for my key to my room. I searched every pocket three times but I couldn't find it.
"You ok?" Joel asked.
"Shit don't say I've lost my room key again the hotels going to kill me if I have to go and ask for another." I said still searching through all my pockets again but there definably wasn't a key there. Joel's phone started ringing while I was searching through my pockets, I heard him having a brief conversation with someone then announcing that he had to leave and he'd see us later.
"You sure you had it when you went out last night?" Benji asked.
"Yeah I defiantly had it when I left the room... shit! No I didn't Scott came mithering about me being physic or something because I opened the door coincidently as he got there. I had the key on the bed ready to take with me but... shit I've locked the key in my room."
"Can you not just go and ask the reception for a spare key?" Benji said.
"I can try but they'll be assy with me because I've already lost a key, that was a spare." I sighed giving up the search for the key that obviously wasn't in my pockets. "Bollocks I'm gonna have to go and ask at reception aren't I." I said in a whiney voice.
"Unfortunately." Benji smiled sympathetically. "Come on I'll walk with you I'm going that way anyway." Benji said.

We got to the reception I was dreading this I knew they where going to be assholes with me. It didn't help matters that it was a posh snobby type hotel that the people looked down their noses at you. I sighed taking a deep breath then stepping forward to the twenty-something sonny looking spoilt bitch in reception.
"Excuse me I was wondering if you could help me, I have accidentally locked my key in my room could you give me a spare key just so I can get in to get the key please." I asked in the nicest way possible.
"We're not really supposed to hand out spare keys but I'll see what I can do, What room is it?" she replied snottily pretending to be help full but you could tell she really didn't want to be bothered.
"I'm sorry it say's here that we already issued you with a spare key." She looked at me questioningly looking more and more annoyed with me.
"Well you see the thing is it was my sister that booked the room and got the key in the first place but when I got here she had misplaced it. The man at reception offered me to spare key which is the one that I've locked in my room." I explained knowing I was fighting a loosing battle.
"Well how do expect us to get in to the room or give you a spare key when you already have the spare key and have locked that in the room." she said rudely.
"I don't know don't you have another spare key or a skeleton key or something?" I suggested.
"no there's nothing we can do if you have lost one key and locked the spare on in your room how stupid do you get to lose a key and then lock on in the room. You do know there will be an extra charge for the replacement of the key and you will have to carry on paying for the room until we mange to get back into it." She snapped rudely at me and unprofessionally too.
"That's Bullshit!" I said snapping back at her.
"I'm sorry is there a problem here?" I very hansom man said smiling charmingly at me. he was about six foot tall, with blonde hair and blue eyes. I looked at his badge that said manager on it.
"Well you see..." I started to explain but was cut of rudely by the receptionist.
"She's already lost on key and now she's locked the spare key in her room and expects us to magic a key out of know where to open the room up so she can get in and get the key out." She spat. The manager, John I read on his badge looked at her surprised and rather annoyed. I thought he was going to go mad at me too but instead he turned to me smiling charmingly.
"I'm really sorry my sister was the one that booked in so she had the key in the first place but misplaced it so they gave me a spare key and where actually nice about it. Well nicer than her." I said pointing to the receptionist. "Then last night I was a bit preoccupied and accidentally locked my key in my room, which I feel really stupid about but is there any way you can get me back into the room." I said. John was about to say something to me but then the arrogant bitch piped up again.
"I told her if you have a spare key and loose that then you can't get another one and you will get charged extra for they replacement key." She said rudely.
"Yeah and your being a total bitch about everything, I should make a formal complaint about you and your attitude problem." I finally snapped at her giving her a piece of my mind. I swear if we where out somewhere and she came talking to be like that she'd have been bitch slapped into next week by now.
"Tracy why don't you take your break a little early, I will take care of this." He smiled that charming smile at me. I couldn't help to smile back. "I will deal with you later." He said I heard him say coldly to her under his breath.
"Now we do have a skeleton key that I can use to get you into your room so that you can get your key out." He smiled going behind the desk getting the key out.
"Thank you I swear I can't believe this happened I'm so silly." I said his infectious smile making me smile too. What was wrong with me he is so not my type but he's so gorgeous. Ok what am I saying concentrate Tash. I had an argument with myself inside my head.
"It's not problem really and I'm and very sorry for the way they Tracy acted she has attitude problems that will be dealt with I assure you." he said. "Now to make up for it you can have a free luxury dinner for two tonight in the hotel restaurant." He said looking between me and Benji obviously thinking we where together. We both piped up at the sometime muttering things about how where not together.
"He's erm... we're not together." I said. John seemed happy at this and if possible smiled even brighter.
"Well you still have a free dinner for two for you and who ever you choose to share it with." She said smiling charmingly I think he was hoping I'd ask him but the who smiling thing as charming as it was was staring to creep me out a little. I just smiled slightly and nodded.
"Thank you." I said.
"Ok shall we go get you your key out of your room." he said. He started walking expecting me to follow him. There was no way I was going up to my room alone with him. I turned to Benji to see him grinning holding back his laughter.
"See ya I'm going to leave you and lover boy alone." He said smirking.
"Benji no you can't leave me alone with him." I said grabbing hold of his arm and pulling him along with me. He just laughed at me then followed me. When we got to my room I still hand hold of Benji's arm. As John was opening the door he noticed this.
"Oh I thought you said you two weren't together?" he said looking confused.
"Where good friends." I just said simply as I heard Benji start laughing again.
"There you go." he said successfully opening my room to reveal my key on my bed just where I'd left it. "And I will be in the restaurant tonight so if there's any problems with your free dinner then just ask for me and I'll sort it out." He smiled at me and gave Benji the death glare then smiled at me one more time before leaving the room.
Benji burst out laughing.
"If there are any problems I will be there to sort it out." He said mimicking John in the posh accent. Then burst out laughing hysterically again.
"That's so not funny he was really starting to creep me out you know." I said but starting laughing myself.
"I think he liked you." Benji said sarcastically, pointing out the obvious.
"Ya think." I said in a not shit way. "At least I got a free dinner out of it." I smiled.
"Yeah and you better ask me to come with you after I saved you're ass from creepy smiler."
"Well I was actually thinking about asking Billy." I teased.
"You hate Billy though." He pouted.
"No I don't hate Billy, Billy just hates me." I pointed out. He shrugged his shoulder agreeing with me.
"You should still pick me though." He said giving me puppy dog eyes.
"I should do just to piss John off, I get the feeling he doesn't like you." I said sarcastically.
"You get that feeling too." he said with the same sarcasm.
"Yeah if looks could kill you'd be dying a slow and painful death right now." I laughed.
"so your picking me." he smiled.
"Sure what ever." I laughed rolling my eyes.
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