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Wednesday (night)

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Wednesday (Night)

I had just finished getting ready for dinner; I was meeting Benji in the restaurant at seven. After Benji left said he had a few errands to run I hadn't seen anyone for the rest of the day. So I spent it doing a well needed pampering session doing all the girly stuff waxing, showering moisturising, exfoliating and showering. I stared getting ready quite early for dinner so that I could take my time doing my hair and make up. I decided to leave my hair in its natural loose curls instead of straightening it like I usually do. I did my usual natural look make up with dark eyes. As it was quite a warm night I wore my white halter neck dress that actually showed of quite a bit of cleavage, the bottom was floaty that came just above the knee.

At 7:45 I decided to start making my way to the restaurant. As I stepped out of my room making sure I defiantly had my key before I closed the door I heard someone wolf whistle to me. When I turn to see who it was I seen. Scott (who was the one who whistled), Billy, Linzi, Tony, Joel, Jenny, Chloe, Matt and Paul walking up the hall.
"And where are you going looking so fine?" Scott smirked at me.
"Who ever the guy is he's lucky." Tony joined in grinning. The other smiling apart from Billy who had his usual scowl on when he seen me.
"For dinner." I smiled being secretive.
"Who with?" Linzi asked.
"Benji." I said simply making them all look at me Shocked, eyes wide and mouths open. "What's wrong with that?" I laughed knowing what they all thought was going on between me and Benji wasn't, well not yet anyway oh god did I just say or should I say think that. What ever I can't deny I found Benji attractive there we go self confession.
"Well Benj doesn't waste any time does he?" Paul Laughed.
"And what's that supposed to mean?" I asked acting all innocent when it was me leading them to believe that there was something going on in the first pace to wined them up, what can I say it was fun.
"What you mean it's not a date?" Joel asked.
"A date no what made you think that." I said sounding shocked they'd ever think that. They all stuttered an answer out at the sometime but none of it really made sense. I decided to explain properly what was going on.

"OK so now you know the full story I'm going before you all make me late." I said. We said our goodbyes and they carried on past me but scoot hung back.
"You're still looking especially hot for dinner that's 'not a date' with a guy." Scott said quietly to me.
"I don't know what you're talking about." I said but I really know what he was getting at.
"You like him don't you?" he said knowing me all too well.
"No." I said trying to sound as convincing as possible but failing.
"Yeah you do." He laughed.
"Yeah maybe I do find him attractive but I don't want a boyfriend right now and beside how bad does that sound hooking up with a guy at my sisters wedding cliché' or what." I laughed.
"Tash go for it if you like him, he seems like a nice guy and him along with the rest of the male population are crazy about you." Scoot laughed.
"Whatever I'm gonna go because I'm late now." I said giving him a quick hug before rushing off to the restaurant.

When I got to the restaurant Benji was already sat at our table. I have to say it was a good table it was in the best place it was outside under a canopy out of the way in the corner with flowers growing up the wall behind the table. When he seen me enter the restaurant I seen him have the same reaction to what I was wearing as Scott, Tony and the other guys. He stood to greet me, I noticed him look me up and down as he did.
"You look very nice." he smiled. Making me blush slightly.
"Thank you you don't look so bad yourself." I smiled. We both sat down. He looked good to in dark jeans and a black shirt. This time it was his turn to blush.

We ordered making sure we ordered the most expensive things on the menu. Through dinner we make conversation just getting to know each other better telling each other basically all there is to know about each other from the important things to the useless facts and obviously some flirting from both parts was done. We'd just finished desert and was talking finishing off our drinks enjoying the company we actually got along really well.
"Don't look now but lover boys just came in." Benji said pointing to the bar behind me. I discretely looked over my shoulder just to catch John staring holes out of Benji then when he noticed me looking he smiled at me.
"He's fucking weird, let's just ignore him." I laughed.
"Good luck he's coming over." Benji said quietly. I decided to take drastic action not wanting a nice peaceful night to be ruined by that creep. I leaned forward closer to Benji.
"Come here." I said and eh leaned into me. "Kiss me." I said quietly to him.
"What?" He questioned stunned.
"Just kiss me." I said and closed to Small gap between us and kissed him to my surprise he kissed back. I have to admit it was a nice kiss too. I reluctantly leaned back a little.
"Did it work? Has he gone?" I said. Benji looked over my shoulder.
"Yeah." Benji laughed slightly nervously.

We finished off our drinks making small talk Benji seemed a little amused but at the same time uncomfortable with my tactics to get rid of John; which confused me a little as he was flirting along with me during dinner and now he seem slightly standoffish. Later Benji walked me to my room. When we got to my room we stood outside facing each other.
"Well thank you for a lovely night, I had fun." I smiled at him.
"Thank you for inviting me along I had a good time with you too." he smiled back.
"And thank you to John for the lovely free but very expensive dinner." I said and we laughed.
"I'm sorry do you want to come in?" I offered opening up my door remembering my manners.
"No it's fine I think I should be getting back." Benji said.
"You sure?" I asked.
"Yeah but thanks anyway." He said leaning down giving me a kiss on the cheek.
"The pleasures all mine." I smiled.
"We'll have to do this again sometime this time my treat." He smiled back at me.
We stood staring at each other for a minute or two before he left. When he walked away I went into my hotel room closing the door behind me. I leaned with my back against the door and sighed. 'What was I doing I didn't want to get into another relationship right now after my last bad break up. But I do have to admit there is defiantly something about Benji that I really like and am drawn too.
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