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ok, the morning after the night before and the bride gets cold feet about the wedding.

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When I got up the next morning and went down for breakfast I could only find Scott.
"Good morning and how was you 'not a date' date with Benji last night?" he teased coming over to me.
"I told you it wasn't a date now will you stop going on about it but if you must know it was very nice. We had a good time JUST talking and getting to know each other better." I said.
"Well you see that's where all these good relationships start with ONLY talking or JUST friends. It means there's defiantly something good and strong there that your trying to fight but you should stop fighting it because it always wins." He said being all Dr Relationship Advice. "Love always does." He muttered quietly acting like he didn't want me to hear it but he obviously did.
"What? Love oh n, n, n, no I don't think so I think your going a little too far with calling 'it' what ever 'it' is love." I said almost freaking out. He laughed at me.
"Yeah what ever keep telling yourself that but there will be a day some day soon that you'll be coming to me saying 'you where right Scott'." He laughed.
"In your dreams never will there be a day when I come to you telling you 'you where right'. anyway what's up with you giving all this advise on relationships when you can't even have a relationship[ for longer than a few months, come to think of it when was the last time you where in a relationship?" I teased back now.
"Um... erm... well that's not the point I'm shopping around you know looking for what I really want." He said making me laugh he really was a typical guy.
"Anyway where is everyone?" I asked trying to change the subject but also genuinely wondering.
"The guys involved in the wedding have gone for their final suit fitting..."
"Oh shit, I totally forgot I've got a dress fitting with Linzi and the girls today too!" I said forgetting totally about it. "Linzi's going to kill me if I miss it."
"What time is it at?" Scott asked.
"Eleven thirty." I said. He looked at his watch.
"It's eleven now if you leave now then you'll just make it." He said. So that's what I did.

Luckily I made the dress fitting being just a few minutes late. Linzi and the girls where just starting so I didn't miss anything. They where doing Linzi first.
"I thought you'd forget." Linzi said coldly as I walked in.
"I wouldn't forget something like this, I'm here aren't I." I said back. Ok I know I lied but I made it in time and there was no reason for her using that tone with me. Linzi did a little snort of fake laughter as if she didn't believe me.
"You know you get more and more like mom every day." I spat at her. Jenny, Chloe and the dress fitter looked at us worriedly.
"And that's a bad thing?" Linzi looked at me questioningly when she knew coming from me it was meant to be a bad thing.
"What's wrong with you anyway getting this pissy you should be happy the so called best day of you life is in two days." I said trying to avoid too much of an argument. There was times when I needed to do the backing down and this was one of them.
"Nothing I'm sorry just getting a little stressed about everything I guess." She sighed truly sorry and I had my normal Linzi back.
"Your not getting cold feet are you?" I asked getting worried.
"Yes, no, I don't know." she said seeming confused.
"Ok, do you love Billy?"
"Do you think he's the one?"
"Do you want to spend the rest of your life with him, have kids together and grow old together?"
"Well then what's there to worry about, marrying him is the right thing." I smiled hopefully reassuring her. She smiled looking a little more relaxed and comfortable.
"No but's about it, what's there to but about?"
"Nothing it's just the two of you don't get along its bad enough that you and mom and dad don't get along with out adding my soon to be husband too."
"Forget about it I've told you I'll be good, I'm not going to start anything if he doesn't. So what if we don't get along I'm not the one marrying him you are."
"I know but..."
"No stop butting there no buts about it." I said making her laugh.
"There we go that's better you getting married it's supposed to be the happiest day of your life so you need to start making it look like it." I smiled. "Me on the other hand I have a right to be pissed off that my little sisters happy and getting married before me. I'm fucking three years off thirty and have no boyfriend never mind husband. It's supposed to be me first." I joked.
"You'll find the right guy, you never know you might find him at my wedding." She laughed. "How good would that be?" she joked.
"Talk about fucking cliché's." I rolled my eyes.
"Anyway you always said you weren't bothered about marriage and settling down."
"mmm." I shrugged my shoulders. She was right I always said that; that I liked my independence and enjoyed being free and single but truth is as I'm getting older I'm thinking more and more about settling down. I'll always be myself wanting my independence but lately something's changed.

The dress fitter was finished with Linzi and she looked beautiful. It was mine and Jenny and Chloe's turn next. Our dresses where also beautiful but Linzi looked the best as she should do as it's her day. After our dress fitting was over and everything was sorted us four girls went out for a late lunch and did some shopping. When we got back to the hotel it was quite late apparently all the other guys had gone out to some restaurant. Linzi and Billy where just going to order room service and have a quiet night in their room together. Jenny and Chloe where going out with Sam Jenny's fiancé and Chloe and her husband Dave.
I was feeling quiet self depressive there was something about this who wedding thing that's started getting to me. up till lately I've never really gave much other to the future and settling down but now I feel really left out and lonely. All day all Jenny, Chloe and Linzi have talked about was weddings, marriage, and having kids. Yeah I want all those things eventually but I've always been free and enjoyed going out having fun but I guess now I'm getting a little too old for all that. Now I feel really self depressed that I'm calling myself old, I'm only 27 for fucks sake what's wrong with me. Linzi that's what she's only 23 and she's got everything planned and worked out. What have I got my career that's it.
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