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Thursday (night)

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Thursday (Night)

I decided to go to the bar for a drink to cheer myself up or at least get my mind of marriage and babies. Big mistake. When I got to the bar my mom and dad where in there. Great that's all I need. They where sat at one of the tables I decided to pretend that I hadn't noticed them and carry on to sit at the bar. Hopefully even if they did see me they wouldn't shout me over.

"Oh so do you parents not even get a hello any more Tash." My mom said snottily.
"Hi mother, father." I said sarcastically.
"Drinking alone? Don't you have any friends?" my dad said.
"I can do what ever the fuck I want." I snapped.
"Don't talk to your father like that." my mom snapped back.
"What you going to do ground me? Send me to my room?" I growled. They pissed me off at the best of times and now were as worse as ever time to piss me off.
"You never had respect that's your problem why you're so fucked up." my dad said. Shocking me slightly it was very rare that I swore at my parent but they defiantly didn't swear at me, they where too good to do that. My mom also looked at him in total shock.
"Why do you do this to me? If I'm fucked up it's because of you two." I said coldly. Then walked away and sat at the bar. I had to stop there otherwise I'd do something I'd regret.

I only stayed in the bar for one drink then decided to go back up to my room order a pizza, watch a movie and get pissed out of the mini bar, why not I wasn't paying for any of this, matter of fact most likely it would be my parents paying for it, they where paying for most thing for the wedding including the accommodation. All the more reason to get absolutely wankered thanks to darling mommy and daddy I thought bitterly as I lay on my bed with a pizza and all the drink you could want watching some random romantic comedy movie. I watched some other movie after that but I don't remember anything about it as I was totally fucked by then.

When it had finished I decided for some reason it would be a good idea to go for a walk. It was around 1am so I didn't expect anyone to be around; I ended up at the indoor pool for some reason. I went to the pool that was indoors but the roof and the other tree walls that weren't connected to the hotel where all clear glass. The pool was dimly lit by the moon light and the water ripples where reflecting around the room. It was so clam and relaxing. I sat down on one of the benches suddenly feeling quite dizzy the drunkenness taking over. I sat there in silence just watching the clam water ripples moving.
"Tash." Someone said my name from the door scaring the living hell out of me. I jumped so much that I almost fell off the bench
"Holy fuck." I screeched holding my chest with my left hand and grabbing the back of the bench so that I didn't fall off.
"Sorry I didn't mean to scare you." Benji laughed walking to me.
"Well you bloody did, what are you doing here?" I said trying my best to focus my eyes on him bet everything was slightly blurry from being so drunk.
"Are you drunk?" He asked looking into my eyes smiling.
"Yeah was a long fucked up day." I said in a not assed way.
"Wanna talk about it?" he said sitting down next to me.
"Wanna tell me why you're here? Shouldn't you be in your room or somewhere other than in the pool at 1am?" I said.
"You're here, why are you here?"
"Well I'm absolutely fucked because I was pissed off, and now, now, I don't know I went for a walk and here I am." I said slurring my words slightly. Benji laughed lightly at me.
"Stop laughing at me I've had a really shitty day and your not helping." I pouted like a little child and slapped him lightly on the shoulder but missed and it ended up as more of a stroke down his arm, making him laugh at me again.
"Your laughing at me again." I said seriously well as serious as you can get when you're as drunk as I am right now.
"I'm sorry, so do you want to talk about this shitty day?" He asked sympathetically. I took a deep breath and sighed stretching feeling tired. I leaned on him with my back to his chest.
"You're not going to want to know." I pouted looking up at him. Hi raised his eye brows at me.
"Try me." he smiled.
"It's nothing really it just I've been in a really bad self depressive mood. I went to the dress fitting and Linzi was in a bad mood, she snapped at me because she was getting cold feet from marrying Billy..." Benji looked suddenly worried about this. "It's ok I fixed it convinced her it was the right thing to do, I mean she knows it deep down it's only natural for a bride to get cold feet before her wedding. Anyway back to me, I don't know what it is I think it's all this talk about wedding's and futures and settling down. I've never really thought about or been bothered about all that. I enjoy being free and independent too much. But Linzi's my little sister she's 23 and I'm fucking 27. she's got her future sorted and planned and me I haven't got a clue what's going on in my life and I'm fucking three years of thirty. Not that that's depressing enough but I've got my mom and dad bitching at me worse than ever, my dad even went as far as swearing at me today calling me a 'fuck up. Everyone's got someone Chloe's already married to Dave and Jenny's getting married to Sam. It's just all got to me today and I feel really stupid for thinking like this because it's so stupid." I said all in near enough one breath.
"It's not stupid if it means something to you or is bothering you. I don't like saying this but your parents are asshole to you, you're defiantly not a fuck up. You've got a successful career and your independence that's way more important and harder to get than finding someone to marry and settle down with. When the right guy comes along you'll know it and it will happen in its own time. You can't rush or plan love." He said. I know he was mainly only saying that to make me feel better but it worked.

I suddenly wasn't feeling tired anymore. I jumped up starling him slightly. I started walking along the very edge of the pool, my arms out to balance myself as I was wobbling about a bit.
"What are you doing?" Benji laughed. I just shrugged my shoulder laughing and concentrating on where I was walking. "You're going to fall in or even worse fall and break your neck." Benji said still laughing at me though. I wobbled and almost slipped in, I just started laughing in hysterics. Benji jumped up walking over to me. "Come on move away your going to hurt your self." He said reach out to grab hold of me. This caused me to look at him instead of where I was walking.

The sudden move of my head still being slightly drunk made me dizzy and I began falling backwards into the pool Laughing I grabbed hold of Benji's shoulder to try and balance myself again but it didn't work. I fell in and pulled Benji with me. We went under for a few seconds then both popped up. I could stop laughing.
"That wasn't funny." Benji said but was smirking.
"It was very funny." I stated still laughing a little.
"No it really wasn't." he said still with a smirk.
"OK well if it wasn't funny then why are you smirking." I grinned.
"OK maybe it was a little funny." He gave in and we laughed. We moved over towards each other in the middle of the pool subconsciously. When we where inches apart we suddenly stopped laughing noticing how close we actually where. We just stood there in the middle of the pool looking into each others eyes for a second; the water pushing us together as if rippled around us. I leant forward and kissed him, just a peck on the lips but we lingered in the kiss for a while.
"Thank you." I said softly pulling away looking into his eyes again.
"What for?" he said keeping in a quiet tone, looking a little confused.
"Cheering me up and making me feel better." I said.
"No problem." He smiled.
It was only then that I realised how cold it actually was in the pool, we where both shivering and had goose bumps.
"Come on I think we should get back to our rooms to get dried off and warm." He said. I nodded and we both swam over to the edge of the pool. He pulled himself out first then held his hand out to help me out.

As we walked to my room we where in silence thinking about all that's just happened down at the pool. It was also the early hours of the morning and we where both shattered Benji yawned a few times. I had my arms wrapped round me trying to get warmer still shivering. Benji noticed this and put and arm around my shoulder pulling me closer to him to get warmer. When we got to my room I opened the door and walked in waiting for Benji to follow me in but he just stood in the hall about to walk back to his room.
"You should come in here and get dried off. You need to get out of them wet clothes as son as possible." I said.
"I don't mind you can come in. You might as well stay here tonight save you walking all the way back to your room. Leave your clothes in the bathroom and they'll have dried off by morning so you can go back to your then and get changed." I said.
"If you're sure you don't mind" he asked.
"Not at all." I smiled. He came in and we got dried off then went to bed.
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