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Chapter 1

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Benji and Joel meet Josh's nanny

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Maddy's POV

"Hey I'm home." I heard Josh call from the front door. I walked out of the kitchen to great him.
"Hey, you're early." I smiled at him.
"Yeah there wasn't much to do today so I decided to come home early."
"Good, well dinners nearly ready and Ally's in the living room all ready for bed watching TV."
"OK well I'll go see her then put her to bed while you finish dinner." He said.
"Are you sure I'll put her to bed when I've finished dinner." I offered.
"Its fine I'll put her to bed and then we can have dinner together." He smiled and I nodded and we went our separate ways in the house. As I was finishing dinner I could here Abby's giggles from Josh playing with her, he really was such a good dad to her.

later after Maddy had finished dinner, Josh had put Ally to bed and they had ate dinner together they where both sat watching TV

"I can't believe Ally will be starting school in just one month." Josh said out of no where.
"I know she's getting so big now." I smiled.
"Yeah it doesn't seem like five minutes since I held her for the first time when she was born." He smiled obviously remembering that memory fondly. "Mind if I ask you a question?"
"Shoot." I said knowing full well what he was going to ask me it wouldn't be the first time and every time I had the same truthful answer but he just wouldn't accept it.
"Why did you give up everything to come be her nanny?" he asked turning my head looking into my eyes.
"Because 1. You needed me, 2. I wanted a change and 3. I wanted to and still want to." I smiled.
"But why? You're so clever and talented you could have any job you wanted why give all that up? Not that I don't appreciate you because I do, I really do. I don't know what I'd have done with out you for the past two years." He said truthfully.
"I didn't want any other job I wanted this one." I smiled.
"But you could be an account manager, a business manager, hell you could even run your own business earning millions..." he said still confused we went through this ever time.
"I don't need the money and I certainly don't need the stress, in case you forgot I did do a degree in child care too." I laughed.
"But seriously thank you so much for all you've done for me and especially Ally, you've gave her more than I could, you've been as good as a mother to her over the past two years. Probably a better mother to her than her real mom ever could if she could have the guts to call herself that; seriously though thank you I don't know that I'd have done without you."
"Josh you do know I have no intensions of leaving just because Ally's going to school." I more like stated a look of relief washed over him.
"Yeah I mean that's if you still want me?"
"I do." He said quickly.
"Good because I was thinking I can take her to school in the morning, seen as you'll have already left for work, while she's at school I can do the house chores, then pick her up from school do the usual, help her with her homework and get her ready for school the next morning" I explained when I'd finished he was still just looking at me grinning. "What?" I laughed.
"You really have put a lot of thought into this haven't you?"
"Yeah I have I mean this is my job it's what you pay me for but more importantly I love the both of you like you're my family, so yeah there you go." I smiled cheerfully.
"Good because we love you too and would be lost with out you." he smiled giving me a half hug and kissing my cheek. "You really have always had my back haven't you Madison Copeland..."
"Hey what have I told you about calling me Madison." I warned I hated my full name. He just laughed and continued.
"No I'm being serious here all through high school when I was going through all that family shit with dad leaving and the shortage of money, you where always there for me..."
"Josh I was your best friend I have no doubt you would have done the same for me and besides in case you didn't notice it's not like my family didn't have any to spare." Ok so my family wasn't rich but we defiantly weren't poor either.
"well anyway after we left school I stayed at home helping out my family while you went and got your degrees and your well paid office job making shit loads of money in LA then when it was my time to move to LA to make my own way you helped me out then getting me a job at you office which lead to where I am today."
"Oh come on I only put in a good word for you in the interview anyone would have done that for their friends." I laughed.
"Then when I went trough all that shit with Rachel you where the one there for me, you helped me through it and most of all you took this stupid job which it's doesn't even feel like you're my employee and did so much for Ally."
"Josh will you shut up with all this mushy stuff, all the things I've done for you I've done because I wanted to. I haven't regretted a thing and if given the chance to do it all over again I wouldn't change a thing."
"I'm just really great full; I owe you so much for all what you've done for me and Ally. I mean you gave up so much for us, your Job, your family and the guy you where supposed to marry."
"you don't owe me a thing I love my life how it is right now, you know I never got along with my family that well they always wanted to control me and don't get me started on Dave you and I both know the wedding was never going to happen." I said he nodded giving up on our conversation again we went through this so many time but he still didn't get it that I'm happy being here with him and Ally and that I don't want to have a boring office job, pretend to like my family and Dave my ex-fiancé' lets just say that's a long story that I regret every minute off.
"So how's your day been, done anything exciting?" he smiled at me and we returned to normal Josh and Maddy.
"well this morning me and Ally went to her play group after that we went shopping she got some new clothes and a new toy then we came home and did some finger painting together which got a little messy so we went in the bath and Ally got ready for bed and watch TV till daddy came home to put her to bed." I smiled finishing off my account of my days events. "So how was your day?"
"Not as fun as your sounded." He laughed. "Just the normal boring stuff but a little less of it."
We went back to watching the TV for a little while until I felt tired and decided to go to bed.

Ok maybe I should fill you in on a few things. I'm Madison 'Maddy' Copeland. Me and Josh Madden have been best friends since school. I come from a 'well-off' family who never really agreed with me being friends with Josh. You see my family considered them selves 'upper-class' and seen as during high school Josh's father left his family and they had very little money, my family didn't like me 'associating my self with that rabble' but I didn't care I even helped Josh out whether it be with money, food or just a place to stay for the night if things at home got a little too much. When we left school I moved to LA to get me degrees and a really job well paid powerful job.
Me and Josh kept in contact and two years later he moved out to LA to pursue a career himself. By this time he was in a 'serious' relationship with a girl called Rachel. I never like Rachel the feeling was mutual put it that way but I stayed on nice terms with her because Josh genuinely did love her. I got Josh a Job at the office that I worked at and he made a good name for himself there. A couple of months into them moving out to LA Rachel found out she was pregnant. Even though it was unplanned Josh was so happy, Rachel on the other hand wasn't. She wanted to get rid of it but Josh managed to persuade her to keep it saying they could make it work. Rachel had the baby and from then on Josh and Rachel relationship, well what was left of it went down hill. He told me about their problems and I tried to help him the best I could but to be honest with you I seen this coming a mile off its just josh was too love struck to realise it.
Not long after Ally turned two Rachel left, she just packed her bags and left while Josh was at work without saying a work to anyone just a note on the coffee table telling him to pick Ally up from her mom's when he got back from work and never to try and contract her again. Josh was destroyed; he didn't know what to do. I panicked he didn't know how to raise a child on his own especially with working as well. At the time I was looking for a new job I hated the nine-to-five boring office jobs I wanted something more well fun. When Josh told me all what had happened and that he was going to get a nanny for Ally so that he could continue working I told him I'd do it. I had a degree in child care and I'd helped my sister with her three kids and my brother with his two kids so I knew exactly what I was doing looking after a child. At first he didn't like the idea, he didn't like the thought of being my boss and he didn't want me to leave my 'good' job to be his nanny. Finally after a week of persuasion he caved and agreed to have me on trial for a week. After the trial week he decided that he couldn't live without me and that if I really did want the job I could have it. So I took it and we're both happy he doesn't have just some stranger looking after his daughter and I have my dream job, playing with kids all day.
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