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Chapter 2

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Benji and Joel meet Josh's nanny

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Chapter 2

The next day I got up at 7am like usual as Ally always got up around that time. Just as I was walking out of my room Ally was sleepily making her way to my room.
"Good morning Ally." I smiled picking her up and she gave me a hug. Just the Josh pasted on his way to the bathroom.
"Morning Madd." He said in his morning rush giving my shoulder a squeeze.
"Morning. Come on lets go make some breakfast for daddy." I said to Ally.
"Yay!" she squealed. She was such a good kid.

down in the kitchen Maddy and Ally having breakfast and Josh joins then in his morning rush trying to get everything he needs for work ready, being the typical unorganised Madden.

"Breakfast is ready, want me to do anything?" I said as he sat at the table next to Ally having some toast.
"No I think I've got everything sorted thanks." He ate his breakfast with us then said good-bye to us and left for work.

Me and Ally spent the day in the house she played in her play house in the garden as it was a really nice day while I did some washing. It was around dinner time and I was just putting a load of washing in the washer when I heard Ally come running into the house.
"Maddy! Maddy! There's two strange men at the door!" Ally said running up to me looking a little scared and upset jumping into my arms. I picked her up and curiously went to see who it was as the security doesn't just let anyone into the house grounds. As I got to the door I suddenly realised who it was at the door, it was Josh's brothers. I think I've only met them once in person years ago when I first became friends with Josh other than that I'd only seen them in pictures. Josh did talk about them quiet a bit they where in a band and they did some business with Josh but I don't really know too much about it or them. When I got to the door I think they where just as surprised to see me as I was to see them. Ally snuggled closer into my shoulder when we got to the door and I gave a little laugh realising that they seemed like strangers to her seen as they'd been on tour for near enough the past two years which meant the last time Ally would have seen them she would have been just two years old, no wonder she didn't remember them.
"Ally sweetie, don't you remember who they are." I said pulling her away from my shoulder and turning her so she could see them. She got up to courage to look at the 'strangers' then shuck her head 'no' turning back to me.
"These are your daddy's brothers, your uncles... I'm sorry your going to have to help me out here." I said to them, I couldn't for the life of me remember their names; I never was good with names.
"Oh I'm Benji and this is Joel." the more heavily tattooed and pierced twin said to me and they both smiled.
"See Ally this is your uncle Benji and your uncle Joel." I said showing them to her. She still looked a little unsure but gave them a little smiled each.
"You guys wanna come in?" I smiled at them.
"Yeah sure." Joel said and they followed me into the house. Ally went back to playing in her play house as Joel and Benji followed me into the kitchen.
"In case you didn't catch it before I'm Maddy." I introduced myself to them they both smiled and shook my hand. "So what brings you here?" I asked confused.
"We just finished tour." Benji said. I still looked confused and they looked confused at my still being confused.
"Wait didn't Josh tell you?" Joel said.
"Tell me what?" I laughed a little; Josh was always doing stuff like this.
"That we're staying here for a few weeks while where off tour." Benji said.
"Actually no he didn't."
"Typical." They both said.
"Yeah it is." I said as we all laughed.
"She's grown up so much since the last time we seen her." Joel said and Benji nodded in agreement as we watched Ally playing happily. I smiled.
Yeah she's a great kid, takes after her dad." I laughed making them laugh too.
"How old is she now?" Benji asked me.
"Four almost five, she starts school next month." I said smiling.
"Really?" they both seemed a little surprised I nodded.

The four of us hung out around the house for the rest of the day. Ally finally began to trust Benji and Joel so they had a good time getting to know her again and playing with her which gave me the chance to catch up on more house work and get the rooms ready for Benji and Joel staying seen as Josh he forgot to mention them staying with us to me.

Benji's POV

We arrived at Josh's house a few hours ago, we seen Ally in the garden playing she'd gotten so big since the last time we saw her. She obviously didn't remember us seen as the last time she seen us she was still very young. She went running into the house calling for someone called Maddy. The next thing I saw was a really beautiful girl about the same age as Josh, who I assume is his girlfriend damn him he always gets the hot girls, come to the door with Ally. Maddy introduced us to Ally and then let us in. apparently Josh had forget to mention to Maddy that we where coming to stay. For the rest of the day ma and Joel spent playing and getting to know our niece better.
"Who do you think that Maddy chick is?" Joel whispered to me.
"I'm not sure probably Josh's girl, he always got the hot chicks." I said. Joel nodded.
"But I don't remember him mentioning that he was seeing anyone." Joel continued I just shrugged.
"She is hot though." I smiled getting a smack in the arm from Joel. "What?" I grinned.
"Control yourself." He laughed.

Maddy's POV

It was getting late I had dinner nearly ready all I had to do was get Ally ready for bed and Josh would be home any minute now.
"Ok I'm sorry to break up the party but Ally it's nearly your bedtime sweetie we need to get you ready." I said going into the living room where I think Benji and Joel where having just as much fun playing with dolls and dress up as much as Ally if not more.
"Aw but can I just have a little longer." Ally did the trade mark 'Madden pout'.
"Ok I'll make a deal with you if you come with me now to get ready for bed you can have a little longer to play before bed." I said.
"Ok." She smiled then followed me up the stairs to get ready. When Ally was all ready for bed she went watching TV and Benji and Joel joined me in the kitchen finishing off dinner. Almost on queue Josh walked through the door.
"Hey, Maddy, Ally I'm home." He called. I heard him saying hi to Ally them continue trough into the kitchen.
"Madd I just have a phone call to make but I'll be with you in a sec." she said popping his head in the door not seeing Benji and Joel sat at the table. Minutes later he returned.
"Hey Josh did you forget to mention something this morning?" I said. He looked at me confused I motioned for him to look round the corner in the direction of Benji and Joel.
"Oh sh-erbet lemons." He quickly corrected himself from swearing as Ally walked in the room making me, Joel and Benji laugh. "I'm sorry I totally forgot to tell you." Josh said.
"It doesn't matter." I smiled.
"Hey pumpkin did you have a good day today?" he said picking Ally up and she snuggled into him.
"Yeah I played with my uncle Benji and Uncle Joel. She grinned then did a huge yawn.
"I think it's time for you to go to bed missy." Josh smiled at her and she just nodded resting her head on his shoulder. "I'll go take her to bed." Josh said.
"Ok dinner will be ready when you get back." I said.
"You cooked again?" he smiled.
"Yea." I grinned.
"I told you, you don't have to keep cooking for us all I can do it or we can order something." He lectured me, he didn't like me doing all the house work as well as looking after Ally he said he only paid me to look after Ally and that he'd get a maid for the house work but I enjoyed doing it.
"And I told you that I like cooking." I said back shooing him up the stairs to put Ally to bed. Not long after Josh came back down.
"You two make a nice couple." Joel said to me as I finished putting dinner out for the four of us as Josh walked into the room.
"What me and Josh?" I laughed Josh laughed too sitting down at the table. Benji and Joel looked a little confused. "No we're not together I'm just the nanny." I laughed knowing what was going to come from Josh.
"On paper maybe, me and Maddy have been best friends since school. When all that went on with Rachel Maddy agreed to come help me out..."
"Be your Nanny." I smiled. I know it always got to him when I called myself that.
"Fine call your self that." he gave up and I laughed. All four of us hung out for a bit after dinner.
"Ok I'm going to bed now I'm shattered and I've gotta take Ally for that thing at school for eight tomorrow." I said.
"Which school thing is that?" Josh asked me.
"She goes and spends the day there so she can see what it's like before she starts properly next month."
"Oh yeah I remember now, so free day for you tomorrow?" he said. I nodded and smiled.
"Yeah I think I might go shopping or something, I've not had me time in ages."
"Oh I get it getting sick of my daughter already." Josh joked.
"Actually no just you try having a four year old as the only form of conversation for eight hours a day, everyday." I said, and then left for bed.

Josh's POV

Maddy had just gone to bed leaving me, Joel and Benji alone.
"So you have a crush on my Nanny do you Benj?" I grinned. Joel laughed and Benji looked shocked.
"W-what how'd you know?" he stuttered.
"You're my bro I know when things are going on with you plus you've not stopped drooling over her all night." Josh laughed.
"I've done no such thing." Benji said trying to act shocked.
"Yeah you have Benj, in fact he's not stopped drooling all over her since we got here this morning." Joel laughed.
"Don't you start as well." Benji let some laughter slip out along with them hitting Joel playfully on the shoulder.
"Just admit it Benj you like her." Josh said.
"I think she's hot I don't really know her but yeah she seems nice." Benji blushed slightly.
"He's so in love with her." Joel teased laughing earning another smack from Benji.
"Ok I'm being serious now Benj if anything does happen with you two you'd better be good to her because she's really nice and a good friend of mine plus she's been through a lot of shit, so I'm just warning you..." Josh said recovering from his laughter.
"You just don't want to be out of a nanny if he messes things up with her." Joel said.
"No... well yeah because she's really good with Ally and I don't want some stranger looking after my daughter and going through my house." Josh admitted. They carried on with their brotherly guy talk till late that night.
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