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chapter 3

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Chapter 3

The next morning Maddy and Josh where up at their usual times doing their usual thing Josh getting ready for work and Maddy looking after Ally. Benji and Joel where still in bed when Josh left for work and Maddy left to take Ally for her day at school. When Maddy had took Ally to school she decided she didn't want to go shopping on her own so she decided to go back to the house and go to bed to catch up on some sleep instead. When she got back to the house Benji and Joel where also still in bed.

Maddy's POV

I slept for longer than I'd planned seen as it was dinner by the time I woke up. I went down stairs to get something to eat. Benji and Joel where in the living room. When I got my food I went and joined them in the living room.
"I thought you said you where going shopping today?" Joel said to me when I sat down.
"I was going to but didn't really feel like going alone so I decided to catch up on some sleep instead."
"Yeah sleep's always good." Benji laughed.
"Yeah it is especially when I don't get much of it." I laughed back. "So what are you guys up to today?" I asked. Benji and Joel looked at each other then back to me.
"Nothing really." Joel shrugged.
"Well I still have a few hours before I have to go and pick Ally up from school so maybe you'd like to come shopping with me and we could get something to eat to if you'd like?"
"Yeah sounds good." Joel said and Benji nodded along. We got our things together and I drove us to the mall. We spent about an hour shopping round; I got some new clothes for when I go out tomorrow night. Me and one of my close friends Dean where going out to a club, we went out at least once a month to catch up. After we'd been shopping we stopped in a small café for something to eat. It was getting close to the time when I had to pick Ally up from school.
"Ok Guys your going to have to come with me to pick Ally up from school because I'm not going to make it in time for her if I have to drop you off back at the house." I said on our way from the Mall.
"No problem." Benji said.
I went to pick Ally up who was pleased that Benji and Joel had came along to pick her up from school too. When we got back to the house Benji and Joel played with Ally while I made dinner.
"Do you need any help?" I heard someone say walking into the kitchen making me jump slightly. I turned to see Benji who was laughing slightly at startling me. "Sorry." He smiled.
"It's ok." I gave a little laugh. "And everything's nearly done so no I don't need any help but you can stay and talk to me if you'd like." I smiled.
"Sure." He nodded.
"Coffee?" I asked. I had just made a pot.
"Please." He smiled. I got two cups out and sat opposite him at the breakfast bar.
"So how long have you been Ally's nanny for?" he asked.
"Erm... just over two years." I said answered.
"And you and Josh have been friends since school?" he asked and I nodded.
"I really don't remember you."
"You probably wouldn't I think I just had a year left when you started and in my last year I was hardly in school because of my dads job I'd get work sent home or where ever I was at the time."
"Did Josh not invite you over to our house?"
"No. never he wouldn't let me near the place he was always really protective you with all the... stuff going on. We hung out a lot either at mine or just out somewhere."
"Sounds like Josh." Benji laughed a little.
"So what happened after school? What did you do then?"
"when I left school I went away to uni in New York then when I'd finished with my degrees there I came back here and got a really well paid boring nine to five office job which made my parents so proud even though I hated it. I also met my ex-husband-to-be at uni, more about that shambles later." I laughed making him give a laugh too he seemed really interested in my little life story. "When I moved back here I met back up with Josh who was with Rachel. I got him a job at the office and everything was fine for a while. Well apart from Josh's problems with Rachel, I never liked the bitch and I made that clear to him from the start but he wouldn't have any of it. When she left and he was talking about getting a nanny for Ally I volunteered. I'd have done anything to get out of that job. I always wanted to do something with children or animals; you know something a little different where you don't have to do the same boring shit all day every day. Well my parents and my fiancé went absolutely ape shit when they heard I wanted to quite 'the perfect job' for a 'slaves' job. At fist Josh didn't agree to it either but the more he thought about it and the more I persuaded him that he didn't want a stranger looking after his child and going into his house he caved. I became Ally's nanny, I was happy, Josh was a mixture of happy and pissed that I'd actually managed to get my way but my parents and my fiancé where totally pissed off. My parents wouldn't speak to me, said that I disgraced them after all the money they'd paid for me at uni and my fiancé left me for some other rich and snotty bitch. So there you go there's my life story so far." I smiled.
"Quite eventful." He laughed not really knowing what to say.
"Yeah but I'm happy not and that's all that counts."
"Defiantly." He smiled.
"Maddy!" I heard Josh call from the front door.
"Kitchen!" I called back. Second later he entered.
"Good day?" I smiled at him.
"It was ok." He said not sounding to enthusiastic making me and Benji laugh a little. "Madison Copeland you better not have cooked again." Josh warned.
"Joshua Madden I do believe you have just called me Madison again." I said in the same tone. I glanced at Benji who was trying to hide a laugh. Joel and Ally had just walked into the kitchen too to see what was going on.
"Answer the question." He looked to me.
"I think you already know the answer." I smirked.
"Maddy you don't have to do all the house work and cook as well as look after my daughter." He sighed. He always felt really bad when I was doing 'house work' or cooking but I didn't mind it gave me something to do during the day. I stood up walking over to him.
"Josh I'm the nanny it's what I do." I loudly whispered in a stating the obvious way.
"Don't call your self th..."
"Josh calm down, love your going to give your self a heart attack or something..." I smirked this time making Benji, Joel and Ally laugh.
"I know I just..."
"Josh believe it or not I actually do like doing it I like cooking and doing house work give me something to do while I'm here all day. It stops me from going crazy or sitting watching day time TV and eating all day getting fat." I laughed. He seemed to lighten up and laugh a little at that too. "Any way you get to cook and do all the house work your self tomorrow seen as I won't be here." I smiled. He looked a little confused, he'd forgot again, I swear if this boys head wasn't attached to his body he'd forget that too. "Please tell me you didn't forget, I'm going out with Dean tomorrow."
"Oh yeah Dean, yeah I remember." He said.
"Good and you can finish off cooking dinner then while I have a quick shower then." I smiled patting his shoulder and leavening the room. I glanced at Benji and Joel. For some reason Benji had a hurt look on his face and Joel had just finished mouthing something to him.
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