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Chapter 4

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Chapter 4

Josh's POV

I'd just got in from work and like usual Maddy had cooked and done all the house work again. I keep telling her that she doesn't have to but she seems to want or even like to do it. She's so great I really don't know what I would do with out her. she'd just gone having a shower leaving to finish dinner, not that there was much to do as she'd already done everything it just needed a little longer to cook then all I had to do was serve it. It's going to be wired not having her here tomorrow. One day a month her 'friend' Dean comes into town and they sped the day hanging out and catching up. They're really close and would make such a good couple but not has or ever will happen between them, well that's what they always insist anyway. Me on the other hand I think it would do her good having a guy around, I mean don't get me wrong it's not like she doesn't have a life she does go out and she does hook up with some guys but for some reason they never seem to last. I think sometimes she gets a little too caught up in looking after Ally and doing the house work; either that or she's using it as an excuse, hiding from settling down with a family of her own. I've noticed that a lot lately in her since the brake up of her engagement but it's a touchy subject, not one that I like to get into often with her as it usually ends up with her being mad at me.

When Maddy had left the room I looked over to Benji and Joel who was holding Ally in his arms. Benji had a look on his face and Joel had just finished mouthing something to him, Ally was completely oblivious to what ever was going on still laughing at Maddy and me bickering about house work and cooking.
"Benj you ok?" I asked snapping him and Joel out of their little silent discussion or what ever it was.
"What?.. Oh yeah I'm fine." Benji said not very convincing and Joel continued to stare at him.
"You sure?"
"Yeah, yeah fine. Why wouldn't I be." He said clearing his throat sounding a little more convincing but I'm not quiet sure who exactly he was trying to convince more me who had no idea what was going on, Joel who looked a little more clued up or himself. I decided to drop the subject for now though and continued with dinner.
"So how was your day?" I asked to no one in particular.
"Ok, we..." Joel started but was interrupted by an excited Ally.
"It was really good and the coolest part was Maddy brought Joel and Benji to pick me up from school with her." Ally said beaming. Making the three of us laugh at how cute she looked.
"Very nice babe but uncle Joel was talking to Daddy first it's rude to interrupt." I said.
"I'm sorry uncle Joely." She pouted turning to him and giving him a kiss on the cheek.
"It's ok." He smiled back.
"So what did you two do then?" I asked looking from Benji to Joel.
"Slept for most of the day. When we got up Maddy was back and asleep so we just hung out down here. When Maddy got up we went the mall then went to pick up Ally." Joel explained, Benji seemed to be in a world of his own. I nodded.
"Ok dinners almost ready Ally go get ready sweetie." I said.
"Can Joel come with me?" Ally asked me.
"Why don't you ask him your self." I smiled.
"Please?" she turned to him smiling sweetly. He nodded and she dragged him off. I started putting dinner out noticing that Benji was still in his own little world deep in thought.
"Benji talk to me what's wrong and don't give me any bull shit I know something's wrong." I sighed.
"It's nothing."
"Benji." I warned.
"Ok it's nothing I wish to share." He grumbled.
"Do be such a bitch..." I started but then Maddy came in to the room interrupting us. I stopped mid sentence and decided to continue with this later. I tried not to let Maddy think she was interrupting anything but it's was no good she sensed it but then again even a blind person could see that something was going on.
"I'm sorry do you want me to leave you two a lone for a little longer." she said.
This is just another reason she was so great she was so considerate and understanding. I think I need to stop all this talk about how good Maddy is before you get the wrong idea and think I have a crush on her, don't get me wrong I like her and she is attractive but we could never be anything other than good friends. Benji on the other hand I think Maddy and Benji would make a really good couple, the only trouble is getting Benji to swallow his pride and ask her out instead of just being in a foul mood with everyone else because he can't bring himself to ask her out. He hasn't changed one bit he's always been like that when he liked a girl.
"No, no it's fine. Dinners ready now sit down." I said. Benji had gone back into his little world again.
"Your sure?" she asked not convinced she could tell something was going on and I nodded. Joel and Ally returned just in time and sat at the table too.

Maddy's POV

Ok so dinner was really uncomfortable. There was something going on between the boys and I defiantly walked in on something between Benji and Josh before. All through dinner Benji seemed to be on another planet, Josh wasn't talking to him and kept glaring at him and Joel was trying desperately to hide what ever was going on and silently give messages to Benji and Josh to 'pack it in' what ever was going on between them. As soon as I and Ally had finished eating I decided to take her to bed I couldn't stand the tension between the boys any longer and I could tell Ally was staring to think something was going on too.
"Come on Ally lets take you up to bed." I said standing up and clearing hers and my plate.
"But it's not bedtime yet." She whined.
"It's ok well have a little play upstairs in your room before you go to bed, I'll let you do my hair if you want too." I said knowing that she always loved playing hair dresser doing my hair for me.
"Ok." She grinned grabbing my hand and pulling me upstairs.
"I'll put her to bed." Josh said even though I could tell he was in no mood too. I just glared at him and look at Benji and Joel then back to josh mouthing 'sort it' to him.

An hour later I come down from putting Ally to bed with my hair done Ally style which was basically a mess. I found Benji, Joel and josh in the living room. They seemed to have sorted things out even though there was still a slight tension between them and Benji still seemed a little distant but it was much better than before.
"Nice hair." Joel grinned as I walked into the living room looking at the hair style Ally had done for me this time.
"You look ridiculous." Josh laughed.
"I fell ridiculous." I laughed a little my self as I started taking out all the different clips and bobbles Ally had put in my hair. Even Benji had a slight smirk on his face.

We hung out for a little longer before we decided to go to bed making small talk all of us avoiding talking about what ever was going on earlier.
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