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chapter 5

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Chapter 5

The next morning I got up at ten o'clock I could already hear the boys and Ally in the kitchen. I put on my dressing gown and slippers and went down to the kitchen to see what was going on. When I walked into the kitchen I instantly wanted to walk back out. It looked like a bomb had gone off in the cupboards there was tool's and flour and all sorts of other baking ingredients scattered all round the kitchen, also Benji, Joel, Josh and Ally where all covered in flour too. When they seen me walk in the all turned to look at me giggling.
"What happened in here?" I laughed looking round at the mess and that state of the four of them.
"We made you breakfast." Ally said running up to me about to give me a hug but I put a hand out to stop her.
"No thanks sweetie no hugs from you until you get cleaned up." I laughed. She blew a raspberry then ran back up to Josh.
"Daddy can we give her what we made now?" she said.
"Yeah go on then." he smiled at her then smiled at me.
"Ally sat me down at the only clean spot on the breakfast bar then she brought me a try, with help from Joel, with all kinds of breakfast treats on it. They had made toast, pancakes, eggs of all different kinds, fruit, yoghurt and hand made me some coffee and a glass of orange juice.
"What's all this for?" I smiled.
"Because we love you." Ally said sneaking a hug.
"Aw I love you guys too." I laughed. "But really what's going on?" I said looking to Josh.
"Nothing we just felt like doing something special for you. Giving you a treat letting you know you're appreciated, because you are you know." he said also giving me a hug. There was no use by now I was just as covered in flour as the four of them.
"Well thank you guys." I smiled at them.
"It was fun too." Ally grinned.
"Well guess what's going to be less fun?" I said I smiled at all of them; they all looked at me blankly. "Cleaning it all up." I laughed. All four of them blowing raspberries.
"That's not fun." Ally pouted the boys following her in pouting at me.
"Well don't look at me you made the mess and I'm going out in an hour so I have to go get ready." I said.
"Going out where?" Ally asked.
"Out with a friend of mine."
"Can I come too?" she asked excitedly.
"No sorry sweetie it's just for me and my friend."
"Aw..." she pouted. "Is it a boy?" she whispered to me.
"Actually yes he is."
"Ooooooo a boyfriend." She giggled making Josh and Joel laugh; Benji smiled but didn't seem to find it as funny.
"No not quite just a really close friend." I said looking back to her.
"A boyfriend." She concluded sounding like an old woman. "It's not fair I want to come too."
"I know but you get to spend the day your dad and your uncles instead." I smiled at her. She looked from each Josh, Joel and Benji then pulled her face.
"I'd rather come with you." she said making the boys look a little hurt but knowing that she didn't really mean anything by it. I giggled slightly.
"I'm sorry sweetie you put up with them for just one day and I'll take you out tomorrow." I said. She thought about it for a second then smiled at me.
"Can we go shopping then get some ice cream and go to the park then I can do your hair?"
"Yes we can do what ever you want." I smiled. She squealed in happiness then ran off playing with her dolls.
"I'm gonna wish I never said that aren't I." I said to Josh, Joel and Benji.
"Yeah you are." Josh grinned. I looked at the clock and noticed that I only had forty minutes till Dean was coming so I had to hurry up and get ready. We where hanging out during the day having lunch/dinner out then we'd get changed and go to a club on the night.
"Ok well thank you for my lovely breakfast but I'm going to have to hurry up and get ready or I'm going to be late." I said getting up and making my way upstairs to have a quick shower, get ready for the today and plan my outfit for tonight. For today I decided on the natural look for my make-up, I threw my hair into a messy bun, I had a plain t-shirt that had 'remember my name... you'll be screaming it later' written on the front with a little jacket over and a pair of tight jeans. As I was walking down stairs the door bell rang signalling Dean's arrival. Josh got to the door just before me opening it and letting Dean in. He took Dean into the living room where Benji and Joel where also sat and Ally was playing on the floor. I walked into the living room making them all turn and look at me.
"Maddy hey, how are you?" Dean said giving me a big hug and kiss on the cheek.
"I'm great thanks how about you?" I smiled at him.
"So much better for seeing you." he grinned and I raised my eyebrows at him we always joked around with harmless flirting. Dean was very good looking and a really great guy. He was more the football player type, very hansom, tall and muscular.
"Ok well shall we get going?" I asked Dean.
"Yeah sure. Nice meeting you guys." Dean smiled to Benji and Joel.
"Nice meeting you too." Joel smiled. Benji just gave him a small smiled that looked forced.
"Ok well have a good time and I'll see you tomorrow morning Madd." Josh said.
"Well I'll be coming back later to get ready for tonight them I'll see you tomorrow afternoon." I smiled.
"Alright see you later then, nice seeing you again too Dean." Josh said.
"Yeah you too mate, see ya." Dean said as we linked arms and turned to leave.
"Bye Benj, Joel." I smiled at them before we left.
"See ya." Joel smiled but Benji barely acknowledged me, I wasn't sure why but I wasn't about to get into anything infornt of Dean so I decided to maybe bring it up with him later when we've got some time alone.

Josh's POV

Dean had just left with Maddy leaving me, Joel and Benji with Ally. Benji was a complete ass. He's been like this for a few days now. That's the problem with him when he likes a girl he can't just go and do the normal thing and ask them out he has to be a complete bitch to everyone especially the girl in this case Maddy.
"You ass." Joel said punching Benji in the arm lightly as soon as Dean and Maddy left.
"What?" Benji turned to Joel.
"You, you're an ass. What was all that about?" Joel lectured him.
"All what about?" Benji continued defensively. Joel looked at me for help.
"Benj stop acting stupid you haven't changed at all have you. When you like a girl you can't just do the normal thing and ask her out you have to be a complete bitch about it and be an ass to everyone especially the girl. Now as annoying as that might be when it's with any other girl, I'm not too bothered about that but when it's Maddy it really pisses me off so sort your head out Benj and ask her out if your interested in her but if not snap out of this mood because it's really getting old now." I lectured, Joel looked at me impressed with an 'I couldn't have put it better myself' look on his face.
"Well it doesn't matter now because she's got a boyfriend that I can't even compeer too." Benji grumbled.
"What? You mean dean?" I laughed a little. Benji gave me a 'no shit Sherlock' look.
"You have nothing to worry about when it comes to Dean; their just friends always have and always will be. Besides he's not her type."
"Not her type? A guy like that's everyone's type." He snorted.
"Well not Maddy's." I said softer. "Benj just drop this foul mood of yours and tell her how you feel."
"I can't." he said really quietly so we could hardly hear him.
"Why can't you?" Joel asked.
"Because... Because I don't want to ok." He said then got up and stormed out of the house. Joel let out a sigh of frustration.
"Sometimes he makes me just wanna pin him up against a wall and beat some sense into him. He'll never change." Joel said.
"Benji for you." I laughed slightly. I and Joel spent the rest of the day playing with Ally. Well more like Ally having fun making us do stupid things. I'm so glad Maddy wasn't here I'd never have heard the last of it.
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