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Chapter Six

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Chapter Six

Maddy's POV

I had a really good day hanging out with Dean we went round the mall not really shopping just catching up on what each others been up to lately. Then we decided to let the inner child in us out by having a game of lazar quest, which may I add I won. After our game of lazar quest we went to a small café for something to eat.
"So what's the deal with Josh's brothers?" Dean said the minute we sat down at a quiet table in the corner.
"There staying with us for a bit while their off tour." I said simply.
"Ok let me rephrase that, what's the deal with you and Benji?"
"Nothing why?" I asked not getting what he was talking about.
"Well for one he's drooling all over you. He likes you Maddy and I mean really likes you." he said. I burst out laughing not taking him seriously after a second when he remained deadly serious I stopped laughing and became serious.
"Wait your not joking. Don't be so silly, he doesn't like me, well not like that anyway."
"Oh come on Madd don't tell me you haven't noticed even a blind person can see he's crazy about you."
"Ok I think that's going a little too far we only met a few days ago."
"A few hours is all it takes for someone to fall for you Madd." He laughed.
"Yeah right." I said sarcastically.
"No I'm being serious. He likes you and with good reason too your gorgeous no red blooded man can resist you."
"Great now you make me sound like a piece of meat." I laughed making him laugh too.
"Ok I'm being serious now. He does like you Madd I think you should go for it. You've not had a proper relationship since you started playing happy family's with his brother."
"I love my job." I said seriously.
"I know you do and don't take it as an offence but just because you and Josh may act like a family and in some way taking on the job was like walking into a ready made family you and Josh are not in a relationship..."
"And never will be." I added.
"Exactly so I think if you like Benji you should go for it see what happens. It's not the end off the world if it doesn't work out."
"It might be, lets just say if we did go out and we did have a bad break up where would that leave my life now I mean Benji's Josh's brother it's obvious Josh would be on his side."
"I doubt that, you are as good as a sister to Josh yeah if you and Benji did have a bad break up then it might make things a little weird for a while but I don't think it'll come to that. Take a chance, go for it, more than likely something good will come out of it." I just sat their in silence thinking about all what we had just discussed and as much as I didn't like to admit it Dean was right. "So?..."
"So what?"
"So what are you going to do?"
"I don't know just see what happens if something's meant to happen it will."
"Ok just don't wait around forever and don't miss your chance." He said.
"Ok can we stop with all this cryptic serious shit now."

After dinner Dean dropped me off back at the house while I got changed for the club and would pick me up an hour later while he also went back to his hotel and got ready for the club.
I had my hair down in loose curls and my make-up was heavier than before but still more of the natural look with dark eyes. I had a black and red strapless corset top that ties at the back. Black pants which had the sides cut out and tied together with crossed lace that stopped at my knee and tied in a bow. I also had my black knee length boots on which had buckles at the sides and a metal stiletto heals.

By the time I had got ready I had ten minutes till Dean would be picking me up again. When I walked downstairs Josh was just about to put Ally to bed and Benji and Joel where watching TV but didn't really seem interested in what ever was on. As soon as I walked in the room all four of the stopped and looked at me, the boys eyes heads nearly popped out of their heads and their mouths dropped.
"Do I look ok?" I asked smiling at their expressions.
"You look prittyfull." Ally squealed. The boys just managed a nod
"Thank you." I smiled at her. "Are you off to bed now?" she pouted then nodded giving the Madden puppy dog eyes. "OK well I'll see you tomorrow when I get back then." I smiled and gave her a hug and a kiss on the forehead.
"Come on Daddy we haven't got all night I do need my beauty sleep so that I can look as good as Maddy." Ally said making me laugh. Josh snapped out of his gaze and said good-bye to me then took her off to bed leaving me in the living room with Benji and Joel. After a few minutes of silence Joel decided to get a drink from the kitchen leavening me alone with Benji now, some how I think it was planned.
"She was right you know." Benji said quietly breaking the silence.
"What? Who was?" I said a little confused at first.
"Ally you do look very nice." he smiled at me. Wow that's the first time I've actually looked at him and felt attracted to him. Not that I didn't find him good looking before, because I did, I just never got that feeling you get when you really like someone until now. Maybe it was just with what Dean was saying before playing over in my mind, it's nothing really.
"Thank you." I smiled back blushing slightly but I think my make-up managed to hide it. We went into one of those uncomfortable silences again both of us not really knowing what to say or do. Before long we where rescued by a knock at the door signalling Deans arrival. We both jumped up at the same time, glad to be getting out of this situation, to open the door. Then stopped when we noticed the other had the same idea.
"It's probably for you." Benji said then sitting back down again. I nodded and continued to go open the door but just as I got there Joel had already opened it.
"Maddy, Deans here." Joel said turning round bumping into me slightly.
"Yeah I guessed that." we laughed a little. Joel stepped to the side to let me passed.
"See you later. You too have a good time and you do look how Ally puts it 'prittyfull'." Joel smiled at me.
"Thanks." I laughed. Then I and Dean walked out the house arm in arm.
"You look fucking gorgeous, as always." Dean smirked.
"Thanks you look good too." I smiled.
"Do I look sexy?" he laughed.
"Yeah you do." I laughed.
"Good because you look smoking. I'd have loved to have seen Benji's face when he seen you like that." he laughed making me laugh too thinking of the look on all three of their faces when I walked into the living room.
"Yeah it was pretty priceless." I nodded.

We had a really good night at the club we danced, drank, flirted, drank, laughed and most of all drank. It was quiet a successful night flirting wise we both had a good few people come over to us. We had this thing where if I didn't like who ever it was a need rescuing I would start playing with me hair and Dean would come over playing the jealous boyfriend. Like wise if he needed rescuing he would run his hand through his hair and I would play the part of jealous girlfriend. Luckily I only need rescuing twice and he only needed rescuing once other then that I had some really nice attractive guy coming up to me. The only problem was instead of getting to know them I found my self comparing them to Benji I have no idea why I've never compared any guy to another and comparing them to Benji? What did this mean; I was beginning to think I might like Benji too.

As the night went on the Benji thing started to bother me more and more. I was very quiet on the taxi ride home and Dean noticed this. The taxi pulled up outside the house which was all in darkness the boys had probably already gone to bed as it was three in the morning. Dean walked me to the door. He stopped me just infornt of the door obviously fed up of waiting for me to tell home what was wrong.
"What's wrong you unusually quiet?" He asked me. We where standing very close and he was looking down into my eyes as I looked up into him. He brushed some of my hair back out of my face.
"nothing." I mumbled avoiding his eye contact, I was feeling really tired all I wanted to do was go and sleep one hell of a hang over off.
"Don't lie Madds." He said softly turning my head to make me look at him
"It's nothing just the whole Benji thing."
"OK forget it, pretend I never said anything if it bothers you that much. You don't have to like him back."
"That's the problem I think I do like him too but I'm not sure I don't know whether it's just because it's on my mind now. Before you came to pick me up we had one of those moments back at the house you know them awkward moments when neither of you know what to do or say and then when all those guys where coming on to me at the club I tried to be interested in them but I couldn't help comparing them to Benji."
"Sounds like you like him too but if it's not what you want you don't have to do anything. Just know that he does defiantly like you no mistake about that. Just see how things go, you don't have to rush into anything." He said comfortingly and putting his hands on my shoulders.
"Thanks Dean I really appreciate it." I smiled weakly.
"No problem. I can't believe how fast this days been. We need to start seeing each other more often. I'll give you a call when I'm back in town."
"You'd better call before then to keep in touch."
"Don't worry I will you call too."
"Will do. See you when I see you, speak to you soon."
"Ok Bye see you soon, I will see you soon." He said giving me a FRIENDY hug and a peck on the lips.
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