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chapter seven

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sorry i've not updated this story in a while but i finally managed to get round to it. it's getting alittle heated in the house ;-) hope you like it please review to let me know what you think and ...

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Chapter Seven.

When I got into the house I thought everyone would be in bed as it was late but I noticed the little light on in the living room. I hung my jacket up and put my keys on the table in the hall before going seeing with was still up. I walked into the living room seeing Benji stood looking at me kind of pissed off. I reminded my of a father waiting for their daughter to come in after sneaking out to see a boy they liked.

"Hey what you still doing up?" I asked looking at him confused.
"Couldn't sleep, was going to talk to you to apologise about the way I acted before but it doesn't matter any more." He huffed.
"Benj is something wrong?" I asked wanting to know where this pissy attitude had come from. Had I hurt him or insulted in some way and not realised it.
"It doesn't matter, what would you care, forget it." He said about to stomp past me but I held an arm out to stop him.
"No there's obviously something wrong, do you have a problem with me? Have I done something to upset you because if I have I'm sorry but I really didn't mean to."
"Well I don't think it's very professional or considerate of you to go out till all hours acting the way to do with him." He said in a defensive tone.
"What? You make it sound like I go out partying all the time and any way it's none of your business."
"Well you're the nanny you're supposed to look after Ally you won't be doing a very good job hangover in the morning will you."
"That's nothing to do with you I work for Josh not you and I'm entitled to my holidays and free time." I argued back not really sure where any of this was coming from I know Josh doesn't have a problem with any of this he doesn't even see me as the nanny any more we're like a family. He snorted giving me a dirty disapproving look. "Ok Benji what's this really about because I know it's got nothing to do with Josh or Ally." I said sternly. All of a sudden he didn't look angry or annoyed any more he looked hurt and upset.
"It's nothing forget it." He said quietly looking at the floor trying to walk past me and upstairs. I once again put my hand out to stop him.
"No talk to me what's wrong, tell me the truth." I said staring into his eyes he slowly and almost shyly looked at me.
"It's nothing I stayed up to apologise for being an ass before I just can't help it, it's what I... I just... I'm sorry." He said as if he was going to say something more but then decided not to.
"No go on what where you going to say?"
"That's it I'm sorry for being an ass to you."
"And nothing."
"No you said you can't help it it's what you..."
"I said forget it."
"No I can't forget it when it's bothering you and it's about me."
"I like you ok that what I do when I like a girl I'm an ass to them then it makes them hate me and saves me the heartache in the long run. Yeah fucked up I know. And I know you would rather have Dean than me well probably anyone than me so forget I ever said anything and I'm going to bed now." He mumbled all in one breath. I was a little shocked and taken back at first. When he'd finished his confession he started walking again towards the door to go to bed but I stopped him and spun him round pushing him up against the living room door quite forcefully and kissing him. I could tell he was shocked at first but before long he was kissing me back. The kiss got more heated and forceful Benji spinning us round so that he now had control and I was the one pushed up against the door. 'And let me tell you girls it may have been the alcohol talking but it felt fucking good.'
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