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chapter eight

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Chapter eight

The next morning, or should I say afternoon as I only managed to drag my very hung over ass out of bed at 12:30pm. I felt like shit this is when I really regret drinking. There was huge portions of last night I didn't remember but there was certainly one thing that I do remember very well and that was, Benji. Yes I remembered everything about that, the argument the confessions and more importantly the kiss. Now yes I was very drunk at the time but I meant every bit of t and I don't need to worry about Benji not remembering it or not meaning just doing in the heat of a drunken moment because he was certainly not drunk. What this all meant for me and Benji? For my job as Josh's nanny? I have no idea but I'll think about that when I have less of a headache. I managed to get into the shower having a long hot shower to hopefully make me feel better. When I got out of the shower, got dried and did my hair I finally looked at myself in the mirror about to do my make up; and boy did I ever need makeup. I really did look like shit. When I'd finally finished making myself look presentable I went down to the kitchen to get something to eat as my belly was rumbling like mad. I also need to eat then I could take some painkillers for my headache.

When I walked into the kitchen everyone was sat round the table Josh, Joel, Benji and Ally all looked as if they'd just finished eating breakfast. Josh and Benji where playing and talking with Ally and Joel was reading the paper joining in with Josh, Benji and Ally occasionally.
"Good morning sunshine and how are you feeling this morning?" Josh laughed being overly cheerful and loud knowing exactly how I felt.
"Like hell." I mumbled getting my self a cup of coffee then sitting at the table helping my self to some of the toast and eggs and cereal left over. I had to sit opposite Benji as Ally was at the head of the table and Josh and Joel sat opposite each other with Benji on the same side next to Joel which only left the seat opposite Benji and next to Josh for me.
"Good night last night or do you not remember it?" Josh asked me. Subconsciously I instantly looked up to Benji who instantly looked down finding something interesting with his hands. I'm judging by the way Benji reacted he hasn't said anything to Josh or Joel. I quickly looked back to Josh so not to make him suspicious of anything.
"Yeah it was a good night, not that I remember much at all but from what I do remember it was good." I smiled.
"And your paying for it now?" he grinned knowing my nights out and the morning after way too well.
"Oh yes." I laughed. He stood and got me some painkillers and a glass of water from the medicine cupboard. When children are around you always need a medicine cupboard around me and Josh learnt that a long time ago with all the accidents that Ally has. While Josh was distracted at the medicine cupboard and Joel was busy reading the paper I took the option to look over to Benji for some answers. When I looked over to him he looked up guiltily. I gave him a confused look and then a questioning look to what's going on. He flashed me an awkward smile then mouthed 'we need to talk' he didn't do it in a serious way that meant something bad just a lighter we need to clear things up type way. I nodded just before Josh came back.
"Thanks." I smiled at him then tasking the tablets.
"Maddy! Maddy! Maddy! Guess what!" Ally sudden piped up rather loudly making me wince in pain. Josh and Benji laughing slightly at me and I laughed as I recovered.
"What sweetie? But please honey be a little more quieter Maddy's got a really bad headache." I said softly.
"Well that serves you right for go out drinking dirty beer." She said smart-assly. Josh, Joel and Benji all burst out laughing. Ok now I know that was a rehearsed answer that they had taught her. I sighed looking at Josh suspiciously he just gave me the mister innocent act that was so fake.
"Ok now tell me that wasn't what your daddy and uncles told you to say."
"No they told me to say it last night." she grinned folding her arms across her chest looking proud of herself. I grinned at Josh, Joel and Benji who all looked guilty.
"Oh is that right?" I smirked.
"Yes they said they'd treat me to ice cream if I said that to you this morning but what they didn't tell me was not to tell you that they'd told me to say it." She smirked looking at Josh. Joel and Benji smart-assly. You've got to give it to her for a little girl she's all there you can't get anything past her.
"Well how about I treat you too a nice candy bar then as you've told me what your daddy and uncles where plotting against me." I smiled at her.
"Yay I love you Maddy." She grinned jumping off her seat and giving me a hug. I laughed at the gutted looks on Josh, Joel and Benji faces.
"Anyway Ally what was it you wanted to tell me?" I asked.
"Oh yes we're all going to the park to day, then going for ice cream." She smiled.
"Are you I bet you'll have fun." I said.
"You're not coming?" Ally pouted. I looked to Josh he shrugged his shoulders in a 'if you wanna come feel free' way. He knew it was actually going to be my day off to relax that's why he was taking Ally out.
"Ok I'll come too." I said giving in to her.
"yay." She squealed giving me another hug.
"Why don't you go get ready then honey?" Josh said to her and she ran off upstairs to get ready.
"You don't have to come I you don't want to I know it's supposed to be your day off." Josh smiled at me.
"No its fine I don't really wanna be here alone all day, beside the fresh air might do me good."

Half an hour later we where at the park. Allay was so excited she loved being at the park it was always a god thing for me and Josh too because she ran off all her energy so when she got home she was tried and either went straight to bed or watched a bit of TV quietly then went o bed. We all walked round the park's huge lake with all the ducks in Ally running, jumping and playing around us. She loved seeing and feeding the ducks, she reminded me as a little girl I used to love coming to the park feeding the ducks. After she'd got bored feeding the ducks she wanted to go to the play area.
At the play are I played with her for a good half hour, while Josh, Joel and Benji just sat watching, while I was running round with her, pushing her on the swings, going down the slide with her and her favourite spinning round on the merry-go-round my personal dislike I hated being spun round it always made me feel sick. Let's just say being hung over really doesn't help at all. Finally I'd had enough I was dizzy sick and my headache was coming back. I walked over to where the guys where sat for a breather.
"Maddy aren't you playing with me any more?" Ally pouted. As I collapsed between Benji and Josh. All three of them amused at how exhausted and ill I looked.
"No sweetie I'm not feeling too good maybe your daddy and uncle can play with you for a bit because I need a rest for a while." I breather relaxing on the bench holding my head shielding my eyes from the light.
"Aww." Ally pouted.
"Come on Al we'll play with you." Joel said getting up extending a hand. Joel and Benji obviously not used to Ally's tactics of making you feel bad so that you'd giving in and give her what she wanted.
"Come on Josh." Joel said to Josh, Josh knowing better to Ally's tactics thought first then gave in and went to play with them.
"You coming Benj?" Josh asked.
"No I'll keep an eye on Maddy." Benji said. Josh nodded then went playing with Ally.
"Wanna go for a walk?" I asked looking at Benji he looked a little shocked at first the laughed slightly.
"Sure as long as you're not going to collapse or throw up on me."
"No it's ok I think your safe there." I laughed. We both stood then started walking round the beautiful park. It was huge there was the children's play areas, the café's, the lake and the nicest flower gardens you've ever seen.

We where walking round the flower gardens in silence both of us knowing we need ed to talk about last night but neither of us knowing what to say to start off or what to say from then onwards.
The silence had finally got too much for me so I decided to try and break the ice.
"So last night..."
"About last night..."
We both turned and said to each other at exactly the same time. We both stopped looking at each other then laughed.
"Ok, you first." I said stopping laughing turning serious now.
"No ladies first." He grinned.
"Well I don't really know what to say, last night..." I struggled to think what to say for the best.
"I meant every thing I said...and did, if that makes it any easier for you." he said smiling at me.
"Actually yes it kind of does, I meant everything I said and did last night too." I said finishing not really knowing what else to say we both meant it when we said we liked each other and we both meant the amazing kiss we had but from there on I have no idea.
"So, I like you and you like me and the kiss..." he grinned. I laughed.
"The kiss was good." I finished.
"Yeah maybe you want to remind m how that went." He smirked.
"Maybe I do but first I need to know where we stand?" I smirked back.
We'd now both stopped walking, stood facing each other next to the water fountain which was slightly enclosed by some bushes and no one was around giving us some privacy to sort 'things' out.
"Well I'd like to give, you... and me... together... a go." he said slowly stepping closer to me every few words. By the end of his sentence we where stood very and I mean very close to each other.
"I'd like that too." I said quietly. We both smiled at each other looking into each others eyes.
"So now that kiss..." he said softly while a grin growing on his face.
"The kiss went a little like this..." I said as soft as he had just done then leaned forward and kissed him. Within seconds he was kissing back. After a couple of minutes I managed to snap myself out of it before it turned out as a full on make out session in the middle of the park.
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