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Chapter nine

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Chapter nine

After out little 'scene' by the water fountain 'how cliché can you get' we walked back to the play area using the longest route so we had more time together. We where walking round the lake hand in hand just making small talk about each other. We had been in a comfortable silenced for a few minutes just watching all the kids enjoying playing and feeding to ducks.

"I used to love this when I was a kid." I said breaking the silence.
"What sneaking of with a boy and making out with them." Benji laughed. I laughed too.
"No coming to the park feeding the ducks. I used t love the duck especially the baby swans."
"The ugly ducklings." He pointed out the common reference to baby swans.
"Everyone calls them that but they really aren't they are so cute." I said sounding a little like a child he smiled and me and nodded. I'm not sure if he was nodding agreeing me or to just end the conversation about baby swan either way I wasn't too bothered. We where quite for a while again.
"My granddad used to bring me to the park before he died. He was the only in our family that I ever really got along with. He was the only one that every really paid attention to me and wanted me to be happy by doing the things that I wanted to. He understood me more than anyone one. He was the best in the world." I smiled getting slightly emotional at the memories of my granddad. Benji nodded to understanding what I meant and giving my hand a comforting squeeze. We stood watching the ducks swim round after all the bread the kids where feeding them.
"We should be getting back." I sighed remembering that we hadn't told Joel or Josh that we where going anywhere. Benji sighed too and nodded.
"Come on." He said softly taking my hand as we started walking back to the play area. Just before we got there I stopped abruptly.
"What?" Benji questioned looking at me slightly worried.
"What are we going to say?" I asked suddenly thinking about what to tell Josh and Joel, mainly Josh as I didn't really know Joel that well but come to think of it I didn't really know Benji that well.
"We went for a walk." Benji suggested not quite getting what I really meant.
"No I mean about us." I pointed out.
"What do you want to say?"
"Well nothing at the moment, I think maybe we should tell Josh and Joel when we get back when Ally's not around then let Ally know later." I said. He nodded understandingly which surprised me a little but I was grateful.
"Kk so keep it on the down low for now." He smiled giving me a quick kiss on the side of the forehead before we walked back into the play area.

When we got back to the play area there was a very impenitent looking Ally and a slightly annoyed looking Josh and Joel waiting for us.
"Where'd you two go?" Joel smiled noticing us walking back into the play area.
"Finally now can we go for ice cream." Ally huffed making us laugh slightly at her.
"Yes course we can honey you had fun playing with daddy and Uncle Joel?" I smiled at her then looking to Joel and Josh who looked worn out.
"Come then let's go now that Maddy and uncle Benji have decided to come back." Josh said with a hint of annoyance but he didn't really mean it.
"Yay!" Ally squealed skipping out the play area closely followed by Josh. Joel hung back a little smiling at me and Benji.
"So you never answered where did you go?" he said looking between me and Benji.
"For a walk." Benji said plainly. Joel raised his eyebrows at us still smiling.
"I had a headache and wasn't feeling too good; I needed to go somewhere quiet..."
"So we went for a walk round the flower gardens." Benji finished with a slight hint of annoyance at his twins persistency. Joel got the hint, nodded then walked quicker to catch up to Josh and Ally leaving me and Benji following behind. We both glanced at each other through the corners of our eyes trying to hide a smirk.
"He's on to us." I said quietly smiling.
"I know." Benji said simply smiling back.
Our hands brushed together Benji reached to hold my hand but I had other ideas.
"Tag your it." I shouted laughing lightly tapping Benji's shoulder then running at Ally, Josh and Joel. Benji following close behind also laughing. As I ran up to Ally, Josh and Joel I grabbed Ally lifting her up still running as Benji was catching up.
"Quick Ally Benji's it." I laughed. She squealed laughing.
"Quick quick he's catching up!" she giggled. I began to get out of breath, all those years that I used to smoke where catching up to me.
"Argh he's nearly getting to us!" Ally squealed giggling. As I slowed down hardly able to keep running I let Ally down.
"Quick Ally you run." I said to her out of breath as Benji caught up to us. Ally screamed in excitement then started running as fast as she could to Joel and Josh who where running up behind us laughing at us. As I stopped trying to catch my breath Benji ran up to me and rugby tackled me onto the grass. This time it was my turn to let out a scream from shock as Benji leaded half on me half next to me on the grass both of us out of breath and laughing. We stayed lay there not being bothered to get up as Josh, Joel and Ally caught up to us.
"Oh no he got you." Ally exclaimed. Making us all laugh again.
"Hey Al why don'; you jump on them." Joel whispered to Ally smirking. Ally giggled then ran and belly flopped onto mine and Benji's tangled bodies.
"oomph." I let out as Ally squashed all the air that was just getting back into my lungs out. "Joel Madden your going to pay for that later." I said as we laughed. Ally got up jumping up and down proud of what she'd done.
"Now can we go for ice cream?" she said running to Josh holding his hand.
"Yes come on." He laughed.
Benji managed to get up brushing himself off then holding out a hand to help me up which I accepted. Joel eyed us suspiciously; smirking at us then followed Josh and Ally. Me and Benji looked at each then burst out laughing then followed Josh, Joel and Ally into the ice cream hut.
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