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Chapter 10

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Chapter ten

When we got back home it was getting late and Ally was getting tired. We hung out watching a bit of TV with her. me and Benji kept stealing glances at each other but I think Joel was catching on as he kept throwing smirks at each of us occasionally but Josh was still in the dark as he kept looking at us all confused and as if we had all gone mad. Ally who was sat between me and Josh on the sofa was starting to get tired as she was yawning and started cuddling up o me.
"Hey al you think you should go get ready for bed honey." I said softly to her. She yawned again rubbing her eyes and nodded sleepily. "OK you go get ready and we'll be up in a bit to say good night." I smiled to her. She nodded again them made her way upstairs. We all sat in silence still watching TV when she'd left.
"Ok what's going on?" Josh said abruptly breaking the silence startling us all slightly.
"What are you talking about/" I asked us all looking at him slightly confused but I had a good idea to what he was meaning.
"All you three." He said pointing at me, Benji and Joel in frustration. "Especially you two." He said pointing between me and Benji. I and Benji looked at each other smiling and Joel smirked. "See; See what's going on with that?" Josh exclaimed.
"Ok, ok I think we have some explaining to do." I said looking at Joel and Josh. Joel just started grinning in a mister know it all why.
"Yeah I think you do." Josh said. I looked to Benji not really knowing the right words or things to say to HIS brothers, I mean yes I've known and been best friends with Josh since like for ever but still it's Benji's family I don't know how to bring up this type of topic with his family.
"Well you see there's no other way of saying this really apart from me and Maddy are... well... together." he said not really sure himself what words to use.
"About time, congrats." Joel grinned getting up giving Benji a 'man hug' and then giving me a hug and a kiss on the cheek. Josh just sat there looking stunned and dumbfounded.
"You wanna say something Josh?" I asked unsurely Josh.
"Um well, erm... congrats." He managed to croak out still looking dazed.
"Josh is something wrong?" I asked.
"No it's nothing, I'm happy for you two really I am. I always said you needed to find yourself a good guy and... well even though I didn't expect it would be my brother but at least I know he's a good guy. The thing is not to sound selfish or obnoxious but where does this leave me and Ally?" He said.
"Josh we've only just got together it's not like where getting married and starting a family or anything. You don't need to worry this is my job and I love it..." when I called it a job Josh got ready to lecture me about how he didn't like me calling it a job and he was right I didn't consider it a job. I put my hand up to stop his little lecture. "Josh I've always told you no matter what you and Ally will always have me if you need me and as long as you need me I'm here for you both. With Benji or any other guy or not I'm still here to do what you pay me to do but more importantly what I love doing. Don't worry about it Josh we'll cross that bridge when we come to it." I said reassuringly. He still seemed a little unsure but a lot more relaxed about everything.

Seconds later a very tired looking Ally came walking into the room ready for bed, holding her teddy and rubbing her eyes.
"Daddy, Maddy I've been waiting for ages for you." She said sleepily.
"OK we're coming now honey." Josh said about to get up.
"It's ok Daddy, Maddy can take me." She said going over to him giving him a hug and kiss good night.
"Ok well if your sure?" he asked me but Ally answered.
"Yeah I'm sure come on Maddy." She said grabbing me hand and leading me upstairs. Josh looked at me making sure it was ok I just smiled and nodded at him.

When we got to Ally's room she jumped into bed and lay looking at me. I walked over to the edge of her bed getting ready to say good night and turn her night lamp off.
"Maddy will you tell me a story before I go to sleep please?" she asked. I really wasn't very good at telling stories and couldn't really think of one right now.
"How about I tell you a real secret instead of a story? Would you like that?" I asked.
"What type of secret?" She asked excitedly.
"About me..." she smiled. "And uncle Benji." She grinned bigger.
"Yeah, yes please." She said.
"OK well you've got to keep this between us girls but me and uncle Benji are going out together." I whispered. Her eyes lit up.
"Really? That's so cool." She grinned but then her face fell.
"What's the matter sweetie?" I asked.
"But does that mean your going to be leavening me and Daddy?" She said sadly.
"No honey you and daddy will always have me around for as long as you want me and need me. No matter what I'm here for you and always will be. If anything being with uncle Benji will make us all closer because if me and uncle Benji did get married, someday that's far far away I'm not promising anything it's a long shot but if we did then that would make me and daddy brother and sister-in-laws mad me your real aunty." I said. She seemed happy at that.
"I love you Maddy." She said giving me a hug. "I love uncle Benji... and Uncle Joel too and I really like you and uncle Benji together." she smiled.
I love you too Al, you go to sleep now." I said tucking her in and giving her a kiss on the forehead.
"Night night Maddy." She said sleepily as I turned the light of and left the room.
"Night night sweet dreams." I whispered.

I went back downstairs to the boys who where in deep conversation but as I entered to room they all stopped talking and looked at me.
"Wow way to make a girl feel paranoid." I laughed. They where all grinning at me.
"What where you saying about me?" I asked suspiciously.
"Nothing we where talking about you not too you." Benji teased.
"Oh I see that's the way its' going to be is it?" I said raising an eyebrow at him.
"Madds its guy talk not girls aloud." Josh said acting like a child.
"Oh right then you too after all I do for you, well then you can all fuck off then don't ever ask me to do anything for you ever again." I said faking being hurt.
"Aw come on Madds we where only messing." Josh apologised taking me seriously, this was great I loved doing this I could get them to do what ever I wanted.
"Yeah we did mean it." Benji joined in.
"No, no forget it I'm going to go to bed and leave you all to talk about me some more." I said carrying on my act holding back a smirk. Joel caught on to what I was doing and I seen him smirk out of the corner of my eye. This boy was defiantly the smart one of the Madden boys. I put my head down and turned as if to walk out the room.
"Maddy really we're sorry." Benji said jumping to go over to me Josh following.
"Yes we didn't mean it." Josh said.
I couldn't keep it up any more I burst out laughing Joel joining me.
"You where messing all along." Josh laughed playfully hitting me shoulder.
"And you where in on it." Benji said looking to Joel who was laughing too.
"Oh come on there must be something really wrong with you two if you fell for that." Joel laughed as I laughed at them too.
We hung out talking and watching TV for a bit longer before we went to bed.
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