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shigure finnaly found the pictures, but what about this note... what is all that about.

Category: Fruits Basket - Rating: PG-13 - Genres: Drama - Characters: Kyo, Shigure, Yuki - Published: 2006-11-06 - Updated: 2006-11-06 - 372 words

kyo yuki and shigure sat down at the table thinking about tohru and when there food was going to be ready, or if it was ever be ready, if there ever was going to be food again. there was no more smells on in the kitchen, only mopping around searching for the long lost feeling. shigure watched as the two ussauly fighting cousins, sat down at the same table and stared at it as the time went by. shigure sighed and stood up. " will you two stop it." he said, " all you do is sit there and stare." shigure sighed again when he noticed that no one was listening. he walked towards the door. " im going out for a little bit," shigure said. he got his shopes on and walked out. he moaned. akito wouldent pick up her phone. didnt want to. " what ever," he whispered to himslef. " who needs tohru anyway." even when he said those words he knew that it wasnt true, everyone needed her. they couldent help it they just had to be with her. but now she wasnt. he sighed again. the outside seemed to be as gloomy as the inside of the house. cloudy gray and sad. shigure nodded his head sadley. he walked torwards the forest, but he stopped when someone caught his eye. a man, with dark hair, and bright eyes. he gve him and evil smile then walked away. shigure winced and walked towards the mail box. he wipped it open and glared in it. there was only two envolopes. he looked at the first one up. " great thats all i need another add for a credit card," he muttered then threw it in the grass. shigure picked up the ether. he frowned and opened it. he dropped what he held when he looked at them, and ran. ran far away from the pictures that held a tohru that looked died with an handprint across her face. bruises and scratches all over he body. she was naked in the pictures, and he couldent show kyo or yuki, or anyone else for that matter. they would all hate it. he just ran with the letter. the letter that held almost all there answers, but ont.
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