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the letter

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this is the letter that he sent out with the pictures. this is where you find out why tohru goes with mika. this is where you get a hint of who she really loves.

Category: Fruits Basket - Rating: PG-13 - Genres: Drama - Characters: Tohru - Published: 2006-11-06 - Updated: 2006-11-07 - 583 words

dear sohma's
im sure that you are wondering were your dear tohru is. ha, you will never find her. does that comfort you? do you not want to look? do you want her to die? well this is the only way that she will return to happiness. you must never talk to her, remember her, never love her. i gues that it would be fair to tell you why she disapeered then wouldent it? yes of course... but before that i will tell you this. tohru is fine. few scratches and bruises, but she is other why's fine. ys, im sure that you hve seen the pictures. no, i promise the only thing i did was force a little, and you all should now better as well that she is to beautiful to pass that optoin. the pictures are not entirely true, well not all of it anyway. yes most of it, but thats it. so, i will tell you the story. here is the begining. my name is wika. wika sohma if you would like to be exct. i have known about the curse for quite some time, only by chance however, i happened to be passing by when one of you changed and i quickley passed by. it would have been two years that i kept the secret of knowing the curse when one of my family members told akito that i knew. she was... how shall i saw embarrased. she called me over right away, and had sort of an attachment to, as long as i did not speak of anything. soon, we became... one, and i promised to always be there. yes not something you wanted to know, but that is part of the stroy so i will tell on. i soon starting hearing all about this " tohru" girl. akito would tell me that everyone said she was beautiful, sweet some one everyone wanted to meet. but akito told me that she was horrible, a witch a monster. something that should not be worth anything, exspecaily in this family. i did think that she would be a sohma but she told me that she was the only one that knew about the curse ether then me, and so she told me that she was not a sohma. the she told me her attachment to kyo and yuki and the rest of the cursed. " loved" she would snarl and i would have to meet her. thats when she came up with a plan. i would research about her. all about her and then i would stalk her, make sure that i know her weekness. and i found it. hurt. she cant stand hurt. she cant stand not bineg loved. so she folloed kyo. i made sure that yuki thought that kyo was going to pick up tohru even though i knew he wasnt. and i knew that kyo would get mad and yuki would punish him some how. thats when i planned to catch her. but... i didnt catch her by forcing her to come with me. all i said was that kyo would die, if she didnt ome, and she regretfully accepted. she left a ribbon there like i enstructed, and we left. she didnt know what tortues shge has coming. you have three days to make up your mind. or she dies. by akitos orders well get her memories areased if thats what you decided. this gloomy day. its perfect. you should see how much she cries...
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