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threw the ropes

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tohru is cuting her ropes off... slowely but surely, she'll get away this time.

Category: Fruits Basket - Rating: PG-13 - Genres: Drama - Characters: Tohru - Published: 2006-11-20 - Updated: 2006-11-20 - 336 words

the whole house was freezing. tohru wrapped heself more inot her blanket, bu that was pointless, considering that her blanket was cold ad wet with her tears to.wika was gone, no where to be seen, and tohru had just woken up. her head hurt, and confused. she wanted to cry but she was all out fo tears. she fell to her side and rolled on the floor. 'maybe now ill get warm' she thought. tohru rolled and rolled, for about 15 minutes to, and she did get a litle warm. but not much. thats when she spotted it. the knife in the kitchen that wika had stupidly left out. all she had to do was roll there... with out wika seeing. she didnt know if he was here or not. she decided to try anyway, no matter how painful the consequences, and started to roll again. it took her 28 minutes to just roll to the kitchen. there was small pieces of sharp things sticking up everywhere, and it pained tohru to no end. but getting out was better then staying here. when she finnalygot thee, her eyes started to get. she banged her head to the wall angrily. " now is no the time to be crying, tohru" she said to her slef. " nowis the time to be strong... for kyo" she used her roped tied hands and slowley reached for the knife. she grasped the end and started sawng on any rope that it happnend to be touching. ( it didnt hurt her, after all she was a cook) and soon, one arm became free, and she did it with the ether arm. then he legs, then her she slowley got up and moved around for a second thn ran.she ran for the door and threw it open. the only thing that stopped tohrus waswika, who happened to be standing in the doorway. he siled at tohru...

hahaha i bet you all thought she was going to get out huh? well she will... but not now.
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