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Love Stinks!

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Atlanta buys a new perfume but it smells like dead skunk! How will Archie tell her how he realy feels about her with that awful smell under his nose?

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This Story is a One-Shot

-" Ok, said Archie,looking at the mirror, " today i'm gonna tell Atlanta how I realy feel about her. No more being scared, no more chickening out! Im going to go right in front of her, take a deep breath and say.."

-" Say what?, said Jay with a big smile on his face. He had secretly entered Archies room.

-" Say that...uh... She owes me a dollar!" said Archie nervously.

-" Ya ya like im gonna believe that!, said Jay, " look Arch I know u like her! You dont need to hide it!"

-" Ya i guess so.."

-" So when are you gonna tell her?"

-" I'll know when the time is right." said Archie and he went downstairs to see what Atlanta was doing. Herry was sitting down watching Wheel Of Fortune. Suddenly the door banged open and Atlanta walked in.

-" Guys!! Guess what! I got the hottest perfume in town!!" she exclaimed. " Here! Smell it Herry!!"
She opened the lid and Herry smelled the perfume. His face became green and he ran to the bathroom.

-" What's with him?" asked Atlanta. "I donno" said Archie. " Ok now you smell it Arch!" said Atlanta and gave
the perfume to Archie who also smelled it. It stinked like dead skunk! It was discusting!!!

-" Its very...uh...nice" said Archie. Then Neil walked in.

-" Hey every one guess what I... wait a minute... sniffsniff*... JESUS MOTHER OF GODS WHAT'S THAT SMELL?!?!"

-" Its my new perfume!" said Atlanta, "Does it smell good?"
Neil quickly fainted because of the horrible smell.

-" How rude!" said Atlanta, " But atleast SOMEONE likes my perfume! Is'nt that right Arch?"

-" Huh? oh.. right!" said Archie." so..Atlanta... do you..uh.. wanna go to the movies with me?"

-" Great idea Arch! The perfect place to try out my new perfume!"

-" uh...right! Let's go with that!" said Archie and they both went to the movies.

Later that night at the movies...
-" Sheesh Atlantas perfume smells realy bad!! Now that she's sleeping (cuz the movie was booring)I'll just slowly sit on the next chair so I won't smell that horrible smell anymore."

But as soon as he got up, Atlanta hugged him even more and could'nt let him escape. This had to be the best day of his life. Instead, he was sitting there stuck for 3 hours watching a boring movie with a discusting smell right under his nose...

-" FINNALYYY!! AIIRR!!! FRESH AIRR!!!" screamed Archie when they got back home.

-" Why? What was wrong with the air in the movie theatre?" asked Atlanta.

-" It...uh....It was polluted air from the city..This air is fresh!" said Archie nervously.

-" Oh ok!" said Atlanta, " I'll go put more of that perfume I bought!" said Atlanta.

-" NOOO!" screamed Archie.

-" What?" asked Atlanta.


-" Since when do you like Barney?" asked Herry.

-" Since...uh....when I was 3! Isn't Barney..uh.. adorable!" said Archie.

-" Rigghht..." said Atlanta confused.

-" Actually.. I can't hide it anymore! Atlanta.. to tell the truth... your perfume...uh..Stinks realy bad!"

-" WELL FINNALY!!!!" screamed Atlanta.

-" Huh?"

-" I've been waiting for you to tell me that all night! I hate this smell! I was just putting it on because you liked it!"

The two looked at each other and began to laugh.
-" We soo gotta put this in Neils shampoo!!" laughed Archie. "And we'll replace his perfumes with this one!!" said Atlanta. They both laughed for a few minutes until Archie finnaly said.

-" Atlanta.. now that we're honest with each other, I also have something else to say...."

-" Im all ears!" said Atlanta

-" do I say this...I..Love..You..Will you go out with me?" said Archie scratching the back of this head.

-" Archie!...I...I dont know what to say! I've been waiting for you to tell me that for a long time now. I have nothing to say except...Yes! I will!"

-" JACKPOT!" screamed Archie and kissed Atlanta on the lips.

Then Neil entered the room.
-" Oh la la!!! This is going in the intenet!!" but as soon as he did anything Atlanta opened the lid of the perfume letting out the horrible smell.

-" Noo! Not That Smell!!!!" said Neil and he quickly fainted.

-" Finnaly you used that perfume for a good use!" laughed Archie. " Now.. we're were we?"

-" I think I remember!" said Atlanta and they continued kissing..

the end!! i hope u guys enjoyed it!! I will update my other story soon so dont worry guys! Please rate and review!!
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