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Roses are Twins

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What happens when Roy becomes Fuhur? Will RIza stand a chance?...(sorry but my summary sucks...but the storys good) Oh, plez review!!!! Chapter FOURTEEN is up!! YAY

Category: Full Metal Alchemist - Rating: R - Genres: Romance - Characters: Alphonse Elric, Cain Fury, Edward Elric, Heymans Breda, Jean Havoc, Riza Hawkeye, Roy Mustang, Schiezka, Vato Falman - Warnings: [V] [X] - Published: 2006-11-07 - Updated: 2006-11-08 - 3288 words

Rated: R

Warning: Heated Moments, Cursing, Violence, and maybe a couple Lemons.

Disclaimer: I own nothing. The people who work and make Fullmetal Alchemist own it.

"No, you see that's impossible. You guys told me I couldn't have babies." Riza said, looking shocked. It had been a whole 7 months since the final showdown with Kellerman, and Riza had been feeling a little woozy the past couple of weeks. Of course, she had ignored Amaya for four months before finally giving in and going to the doctor.
"Well it looks like you have two little miracles in your stomach, Mrs. Mustang, because hear two heart beats besides your own." The female doctor said, using her little tool. "Twins...oh my god..." Riza said, looking down. "I just don't understand how you missed all the obvious signs. You've gained a good 5 pounds to your normal weight; you've been having nausea. The only thing you were lucky enough to miss was morning sickness." The doctor said.

Riza walked back to the office a few minutes later, holding her stomach. The doctor was right; it was poking out a bit. She sighed and smiled as she entered HQ. She couldn't wait to tell her husband, and her friends. She was having to miracle twins. She smiled more, and blushed as she passed several fellow officers. She walked up the steps to the office quickly, and onto the fifth floor, going to the end where their huge office was located.
"Welcome back, Lieutenant." Havoc said jovially, kicking back in his chair. "Good afternoon, everyone. I hope you all finished your paperwork." Riza said sweetly, and she seemed to glide over to Eve's desk where Eve was holding her baby girl, who she had named, Trisha, after Edward and Alphonse's mother. "And how is this sweet little bundle of joy?" Riza cooed, kissing the baby's forehead and straightening up, going over to her desk.

"Okay, now you're freaking us, what's going on? What did the doctor say?" Amaya asked. Riza smiled, and looked over her finished paperwork. "Oh...just nothing short of a miracle." She said, and looked up at her husband, who cocked his head to the side. "A Miracle huh? Care to explain?" he asked. Riza smiled and looked at her friends. "If the Fuhrer and I could have a moment alone please?" she asked, and they all exchanged looks and left quickly. "Riza, what is all this about, Breda wasn't even done with his paperwork. Neither am I for that matter." Roy said, giving his papers a disgusted look.

" remember how the doctors said I couldn't have children?" Riza asked softly, coming and sitting on his desk. "Yeah, what does that have to do with anything?" he asked, looking up at her. "Well, they were wrong. I'm four months pregnant with twins." Riza said, smiling at him. His mouth dropped open, and he stared at her for five minutes before everything clicked. "We're having twins?" He asked, shooting out of his chair, and picking her up. "We're having twins." She said, nodding her head. He kissed her lips, and set her down, running out the door, and yelling, very loudly, "MY WIFE IS PREGNANT WITH TWINS! THIS IS THE BEST DAY OF MY LIFE!"

"I just can't get over it! And Twins! My god it's such a blessing..." Eve said smiling as they all sat in the restraunt. "Yes, and give my wife the extra large glass of Pepsi, she's having twins you know, she's my miracle worker, I love her so much." Roy said, smiling goofily. "My god he's starting to act like Maes Hughes..." Havoc said boredly, his cigarette limp. "It's actually kind of cute..." Amaya said, sipping her Dr.Pepper. "Yeah...just wait, as soon as those kids are born, we'll be having pictures shoved in our faces." Edward said, looking scarred. "Oh come on, he won't be as bad as his best friend. Besides, you'd be excited too if you found out that your wife was pregnant, and you thought that she couldn't give you any children." Ross said cheerfully.
"Ok, I think I'd like to quit...I should have kept my mouth shut..." Riza said, covering her husband's blabbering mouth. "Please, don't sell me short. Unlike all of you but Alphonse and Eve, I have a wife, and we're having twin together. The rest of you are just pathetic and single, or too damn scarred of commitment." Roy said, removing Riza's hand and giving everyone an arrogant smirk. "Gee thanks for the constant reminder, you jack ass." Amaya said, banging her head on the table.

"Roy, it would please me deeply if you'd calm down, take a deep breath and just SHUT UP!" Riza said coolly, kissing his cheek, and he directed his attention to her, putting both hands on her stomach and talking to his "children". "I hope they haven't developed their ears yet." Alphonse said, smiling down at his own baby. "This means our babies can grow up together!" Eve said, smiling at Riza. "If their crazy father allows them to set foot outside of the nursery..." Riza said, crossing her arms over her husband's head and sighing. (Like that look she got in episode 13 after Roy's Miniskirt speech, and Havoc humped his leg.)

"He will, after all he let little Elicia here go to school." Amaya said, hugging the now 5 (Or 6, can't remember, I'm not Maes Hughes...) year old Elicia, who smiled and happily ate her apple. "True enough...but the subject of all this, my head's starting to spin." Riza said, putting a hand to her forehead. "To bed, you'll fall over and die if you sit up much longer." Roy said quickly, attempting to drag her home. "You crazy jerk, I'm fine it's the hormones..." Riza said, resisting, and slapping his hands away.

"Are you sure you're okay, you're not having them premature?" Roy asked, looking like a mad man. "Roy Jonathan Mustang, stop it this instant! You're freaking out the restraunt. Now I know you're excited, but there's a fine line between excited and INSANE." Riza said, putting a hand to his cheek. Roy nodded and sat down, looking at the floor. "There, now isn't that better." Edward said, patting Roy's back. "Bah, you and Amaya need to get married. Al and Eve got married WHILE their child was being born, what are you gonna wait till you get her pregnant?" Roy said, looking up at his friends.

The two said people went pale and looked down at the floor quickly. Everyone gave them suspicious looks. "I can smell the guilt...spill it now, Mitsu." Riza told Amaya sharply. Amaya looked up, pushing her long red hair back. "First off ma' better start calling me Elric...because Edward and I did get married. Two months ago, because I AM pregnant." Amaya said. "God damnit! Now I have to assign all of you Elric's numbers!" Roy said, laughing. Riza stood up. "Excuse me, I have to go to the bathroom." She said quickly, turning and leaving. "Damnit...I forgot my promise to her..." Amaya said, looking depressed.

"What did you promise her?" Edward asked. "That she would be my maid of Honor in our wedding..." Amaya said. "Well, you two couldn't help it, it's understandable." Riza said lightly, sitting back down beside her husband. "Every woman in our group is getting pregnant." Havoc muttered. "I'm not pregnant." Ross and Sheska said together. "No of course you two aren't." Roy laughed, writing down ranting on a piece of paper.

"I'm not pregnant again, I'm just married to the sweetest man alive." Eve giggled, snuggling up with Al and baby Trisha. "Haha! Okay, Ed, you're Elric number one, Amaya you're two, Alphonse you're three, and Eve you're four." Roy said, pointing to each of them in turn. They all sweat dropped. "Why don't you just call us by our alchemist names?" Edward asked. "That would be weird. Fullmetal, Electric, Earth, and Living Metal..." Roy mused, looking thoughtful.

"Food!" Riza said, snatching up her plate of cheese covered French fries. "I'm hungrier than an Elephant on a 24 day canyon trip." Havoc said, grabbing his beef sandwich. "That makes no sense." Sheska said, taking his cigarette away before he ate that too, the pig. "Well can I be hungrier than a horse on a 10 day trip?" Breda asked, grabbing his turkey sandwich. "Yes, now be quiet, I want to enjoy this chicken wing plate." Sheska said. "You're all crazy..." Edward muttered, stuffing a fry in his mouth. "Be nice Edward." Amaya said, kicking his leg. "Ouch, you little..." he muttered, giving her a rueful look. He muttered something dirty in her ear about later, and she blushed crimson, drinking her Dr.Pepper down quickly.

"Roy, come to bed already." Riza said tiredly, poking her head into his office. They had moved into a new house up town since Riza's old house was getting crowded and cluttered. They now lived in a fancy two-story house, and it was much bigger than their old house. It had five bedrooms, two bathrooms, a den, a living room, an office, an attic, kitchen, a dining room, and a porch that went all the way around the house. Their front yard was averaged sized, but their back yard was huge. Perfect for any future cookouts or barbeques they had planned.
"I can't Riza, I have to look over these reports from Ed and Al, and then I have figure out how to help them get that house across the street. Those four are to us...I don't know why, they just are." Roy said hurriedly, rubbing his eyes. Riza sighed and came in, shutting the door behind her, and came up behind him, rubbing his back. "Elicia couldn't stop talking about school tonight, that's why it took me so long getting her to bed." She said, easing the tension in his back. "She loves to learn...she's gonna grow up and be like her father, yet she'll have her mother's caring and kindness..." Roy said easily, setting Edward's report aside, and picking up Al's.

"You need a break from all this. You've been over working yourself lately. Don't think I haven't been watching you, Roy." Riza said, noting that he was still wearing his military pants and boots. He should have been wearing his nightclothes. "I have to keep up the payments on this house till we own it, and to do that, I have to work hard and be a good little Fuhrer..." Roy said, a wry smile on his face as he looked up at his wife with a smile. "Come on, to bed with you. You can finish this in the morning, it's our day off." Riza said, pulling him up. "Riza, I have to finish." Roy protested as she shut off his lamp and picked up his brandy glass, leading him out of the room.

"Okay, maybe I will go to bed..." Roy said, giving in as she sat him down on the bed, and took his shoes off. "You should have learned by now not to go against me when I'm dead set on something." She said, tossing his nightclothes at him. "Now go take a shower." She said, pushing him towards the bathroom. "Fine, but I want something in return." Roy said, pulling her close and kissing her. "Okay you got what you wanted, now go take a shower." Riza smirked, kissing him again. "I love you, woman." He said, putting a hand lightly on her stomach. "I love you too, you crazy husband of mine, now go take shower, and after that you can touch my pregnant stomach all you want." Riza said, starting to forget about his shower.

"Aww come on Riza, I can see it in your eyes, you don't really want me to take a shower." Roy said softly, getting that look in his eyes and smirking cockily. "Your devious manipulating charms shall not work on me..." Riza said, kissing him hungrily. "Oh but they already have..." Roy said evilly, kissing down her neck. Riza shook her head, "Go...take your damn...shower." She said, pushing him into the bathroom and shutting the door. She was answered with a loud, "Damnit, Riza!" before she heard the water start.

She closed her eyes and let out a deep breath, going out onto her balcony. Yes, their bedroom had a nice little balcony she could step out onto whenever she felt the need. She gazed up at the stars and smiled. "I wonder if he remembers that tomorrow is our anniversary." She wondered aloud, sweeping her long blonde hair back. She sighed and looked towards the moon that glowed brightly. It was almost full. After a few minutes, she walked back into the bedroom and looked at her stomach in the full-length mirror. She frowned, and started looking at it from different angles.

"You look beautiful you glow. Besides, you're only 4 months along." Roy's voice came from behind her, and he wrapped his arms around her, placing his hands on her protruding stomach. "Then I'm gonna get fat, and you won't love me anymore." Riza pouted, putting her hands over his. "That's a right out lie. I love you no matter what. And to me you won't be fat. You'll be glowing and radiating motherhood." Roy said, kissing her neck. "You're just sucking up." Riza laughed, turning around and laying on the bed. "Fine, reject my love..." Roy said, going to his side and snuggling up to her.

Riza flipped the pancakes and then the bacon, humming a cheerful tune. Elicia had already eaten her breakfast, and was now safely on the bus to school. Now she was making her husband's breakfast. "Time to wake his happy ass up." Riza said, setting everything on the table, and filling the vase with fresh flowers from her garden. She walked up the carpeted stairs, and went down the hall to their bedroom. She rolled her eyes as she heard him give a particularly loud snore and entered the room, smiling as she crawled up next to him.
"Instead of pushing you out of bed, or shooting at you this morning, I've decided to try a different approach my arrogant, sweet, sometimes over-confident asshole of a husband." She said softly, leaning down and kissing him softly at first, then making it go deep. His eyes flew open, and he pulled her closer, moaning. She pulled back, and giggled. "Happy anniversary to you too." He said, panting. "You did remember." Riza said, her cheeks pink and a smile on her face. She looked perfect, to him. "I would never, ever forget the greatest day of my life." Roy said, sitting up, and yawning.

"Mmm, if you keep this up, we won't leave the house at all today." Riza said, crawling on top of him. "I like the thought of that...but we still have dinner an dancing with our friends tonight, and I smell pancakes..." Roy said, running his hands through her hair. "I made them special for you." Riza said, kissing his lips softly. "Then let me get up and eat them..." Roy pleaded, straining against her. "Nope, you have to give me something first. Equivalent Exchange." Riza said, poking him in the chest.

"Its' in the closet, and you'll get your other one tonight...if you'd just let me up..." Roy said, picking her up, and placing her beside him as he hopped out of bed, and she pouted. He padded over to the closet, and rifling around in it for a few minutes. "Here we go." He said, walking over to her and handing her a medium sized box. "Yay!" Riza said, snatching it away from him and opening it, taking out a music box. She opened it, and two figures popped out, figures that looked like her and him. Then a familiar tune began to play.

"Eternity...Oh Roy..." Riza whispered, putting a hand to her mouth as their wedding song began to play and the two little figures revolved. "I knew you'd love it." He said, kissing her left hand. "It's wonderful...I love you..." Riza said, flinging her arms around him, crying. "I love you too, my darling." He said, holding her tightly.

"Maternity clothes..." Riza said a couple hours later as they all went out shopping. "Yes, your belly will be blowing up with hugeness later on." Havoc joked, and was slapped by Amaya and Eve. "You asshole." Amaya hissed. "I like Roy's present better. He got me a music box with two figures dancing to Eternity." Riza said. "You owe me ten bucks, Amaya, he remembered." Breda laughed and Amaya hit Ed. "Why can't you do anything like that for me!" she yelled at him. "Because he's a man." Riza said simply. "And Roy's not?" Amaya said.
"Nope, Roy is a god. A sex god." Riza said, kissing her husband. "Oh god..." Everyone said in unison, rolling his or her eyes. "You rang?" Roy laughed, pulling away from his wife. "YOU are NOT god." Edward said, jumping up and poking Roy in the chest. (Okay...that was very mean of me...) "Blah, I want ice cream." Riza said, looking over at the ice cream parlor. "Oh me too." Eve agreed, cradling little Trisha. "It's sooo hot..." Bloch complained, ambling across the street with everyone else. "Oh shut up, you wuss. Take it like a man." Ross said, slapping his back. "Not fair, you're supposed to be my fiancée." Bloch whined. "Doesn't mean she can't hit you." Falman said.

They entered the Ice cream parlor, and found a table they could all sit at, and a waitress came over, smiling. "What can I get for you all today?" the waitress said easily, getting out a pen and pad of paper. They all gave her their favorite flavors of ice cream, and she nodded, walking away with a smile. "Wow she was pretty." Falman said, looking lazily after her. "Hmmm, she looks about your age Vato." Havoc said, popping a cig into his mouth. "I didn't say I wanted to date her, Jean." Falman said easily, his cheeks going pink for a minute.

"No, but you were thinking about it." Breda said, messing with sugar packets. "Lets' not fight boys..." Amaya said, looking out the window. "Uh...why is that girl glaring at you, Roy?" Eve asked curiously, cocking her head to the side. "Huh?" Roy said, looking away from talking to his wife, and looked at the girl. She looked to be about 12, maybe 13, and she had long black hair, the same color as Roy's. And her eyes were the same color as his were, too. She looked very angry at the moment, and she turned, and marched into the Ice Cream Parlor, and stopped in front of their, table, looking arrogant...

"Are you Fuhrer Roy Jonathan Mustang?" the young girl snapped. Roy looked taken a back for a minute, but smiled. "Yes, I am." He said. "Could we help you, little girl?" Amaya asked smiling. "Don't call me a little girl, little miss prissy." The girl snapped at Amaya, and everyone scooted back. "Look...uh..." Edward said, and the girl snapped her attention towards him. "Joy Summer Winters Mustang, shorty." The girl said, and snapped her attention back to Roy. "M-Mustang? Are you like my sister's kid or something, because I haven't seen my sister for years..." Roy said, looking puzzled.

"No, you asshole, I'm your daughter." Joy Summer Winters Mustang said coldly.

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