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A Husband's Death

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What happens when Roy becomes Fuhur? Will RIza stand a chance?...(sorry but my summary sucks...but the storys good) Oh, plez review!!!! Chapter FOURTEEN is up!! YAY

Category: Full Metal Alchemist - Rating: R - Genres: Romance - Characters: Alphonse Elric, Cain Fury, Edward Elric, Heymans Breda, Jean Havoc, Riza Hawkeye, Roy Mustang, Schiezka, Vato Falman - Warnings: [V] [X] - Published: 2006-10-19 - Updated: 2006-10-19 - 3106 words

Rated: R

Warning: Heated Moments, Cursing, Violence, and maybe a couple Lemons.

Disclaimer: I own nothing. The people who work and make Fullmetal Alchemist own it.

Riza loaded up each of her guns, and put them in her holsters. She looked down at the floor, the sun was high in the sky, but it was a deary day. Their plan was about to be put into action, and she had the worst feeling in the pit of her stomach. However she chose to ignore it. She put her coat on, and clipped her hair up securely before walking out of the bedroom and outside where everyone was waiting, with all his or her necessary battle equipment.
"Is everyone ready?" Roy asked, looking around at his comrades. "Yes, sir." "Yeah Chief." "He's going down." "Lets roll." Were heard from everyone, but Riza remained quiet as she walked down the steps quietly, still focused on the ground. "Riza..." she heard him say. She looked up at him, fear evident in her eyes. "I have my extra pair of gloves, and everyone here, you the most, has my back covered. Nothing will happen. After all, my plans are foil proof." Roy said, giving her that arrogant trademark smirk of his. She couldn't help but laugh, "That's what I'm afraid of, you arrogant bastard." She said, kissing him.

Pinako, Winry, and Den stood on the front porch, watching them all go. "I hope they all come back alive...including Amaya...I understand now that Edward loves her..." Winry said, tears springing up in her eyes. "It's about time girl." Pinako said wisely, smoking her pipe. "They're all so loyal. I wish I could be like them..." Winry said. "They're all scared, you can see it in their eyes. Each has his or her own worst fear. All we can do is pray, really hard, that they come back." Pinako said, turning and going into the house as the group disappeared over the hill.
"They're coming, look they're coming, can I eat them?" The last of the remaining homunculi in Amestris begged his new master. "No, but you must fight the alchemists, torture them...then you can eat them." Kellerman said with a smirk. "My Uncle Roy will set your pants on fire..." Elicia said. The poor little girl looked worn. Her pink dress was torn up, and dirt smudged her entire body. And there were bruises where he had slapped her, or shook her. "Shut up before I follow through on my earlier threat and let Gluttony eat your guts, you little hoe." Kellerman spat.
"Yes! Let me eat her!" The entirely too large Gluttony said happily, wiggling his body. "No damnit, we have to wait. Everything must be perfect!" Kellerman said, pacing and looking nervous. "I'm not even sure I should be here you know..." Tiffany said, filing her nails. (Chapter Two) "Yeah, me neither. I just find you a nice hunk of sexy." Mark (Chapter two) said, giving Kellerman a flirtatious grin. "Okay both of you shut it. You know your jobs..." Kellerman said, looking disgusted. "You know, you can't make me fight my own sons." Hohenheim Of Light said, looking bored. "You will, or I'll make Gluttony eat you!" Kellerman yelled, looking aggravated.

"Okay, he has reinforcements..." Roy said as they all stopped in front of Kellerman and his "group." "That's our bastard of a father!" Edward yelled, looking angry. "That's my child's grandfather?" Eve said skeptically. "Wait, Alphonse, you're engaged?" Hohenheim said, looking happy. "YES! And she's pregnant thanks to that bitch you're working for!" Amaya yelled, her eyes full of fire. "Well this is all news..." Hohenheim said, cleaning his glasses. "WOULD EVERYONE FOCUS HERE!" Kellerman screamed, his face red.

"Okay, before this gets anymore ridiculous..." Roy said, crossing his arms with a sigh. "Now, since I know you weren't going to give yourself up without a fight, I brought these people to fight your people." Kellerman said, looking maniacal. "Okay first off, you FORCED us to do this. You said, quite clearly, 'Work for me or I will have Gluttony eat your guts.'" Hohenheim said, pointing towards the large Homunculi. "You mean you're not evil anymore Dad?" Alphonse asked. "No if I had my way son, I'd be buying my future grandchild clothes. And killing him for getting your fiancée pregnant." Hohenheim said. "Fine it's settled, kill everyone but Elicia and Dad." Edward said nonchalantly.

"Okay, now my head is starting to hurt form all this BS." Amaya said, snapping her fingers so that Gluttony was electrocuted. "That tickled." The homunculus laughed. "My powers didn't work?" Amaya said, and glared, snapping her fingers again, and frying him. Still didn't work. "He's not human, it won't work...we'll have to figure out something..." Havoc said, puffing a cigarette. "This is a contest of freaks," Mark said, rolling his eyes. "THAT'S IT! EVERYONE CHARGE BLINDLY INTO BATTLE!" Kellerman yelled.

And with that, spurts of fire, electricity, rushes of earth, water, and whatever it was that Ed and Al could do went out, and gunshots went off, and screams and yells were heard. "I will eat you all!" Gluttony claimed madly as Eve hit him with deadly thorns. "Try to eat me, and I'll barbeque your fat ass!" Amaya yelled, sending out shock waves. "Okay, how do you work one of these?" Tiffany asked, running around dodging bullets while trying to figure out how to shoot her rifle. "You should have let Gluttony eat your ugly ass!" Havoc yelled, firing at her, and it grazed her arm, causing her to drop the rifle.

"Haha! Face the technique that has been passed down the Armstrong line for generations!" Armstrong yelled, pink sparkles surrounding him, using his alchemy to send out huge pieces of dirt and rock at Gluttony. "Okay, I'll like, be breaking a nail if I try to fire this thing..." Mark said, hefting up a 55. "Try this on for size, you gay bitch." Ross yelled, firing several shots that grazed him. "Haha missed me." Mark yelled, running like a girl behind Gluttony. "Damnit get back here!" Falman and Breda yelled, firing shots at Gluttony.

"That didn't even hurt me." Kellerman laughed as he put out his pants that had been set on fire. "Damnit...why isn't my fire power working?" Roy muttered, snapping his fingers again, and only a spurt of energy came out. Then his answer came. The oxygen density in the air had a disturbance. And the wind was blowing, badly. "Shit...nothing is gonna work..." Roy muttered, taking a step back. "What's the matter Mustang? Is your famous Alchemy not working?" Kellerman teased, his eyes glittering with malice.

Meanwhile, Riza was busy securing Elicia with Bloch, Eve, and Alphonse protecting her as they used their Alchemy against anyone that tried to get near them that was evil. "Go, quickly Riza, Roy's in trouble." Eve said, clapping her hands and sending vines to tie around Gluttony's arms. Riza nodded, and rolled on the ground, dodging Alchemy, and any stray bullets as she rushed to her husband. "Ah, in the nick of time, Lieutenant Mustang." Roy laughed as he dodged a bullet from Kellerman, and Riza sent one of her own out at him. It missed him by an inch. "Damnit." She muttered, her concentration breaking as she heard Amaya scream.

"I've got it!" Edward yelled, clapping his hands together to create a staircase and he jumped the steps two at a time, and snatched Amaya back from Gluttony, who growled. "Sorry fatso, but this is my beautiful Amaya. Go find someone else." Edward said, dodging several bullets as he ran down the steps, carrying her, and then dodged Armstrong's bullet like rocks. "Edward, you're my prince." Amaya giggled, kissing him quickly as he set her down and they began to get back to work.

"AW shit! I'm down!" Sheska yelled, grabbing her leg as a bullet went right through it. Havoc rushed over to her, and drug her over to where Bloch, Eve, and Al were. Then they were all trapped. Eve, Al, Ed, Amaya, Bloch, Ross, Armstrong, Fuery, Havoc, Breda, Falman, Sheska, Hohenheim and Elicia were all trapped by Gluttony, Tiffany, and Mark. "Go help them, I can handle this." Roy told Riza quickly as the wind started to die down, and he was now letting out spurts of fire that Kellerman dodged. "They're fine, I have to stay here. I won't leave you." Riza bit out, firing shots at the three people that had her friends trapped and she grazed them all as she reloaded her gun quickly.

"THAT'S AN ORDER, Lieutenant! Now go!" Roy yelled angrily, and she gave him a heartbreaking look before rushing off to help her friends.

"Haha! Now you can eat them, Mr. Gluttony." Tiffany laughed. "I don't think so, bitch." Riza said, firing three shots right into Tiffany's back. "Tiff! No Tiff!" Mark cried, and fired at Riza, who dodged, and shot him three times in the chest, and both of them fell to the ground. "Ooooh! Scary lady! Me run away!" Gluttony yelled, the ground shaking as he ran away, Riza firing several clips at his body as he disappeared. "Thank god you were here Riza. We're out of Ammo." Havoc said. Riza tossed them four of her eight guns, and turned around as three shots were fired and a spurt of fire went out.

"No...Damnit Roy...." She said, rushing back as fast as her legs could carry her. The two had moved quite a distance away, and she was getting closer. Then everything seemed to go in slow motion as she was just feet away, she stopped, and Kellerman raised up the gun and fired two shots into Roy's body. And Eve's thorny vines spurted out of the ground, entangling Kellerman in them. "ROY! NO!" Riza yelled, rushing to her husband's side.

(Intro music "Four Seasons" from Inuyasha.)

The group stopped where Riza had been, all looking shocked, angry, and heart broken. "His alchemy had no chance against a gun..." Breda said, and Amaya slapped him hard, tears running down her face. "Not again..." Edward said, going forward, and Armstrong stopped him.

"Stupid man, you stupid man." Riza whispered, ripping his shirt open, and trying to stop his bleeding. He let out a shaky laugh, and tried to seal up his wounds by burning them, but he was too weak. "I'm sorry Riza...I didn't think fast enough when the gun went off...and I wasn't exactly doing my best Alchemy out there either..." he said, coughing. "Then why the hell did you order me to leave you, damnit Roy..." Riza said, tears in her eyes as she hefted him into her lap, and tried to stop the bleeding by using her coat to suppress it.

"Because our friends lives are far more important than just my one life." Roy said weakly, the light starting to die in his eyes. "But I can't live without you..." Riza said, looking desperate. "Stop trying to save me damnit..." He said, raising up his arm and taking her hands away from his wounds. ", no, no. You can't give up, I can't give up. We still have so much to do, we have so much to see. We have to raise Elicia together, and we still have go to Eve and Al's wedding and see their baby born. And you still have a country to save." Riza said, her breathing becoming quicker as she began to panic.

"Riza, stop, and let me see you acting like Riza before I go and kick Maes ass wherever it is that I'm supposed to go." Roy said, closing his eyes and opening them again. "Roy...please, please don't leave me." She said, taking his gloves off and kissing his hands. "No darlin'. If I have accepted it so quickly, you have to, too. I love you. Please don't be angry with me..." Roy said, clasping her hands, and kissing her left hand. "I'll never marry anyone else. I'll love you for eternity, and I won't give up." Riza said, tears going down her face. "That's my beautiful First Lieutenant. I love you, Riza." Roy said, a cocky smirk on his face.

"I love you, Roy Mustang." Riza whispered, leaning down and kissing him softly as he shut his eyes and stopped breathing. She sat up, and placed him gently on the ground. "I don't take the blame for your death, Roy. But I know who will." Riza said, standing up, and taking a gun from her hip holster, and holding it directly in front of her, aimed right at Kellerman. "Yes! I won, and now I get to have you, let me go!" Kellerman yelled, his eyes wide and bloodshot.

"YOU SON OF A BITCH!" Riza yelled, firing off several shots, reloading, then firing it off, again. She repeated the process several times before he finally lay limp on the ground, Eve's vines gone from sight. She dropped the gun on the ground, and crumpled completely. "There is no god, there is nothing. There is only pain and anger, hurt, and vengeance in this world. Nobody can be truly happy. There is no such thing as a happy ending. There was no equivalent exchange here. Not even your precious Alchemy could save you. It can't bring you back either. Now there is nothing but emptiness. I will be okay...I'll be alright being alone. Because I know that you still love me. You're still here, with me." She spoke softly.

The sun was going down, and a full moon was appearing, with stars following it, and everyone was crying. Riza just sat there, holding his cold lifeless, body, not shedding a single tear, just staring straight ahead, as if she were waiting for something.

Wherever it is you're supposed to go when you die:
"I don't want to be here! I wanna go back down there!" Roy yelled, stopping the ground and kicking the gate in front of him. "Good, because it is not yet your time." A voice said from behind him. He spun around and went pale. "Maes? Dude is that you?" he asked, examining the figure in front of him. "No Roy, I'm a figment of your fucked up imagination. Of course it's me!" Maes said, smiling and clapping his friend on the back. "Where the hell am I, I want to go back down there, incase you hadn't noticed, I have your kid, a wife, and country to do things with." Roy said, crossing his arms.

"Yeah, yeah. You're going back, we don't want you here yet anyways. This place isn't ready for your cocky arrogance or your fire power." Maes said, walking with his friend. "Then lets get going! I hate being feels weird." Roy said, rubbing his chest uncomfortably. "Okay, okay. But I want to leave everyone a cryptic message and hug my daughter. Hold on to your eye patch, matey." Maes chortled. "I AM NOT A PIRATE YOU ASS!" Roy yelled as he felt a rushing feeling and he was back on solid ground, but still transparent.

Back on Earth:
Riza jumped up as a sudden white light appeared, and everyone gasped. "I am god!" Maes yelled, flashing the peace sign. "Shut up Maes, and put me back in my damn body!" Roy said, jumping up and down. "Hold your horses, I want to give them a cryptic message." Maes said, and turned to the group. "I never believed in ghosts until now." Edward said, his eyes wide. "Roy..." Riza whispered, reaching out for him, and her fingers turned cold as her hand went right through his arm. "That tickles Riza, quit." Roy laughed, moving his transparent body.

"Ahem, anyways...Uh, It is not yet Roy's time, and I putting him back in his body, because nobody up there wants him, but everyone down here apparently does. And he doesn't deserve to die by the hands of that cocksucker that hurt my daughter! Oooh If I had been here, I would have bull whipped his ass. But Riza did good too, shooting him a thousand times, but hey who was counting." Maes rambled, and Roy coughed as everyone stared, wide eyes. (Except Falman, his little lines just scrunched up into jagged lines.)

"Yeah well, anyways, Elicia! I flash pictures of you to everyone up there, we'll see you in 80 years." Maes laughed, hugging his daughter, who giggled, and smiled up at her father. "Daddy, is my mommy up there with you?" Elicia asked, hugging her father extra tight. "Yes, and we want you to know that we're always with you, and watching you. And we both love you very, very, very much." Maes said, hugging her again before standing up and stepping back. "I love you and mommy, daddy!" Elicia said, tears in her eyes. "I'll tell her sweetie. AS for the rest of you, I miss you all, and I miss shoving pictures in your faces. But live long and happy lives, and we'll all see each other again, where I can shove more pictures in your face. I look forward to it." Maes announced, smiling and laughing as they all smiled and groaned.

"Maes, me, my body, we need to be back together." Roy said impatiently. "Yeah, okay Mr. Eager beaver." Maes said, snapping his fingers as Roy's bodily wounds were healed and he was returned to his body. "See you guys up there!" Maes hollered as he disappeared. "Roy..." Riza said, helping her husband up, who coughed, and shook his head, moving around his arms and legs. "Damn you get really stiff when you die for 10 minutes." He muttered, snapping his fingers. "Roy." Riza repeated, hugging him tightly and crying. He wrapped his arms tightly around her. "Sorry I died for 10 minutes." He muttered in her hair.

"So he's really dead..." Edward said a week later as they all gathered around a small, small stone at the jail cemetery. "We did it, yay." Amaya said, leaning against him. "You know what would be weird...if a crazy ex-girlfriend of Roy's showed up next and tried to break you guys apart." Eve said thoughtfully. (And I know what some of you are thinking, and no, that's not what will happen.) "Oh god, if that happens, hold it off for a few years." Riza said, putting her head in her hands. "I highly doubt any of those hoe bags could go up against our Riza." Amaya said with a laugh as they all walked away.
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