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The Train to Resembool

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What happens when Roy becomes Fuhur? Will RIza stand a chance?...(sorry but my summary sucks...but the storys good) Oh, plez review!!!! Oh guys, sorry I posted the wrong chapter!!! I changed it so...

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Rated: R

Warning: Heated Moments, Cursing, Violence, and maybe a couple Lemons.

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Another two weeks passed, and things began to get strained as the country searched for Kellerman and Elicia Hughes. Every lead came up empty, however. The rain finally let up, and August turned into a windy September. Leaves began to turn to brown, yellow and red, and fall off the trees. The nights slowly got cooler, and the days got shorter. At one point it almost snowed, but the clouds passed over and disintegrated.
"Fuhrer! There's a note! It was just delivered by a little boy at the front entrance, we think it might be from Kellerman!" a hassled looking officer yelled as he burst into the office, running up to the Fuhrer's desk and handing him the letter. Roy snatched it away, and waved the officer off, who rushed out of the room. "What does it say?" Amaya cried urgently. Roy flipped the grubby looking letter open and scanned it, his face hard and angry looking as he stood up.

"Everyone pack you bags, we're going to Resembool." He said, and stuffed the note in his pocket, walking towards the door quickly. "Roy..." he heard his wife's voice. "We don't have much time before he goes through with his threat. Now everyone hurry up and meet us at the train station. Edward, Alphonse, we'll need your knowledge of your hometown for this mission." Roy said, turning around to his loyal subordinates. "Did he...did he touch her?" Amaya asked looking angry. "That's what we're about to prevent from happening, now hurry Mitsu." Roy said, going out the door.

Riza didn't pack anything but a change of clothes and several clips of bullets, then three boxes of bullets. She took her old guns down from the top of her closet, and put them in with three of the guns Roy had given her for Christmas. She wore the forth one on her hip, and had it filled with bullets, ready to shoot. She redid her hair, making sure every strand was in place, and changed into civilian clothes. They didn't want to stand out where they were going. She picked up the slightly heavy small bag, and met her husband outside in the car.
"Do you have your extra pair?" she asked him quietly, gesturing to his gloves. He patted his jacket pocket, where a slip of white could be seen. She nodded, and he began to drive towards the train station, where they were all waiting for the couple, all dressed in civilian clothes. Riza scanned the area carefully as they bought and paid for the train tickets. "There a family reunion going on in Resembool? Had a man and his little girl buy a couple of tickets two hours earlier." The old man at the ticket office asked. Roy's hand froze as he handed the man his money.

"Yeah, I guess you could say that, what did the little girl look like?" he asked quietly. "Dirty blonde hair, she looked about 5 years old, and had the prettiest green-blue eyes." The old man said, a smile on his face. "Thank you..." Roy said, tossing the money down quickly, and grabbing the tickets as they left in a hurry and jumped onto the train.

(Intro music "Brothers." (Russian version))
"It's been...forever Al..." Edward said as they all sat in a private car. Not many people were traveling that day it seemed. "How come you never go home? Just to visit?" Eve asked softly. "Because we burnt down our house when we left...and we'd have no place to stay." Edward said, looking wistful. "That's not true brother. Auntie Pinako and Winry have taken us in when we came to visit in the past. Especially when your auto-mail needed fixing." Alphonse spoke. "Lets not forget that you two also used that place when you were hiding from the military when King Bradley had a warrant out for your arrest." Riza spoke, a small smile on her face.

"That's where Ross had an infatuation with dad." Al laughed. "I was just having a nice conversation with him!" Maria Ross tried to defend herself. "And Roy went to the train station the next day to stop the Military from finding anything, said that you had gone north. That's where everything started to go into motion because we found out Bradley was a homunculus." Havoc spoke up. "I remember having to be Riza..." Fuery laughed. "Hey I had to be the newly appointed Brigadier General." Havoc retorted, snorting.

"Where were you two?" Amaya asked Roy and Riza. "WE were in Central, preparing to break into Bradley's mansion. I created a diversion, while he broke in and prepared to kill Bradley. However I was captured and his back up was gone. While he fought and killed Bradley, the homunculi known as Pride, I was rushing back from half way up the road, where two police, Bradley's wife and son, and myself had been pulled over by Frank Archer. By the time I got there, and shot Archer to death, I thought it was too late. He was laying on the ground, bleeding to death, and he had a dead boy beside him." Riza explained.

"I rushed to his side, and shook him, crying for him to wake up. When he was able to talk to me and make some sense, I rushed back to Central with him. Over the next few weeks, I took care of him in the hospital, and we heard what had happened to Edward. I became quiet after Havoc left with the news, and Roy asked me what was wrong. I told him the plan had been perfect, he did his part, and I failed. I didn't get there in time, and the reason he bore scars from his battle was all my fault." Riza finished.

"Then I told her the world wasn't perfect, that it was there for us, trying the best it could. And that's what made it so damn beautiful. She told me to shut up and eat, because she knew I was also trying to flirt with her." Roy said, smiling at his wife. "Meanwhile, I went back to Resembool, with hardly any memory of the past four years I had spent in an armored suit. From there I went to Dublith with Edward and I's old teacher, Izumi Curtis, vowing to train harder to get brother back from the other side of the gate. I knew he was still alive." Alphonse spoke once more.

"After two months I met up with the homunculi Wrath, who helped me find the ancient underground city beneath Central. He told me to put him through the gate in exchange to bring brother back. And it worked. When I saw my big brother again I was over joyed. Our logn journey was finally through, and we had our old bodies back once more. Even at the cost of millions of people, including one of the greatest military men we'll ever know, the late Brigadier General Maes Hughes." Alphonse continued. "From there we went to the surface, and we found out what had happened to Mustang. We went to the hospital with Falman, and the others to visit him. WE put our stories together for the Council that had been taken care of Amestris since the death of its ex-Fuhrer Bradley." Edward said.

"I regained my physical strength slowly, and then returned to work. I began to work on getting over the fact that I had lost my left eyes, and concentrated on being able to do my Fire Alchemy again. I regained it, and then began to get back to work with my new title as Brigadier General. A couple of weeks later, you two were placed under me, and know what happened from there." Roy finished the recounting. "Wow. You all went through so much..." Eve said. "We all sacrificed a bit ourselves to help Edward and Alphonse Elric. We devoted the rest to pushing Roy Mustang to the top. And we all succeeded. And now here we are, happy with our lives, and on another mission. Just like the old days." Riza said.

"I wouldn't trade any of those days for anything. They're some of my most treasured memories." Ross spoke softly. "Maes Hughes seems to be very important person in all of your lives...and I know he was Miss Gracia's husband and Elicia's father, but who else was he?" Amaya asked carefully. "He was my best friend. The only other person in the world I trusted with valuable information besides Riza. But he meant something to all of us, and you had to get to know him, really get to know him. He was devoted to his family and his work, devoted to pushing me to the top. He loved to show off pictures of Elicia. He talked about her constantly. But when things got serious, he could get down to business." Roy said, a warm smile on his face.

"He died helping me. He had important information of what was going on in our then twisted government, and it would be a big break for us. I could have gone straight to the top with it. But he was shot by the Homunculi known as Envy, and in the form of his wife no less. The funeral was two days later. Grief and guilt filled me. I didn't even cry as the service went through. I wanted to, and even more so when Elicia screamed for them to stop burying her father. I just stood there, in front of his grave even when everybody left." Roy continued.

"Killed in action and promoted two ranks in death, Brigadier General Hughes. You were the man who was going to work under me and push me to the top...then you go and get yourself killed and pass me in the ranks. I don't know who's more absurd, you or the state. Years ago I had a theory on human transmutation, and after all we've seen, I was actually trying to remember it just now. We alchemists are such hopeless, predictable things...why didn't you tell me? Ed and Al in danger, lab five? Maybe I could have helped you, Maes..." Roy recounted his words perfectly.

"Maybe because he knew you would try, sir." Riza said, tears rolling down her cheeks. "What does that mean?" Roy asked his wife. "When those two boys are in harm's way, sir...well sometimes your decisions aren't exactly rational. Maybe Brigadier General Hughes didn't tell you, because he wanted you to concentrate on your own goals instead of the Elrics. So you could make it to the top, without anymore setbacks." Riza said softly, wiping her tears away, and smiling softly. Roy looked up at the ceiling. "It-It's going to rain today..." he whispered, one tear rolling down his cheek, just like it had such a logn time ago. "Yes, sir." Riza agreed, looking heart broken.

"So that's why you two were late getting to the wake." Armstrong said, crying as well. Everyone had tears in their eyes. "He sounded like a wonderful man. I wish I could have gotten to know him." Eve said. "Just to think...while all of this was happening to you guys, Eve and I were safe and sound in our own little world, wanting to become State Alchemists..." Amaya said, wiping tears away. "Life ain't always beautiful, but it's a beautiful ride..." Havoc said, looking out the train window.

"So the Dogs of The Military are back in town..." Pinako said as they all came down the lane to her house, and she waited on her front porch with Den, smoking her pipe. "Granny, have you seen my- EDWARD!" Winry yelled, coming out of the house, wearing her mechanic outfit, with grease smeared on her face. "Looks like he brought company..." Pinako said, puffing the pipe. "I wonder why they're all here...Ed doesn't have auto-mail to fix anymore..." Winry wondered as they came closer. A little black and white dog bounded ahead of them, barking, which caused Den to jump up and rush forward, his tongue lolling out as he barked at the strange dog.
"Damn...mechanics don't dress for much do they?" Breda asked, and Amaya busted out laughing. "Heymans, I actually agree with you for once." She said, and Edward gave her a look. "No fighting, please Maya..." he said, giving her hand a squeeze. Amaya pushed some curls out of her face. "Fine, Ed. But only because you asked me to..." she relented. Eve struggled not to yell at Winry to put some clothes on as they stopped in front of the two, the two dogs playing in grass.

"Edward, I trust you have some reason for all of this?" Pinako asked, puffing her pipe as she looked up at everyone. "We need a place to stay while we investigate some going ons. We'll explain once we're sure this place is secure enough to talk..." Edward said, looking serious. "Hmmm, we don't have many beds, but we'll see what we can do. You two boys know that this house is always open to you and your friends." Pinako said, allowing them into her house.

"So you're saying he wants to meet you here, somewhere in Resembool?" Pinako said two hours later after a ton of recounting. "Exactly, and we're positive he knows we're here. He's been following us, and taking pictures, as we explained earlier." Roy said, tipping his chair back. "So now all we can do is wait it out, and see what happens..." Edward said. "How can you guys just wait, I mean It's Elicia's life! How do you know he hasn't already killed her or raped her?" Winry said, looking angry.
"Don't you think we've already thought enough about what he's done to her! Look what he's already done to us! Eve is pregnant, thanks to his raping her, and Riza can't even give her husband what they both want the most! A child! Because he shot her, and they lost their first child. Now she can't have any!" Amaya yelled, standing up. "You shut up! You're just mad because you actually have to be my friend, and you know Edward and I have a history together, if I had my way, everyone but you and Eve could stay here!" Winry yelled, crossing her arms and rushing off.

"Get back here so I can beat you over the head with your own wrench you hoe!" Amaya yelled. "Mitsu get a grip, NOW. It's common courtesy that we're even allowed to stay here. I suggest you go outside and cool it. Ross and Sedgwick, go with her. Ms. Rockbell I'm sorry." Riza said coolly. Amaya growled and walked out the front door, Ross and Eve following after her. "It's quite alright. Girls will be girls. Besides, It's Edward they're fighting over...." Pinako said, chuckling.

The cool breeze blew through the trees and the pale moon slipped in and out through the clouds. Riza sat up in bed, wearing a borrowed nightdress from Pinako as she waited for her husband to come to bed. The room was nice and cool, and the sheets were too. Her blonde hair hung over her shoulders, and her amber eyes moved around the room, looking at various pictures and such. The bag that she had packed was right beside the bed, and one of her guns was stationed safely under the pillow, with the safety on securely.
The door opened, and she looked up from her own silent musings as her husband slipped in, wearing his blue button-up shirt and a pair of slacks. "You should be sleeping." He told her softly, scooting in beside her. "I couldn't..." she answered guiltily, looking at her hands. "Why, because I wasn't here?" Roy asked, pulling the sheets up some. "That's partly the reason...I was just thinking, is all.." Riza said, still sitting up. She felt a light kiss on her left hand, and looked over at her husband, who was studying her rings.

"Everyone else is already asleep in bed, I just got finished checking around outside...nothing out of the ordinary..." Roy said, looking up at her. "What if he's just messing with us? What if we never find her?" Riza asked, looking out the window, and she felt a tug on her waist as she was pulled closer to her husband (Haha I feel like shoving it in everyone's face). "We're going to find her." Roy said, and she finally laid down fully, wrapping her arms around him. He ran his hands through her hair. A soothing gesture he had found to put her to sleep easily. And it worked, within a few minutes she was asleep, but he stayed awake the whole night, listening intently to the sounds inside and outside the house.

"What was your mom like?" Eve asked her fiancée softly as she helped him set down two bouquets of flowers at the gravesite of said person. "She was a really kind and caring woman. She always heard both of us out before she punished us equally, and she was really beautiful." Alphonse said, a smile on his face. "I wish I could've known her...I want her to know her sons are happy and safe with two girls..." Eve said, wrapping her arms around his torso. He chuckled and kissed her forehead. "I'm sure she knows sweetheart." He said, and they walked away.
"Come into the house Amaya, you're acting like a baby, and it's starting to get colder." Havoc said, trying to pull her into the house. "No! She'll just keep cracking redhead jokes, and shit. And I love the cold." Amaya resisted, digging her heels into he ground. Havoc grunted and lit another cigarette. "ED is worried about you." He said. "Than why did he send YOU out here, you chain smoker." Amaya asked, crossing her arms. "Because Winry has him trapped." Havoc said listlessly. "That bitch!" Amaya said, jumping up and running into he house. "Works every time..." Havoc cackled, going in after her.
"I would have had a chance with him if you hadn't come into the picture!" Winry yelled. "Yeah well, he chose me over you, so get over it! Besides isn't the oldest Tringham brother your boyfriend? What are you using him because he's some twisted version of Ed!" Amaya yelled. "No! You're just accusing me of things you know nothing about!" Winry yelled back. "Well your face!" Amaya yelled, tears springing up in her eyes. "What are you gonna cry because you know I'm right?" Winry said, glaring. "No! I'm just mad because you want to take Edward away, and I really love him..." Amaya said, turning away as the front window was smashed by a medium sized rock that hit Winry in the head.

"Okay, now this is just stupid..." Edward said, rushing in with everyone else when the window was smashed. "I didn't do it! A rock just came flying through the damn window!" Amaya yelled. Roy rushed over and picked up the rock. "It has a note on it." He said hurriedly, taking it off and opening it up as Pinako and Alphonse helped Winry up. "I sit form him, what does it say?" Fuery asked quickly. Roy's face became dark as he read through it, then crumpled it, shoving it in his pocket.

"He wants to meet where Edward's old house used to be...he wants to exchange... my life for hers." He said, looking out the window, his eyes distant, and his tone distant as well. "No! We'll fight him, we'll do something, I don't know what, but he is not going to get what he wants...that all seems to easy anyways!" Riza said, looking horrified as she latched herself onto her husband. "We have to sit down, and talk this out...we need to work out a plan, something he won't expect." Roy said easily.

And so they all sat down, and worked out a plan. They called it: "Operation Kellerman Must Die."

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