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Who's Next?

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The next one. The next accident. Who will fall victim to the curse of the lighthouse next?

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The Lighthouse, Ch4 Disclaimer- I think it's illegal to own people. But if it wasn't, man, Gerard would be MINE!!!!!!

A/N- So, I have another story going on in a different site. But, writer's block is killing it. So, finally a meek little plot bunny crawled out, but before it could jump on my back, these two HUMONGOUS plot bunnies for this story came roaring out of nowhere. They viciously jumped on the small one's back, and ripped it into tiny, bloody little pieces. I gasped, and they turned on me. I tell you, I'm lucky to have my face right now. So, here's this chapter, and it only cost me my right leg! Enjoy! -walks away grumbling-

Frank groaned as he opened his eyes. His vision was blurry, and fear seized him, wrapping him in its cold talons.

He couldn't see anything, and it was cold, too cold. Turning his head to the side slightly, he could make out two blurry figures.

Surprised, a low, "Oh!" escaped from his throat.

Two more figures appeared, and something touched Frank's hair, smoothing it down.

Fear slammed into him more forcefully, and he uttered a low, "No..."

"Frank?" a very familiar voice asked.

"Who...? Where am I?" Frank croaked, wincing at the hoarseness in his voice.

A different voice, yet still as familiar, said, "Frank, you don't recognize us?"

"It's too blurry to see anything right now," Frank replied, having no idea who he was talking to. Since the voices didn't seem to be angry, and his intuition didn't scream at him, he relaxed considerably.

"Try blinking a bit. It might clear things up," the first voice stated.

Frank obeyed the voice's suggestion, and his vision cleared to his jubilance.

The four figures slowly morphed into four men, about his age. They were all staring down at him, eyes filled with concern. The pretty one with black hair and green eyes smiled at him softly, and sat down next to him.

"Hey, Frank. You had us scared there for a minute," he smirked.

Frank blinked.

"I'm sorry. I know that I know you, somehow, but I...have no idea who you are."

"What?!!? Frank, if you're just kidding, it's not funny," the boy with the large brown afro said with an eyebrow raised, but a glint of fear in his eyes.

Frank shook his head.

"I'm sorry. I honestly don't know any of you. But, man, I know that I know you guys. This is so f--ked up. have no idea."

Tears had started to leak from his eyes as he spoke the last sentence. He swatted the tears away, angry at himself for crying in front of strangers that he knew. But then were they strangers?

Frank, frustrated, ran his hand through his hair.

"This is so confusing!" he exclaimed.

The pretty one furrowed his brow, before placing a hand on Frank's shoulder.

"It'll be okay, Frankie. We're all here for you. If only we could get off this damned island."

"Island?" Frank questioned.

"Yeah, I guess you really don't remember," a skinny boy with glasses said, frowning.

"We've established that, Mikey. Jesus Christ, man," the boy who looked older than the rest and was kind of muscular snarled.

The one called Mikey shot the other boy an angry look.

Frank let out an agitated breath, before saying, "What're your names?"

The pretty one gave him a look, and Frank instantly scowled. Frank hated pity, and that look was filled with it.

"Well, I'm Gerard, and the one with the glasses is Mikey, the one with the crazy hair is Ray, and that's Bob. We're your friends, your band-mates."

Frank gasped.

"Damn, I'm in a band? That's awesome!"

Mikey blinked.

"What do you remember, Frank?"

Frank hesitated, thinking.

"Um...I remember, uh, that my name is Frank."

Gerard did a face-palm, groaning. Looking up, he groaned again as he saw Frank grinning at him crookedly.

Ray started pacing, and then he exclaimed, "I wanna go home!!! I don't want to be stuck here for the next month!"

Bob glared at Gerard as he said, "I hate you."

"We've established that how many times?" Gerard exclaimed, jumping to his feet.

He looked around the room, and said, "Look, guys, I'm sorry that we're stuck here. But it's too late to get off this freaking island, 'cause our only way off left a WEEK AGO!!! SO DEAL WITH IT!!! I'M DEALING WITH MY SHOULDER, YOU DEAL WITH YOUR...YOUR WHATEVER THE HELL'S WRONG WITH YOU!!!!"

The volume of his voice steadily rose to the point where he was screaming, and the other four men looked at him in shock.

"You never yell, Gee. WTF?" Mikey whispered.

Gerard turned, and was about to turn to leave when the lights turned off.

Gerard froze, and five simultaneous yells erupted through-out the room.

"Gerard?" Frank called out, frightened.

Silence met his cry, and he slowly crawled out of bed, wincing as the scratches on his chest stretched. The floor was unbelievable cold against his bare feet, and he shivered. He took a step, and immediately tripped, falling flat on his face.

Looking up, he could see nothing. Frank reached out blindly, groping for something, anything.

His neck snapped up as a scream reverberated through-out the room. Then the lights flickered back on.

Everyone was in the same place, except for Frank...and Mikey.

"Where the hell's Mikey?" Gerard gasped, his voice raising a full octave. Silence met his question.

"Where the hell's my brother?" he screamed, running out of the room.

Frank looked up at Bob and Ray with wide eyes, who finally noticed him on the floor.

Ray breathed, "Jesus Christ, Frank, your chest is bleeding."

He pulled Frank to his feet, who looked at his chest and said, "It's not a big deal. Where'd Mikey go?"

Bob said grimly, "He was the one who screamed."

Ray looked at the floor.

"Maybe Gee found him," he said hopefully.

"MIKEY!!! NOOOO!!!!!!!!!" came the scream from downstairs.

"Well, it looks like Gee found him alright," Bob said, the grimness of the situation hitting them full force.

Then, the three boys turned, going down the stairs towards the loud sobs of an older brother crying for his brother.

A/N- Oooo, what happened to Mikey? REVIEW, AND I"LL UPDATE FASTER!!!!

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