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Mute - To be drunk or Intoxicated.

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'People confuse me. What the hell does "Huh? Oh yeah, nah" mean? Are they trying to make me run into a wall?'

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Wow, I didn't think anyone would actually like this story. I'm so glad you all do. I'm sorry if my little arguments about accents has offended anyone. I'm an Aussie girl, and I just love the way American's say things. I honestly think Pete has a voice of a teenager. Hehehe. Oh well. Anyways, here's the next chapter! YAY!


So when did the Heavens above think it was a fun idea to put me in a situation like this? About twenty minutes ago, to be exact.

"Sorry about this," Pete said from behind the couch. I found myself tilting my head, admiring the backside view as he continued, "I can't seem to find my pick. I had it when I walked into the room, but I think it fell behind the couch or something."

He pulled himself back up, and I adverted my eyes to his face.

As if I was just staring at that gorgeous ass that I wanted to reach out a grab...

"What colour is it?" Good one, distract yourself!

It wasn't hard making conversation with Pete. The others had all left to gather things, Dirty was getting my bag, Patrick and Andy had gone to grab some food in the small cafe and Joe - well, I don't know where Joe went. I wasn't paying attention.

"Purple with Jack on it."

"The Nightmare before Christmas?" I asked, while beginning to scan the ground.

I saw him nod from the corner of my eye, "Yeah. How'd you know?"

An amused smile crept up my lips as I lifted a sagging pillow and said, "When you work with a heap of girls who wanna bonk you, the Pete Wentz, til the sun don't shine," I saw him cross his arms and actually laugh as I continued, "you tend to learn alot about that said person because they wont stop comparing facts with fiction and whatever fantasy they throw in."

Pete was chuckling softly then said, "Way with words, ay?"

I shrugged, now kneeling on the couch and running my fingers between the cushions, "Eh, I talk alot. I'm annoying."

His smile widened, "We'll get along fine."

"Found it!"

I pulled the grape-purple pick from the back of the cushions and I guess you could say, held it up victoriously as if I had just conqoured world domination.


Too bad no awesome beam of light shone down on me at that very moment. Would have looked cool.

Pete let out a sigh, "Thanks. I looked there, but I missed it."

"No problem", I said as I climbed off the couch and stood by him. It was at that very moment I noticed that he wasn't as tall and powerful looking as he did on stage.

I wonder what he's like in be - I mean, what?

"Come on, I'll show you to the bus so you can get changed", Pete said in a welcoming voice and led me out of the room. I followed him down the long corridor.

We were silent for a moment until he asked, "So, where you from?"

Good. He's making conversation. Pete's cool points went up.

"Sydney. The Shire, actually", I replied.

"Shire?" Pete asked, and I instantly knew what he was thinking.

I gave a bemused grin, "Ok, I may be short, but I don't have crazy curly hair and hairy feet. Although, I do love Lord of the Rings."

Pete had shoved his hands into his hoodie pockets and smiled, "I'm more of a Harry Potter kid."

I shrugged, "It's alright. He gets annoying though. I mean, come on, get with someone already. He's a hormonal, glasses-wearing, wand-using wizard," I had flicked a hand up as I continued, "you'd think he'd be getting some by now."

Pete was looking at me, his unique light brown eyes glimmering as he said, "Rachel, it's a kids book."

I laughed, "I guess. But when I was his age, I was fighting off evil wizards and having a love life at the same time."

He nodded, "Oh yeah, I bet you did."

We had turned to the right and he pushed two doors open. We were now in a parking lot, which had been barred off from the public. Only crew, staff and the tour bus was on these grounds.

The bus door was open and Pete stood by the side, arm extended as he said, "Ladies first."

I smiled at his curteous manner, "Thanks."

The moment I stepped on the bus, I found that if I owned this thing and sold it, I could have made enough cash to support a small colony.

Beige interior, long, leather couches, big, wide screen TV, X-Box, PS2 and Game-Cube, a small kitchen and enough room on the floor to actually put down a fancy black and white rug.

Oh, and it'd be a crime if I failed to mention the boys favoured instruments in a corner, all clean and propped up as if they were trophies.

Pfft. Boys.

Further back, I assumed were the sleeping quarters and a bathroom. This bus had more room than one of those damn trailers. Screw the trailer idea.

"Wow." I managed to say as I looked up, down, left, right.

Pete had come up beside me and shrugged, "Yeah. It's alright," he went over to the fridge and pulled out another bottle of water, "it's only clean now because Andy made someone do it. He hates unclean places."

"Andy did good then", I was staring at the windows which had no prints on them what so ever.

"I'm just gonna duck in and get changed," Pete said as he began towards the back of the bus, "I'll be a minute."

"Ok." I had been staring at the large TV the whole time. Suddenly sex was the second best thing in my Top Five.

"Help yourself if you're hungry!" Pete called out.

"Thanks!" I went into the kitchen and opened the fridge. Ok, so two minute noodles, chocolate bars, vegan snacks - chocolate bar it is then.

There was a small thud of footsteps and Dirty stepped onto the bus, my duffle bag clenched in his hands.

"Hey, they being nice to you?" He asked as he placed my bag on a table.

I nodded, "I got chocolate."

Dirty also nodded, satisfied, "Good. Where's the others?"

I gave a quick run through of where the 'others' were, followed by, "I dunno where Joe went."

"He's probably gone to get something from a trailer," Dirty looked past me then asked, "whose here with you?"


He then gave an inquisative, "Ah."

I furrowed my brow, "What?"

He ignored me and called out to Pete, "Oi, dude!"


"Most pubs are closed now, so you want you wanna do?" He asked.

There was silence for a moment before Pete yelled back, "Serious? What do the others wanna do?"

"They said they don't care!"

"They still wanna get drunk?"

I looked at Dirty, "If you's really wanna get mute, there's a bottle-o near by."

Dirty immediately gave a small laugh, "Haha, mute. Bottle-o. Girl, Aussie lingo kicks ass."

I rolled my eyes at him.

He called out again, "Rach says there's a liquor store near by."

"I heard her."

"Why didn't you say something then?"

Pete ignored his question and said, "That sucks, I really wanted to go out and look around."

"Dude, everything is shut. We can get 'mute' here. Bummed out?"

"Huh? Oh yeah, nah", Pete replied as he resurfaced from his long journey of changing clothes.

People confuse me. What the hell does "Huh? Oh yeah, nah" mean? Are they trying to make me run into a wall?

He was now in a brightly multi-coloured hoodie, a dinosaur shirt and what, I believe, were girls jeans. Hey, he pulled it off. Snaps for him.

"Sounds good", Pete said, smile on his boyish face as the rest of the band stepped onto the bus.

Am I honestly gonna cop it tomorrow morning?

Hang-over? No.

Regret? Nah.

Looking like shit? I can deal with that.

Having to step off the bus, in full view of all the horny, merch girls and possibly having to dodge angry bottles of pink nail-polish and water bottles with red lip marks ditched at me?

Eh. Shit happens.

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