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One of Simple Plan's members wakes up in a completely strange place and, after try a couple of times to runaway somehow, he discovers that maybe the only reason why he's alone in the dark is becaus...

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Where am I? have I ever got in this place anyway? Where's everyone? Why am I alone here?

I slowly raised my head to find myself lying down in the coldest ground ever and looked around to see the darkest place I've ever been at. There was no window, there was not a single light coming out of anywhere and all of the walls were black. That room was really big, but there was nothing in it. I mean, nothing but me. In the other corner of the room, I could see a door. A door that seems to be pretty heavy, but I have to leave this place somehow, so maybe I should try to open that.

I stood up but, as I started walking, I started feeling some pain in my head. I ignored that and kept walking, but I was soon back to my knees with the pain growing harder and harder. When I was in the ground again, I passed my fingers through my hair and realized that it was wet somehow. When I returned my hands in front of my eyes, I saw blood. Too much blood and it was coming out of my head.

Okay, that's it. I'm not giving one more step before I know what's really going on in here. What's the last thing I can remember about? Oh, right. It was 10 p.m. and I was leaving my band's show. The guys and me went to the dressing room to take a bath and change our clothes. When we were about to leave, I realized that I couldn't find my wallet anywhere, so I said they could go back to the tour bus and I would be in there in a while, as long as I knew how tired they were. Thirty minutes went by and I was still in there looking for my wallet. If all of my documents weren't there, I'm sure that I would have given up a long time ago. I was turning my backs to the door when I heard someone opening it. I thought that it was one of my friends ready to offer me some help or to ask me why I was taking so long, so I didn't even mind to turn around. I waited to hear for a voice asking me something, but I didn't. I soon felt something pretty hard hitting my head and that's the very last thing I can remember about. After that, I think I passed out and the person who hit me brought me here. Perfect, I still have no conclusion. Who did that and why?

Well, I don't care. I just wanna leave here. I have to give it a way to leave this place and fast before I drive myself crazy. I stood up again and walked slowly to the door. When I finally reached it, I twisted the knob but the door didn't open. No, I just can't be locked in this place. I have to try harder. I probably didn't pull it the way I should. I gave it a million tries and kept doing that until my hands were both hurting and I had to let go.

Oh, great! Someone really doesn't want me to leave here. I'm kidnapped! But why? Who would ever do that? I have no enemies. Well, I thought I didn't. There's at least one person in this world that hates me bad.

I gave a few steps behind and stumbled in something, making me fall right back to the ground again. I started looking in the ground for the thing that made me fall down but it was hard as long as I could barely see my hands in front of my eyes in that kind of darkness but, after a few, I had taken something in my hands. It was a flashlight. Thanks God! That's the best thing I was able to find in this place.

I turned that on and illuminated the room trying to find something that could be helpful, but all that I was able to find was a newspaper in the other corner of the room. Well, that's all that I've got so I better check that out. When I got closer, I saw the picture of one of my band mates being arrested. Jeff!!! Why? What has he done? I kneeled in front of it and took the newspaper in my hands then, started reading it really concerned...

"Jeff Stinco, Simple Plan's lead guitarist, has been arrested this morning. He's being accused of kidnapping his band mate Pierre Bouvier, Simple Plan's lead singer that disappeared 2 days ago after Simple Plan's last show. Bouvier was left alone in the dressing room to look for his wallet and nobody got to see him after that. Just this morning, when the police was investigating his band mates, they found Bouvier's wallet in Stinco's jacket. Mr. Stinco said that he didn't have a slight idea of how his wallet got in there and that someone had probably put it in there during the show. The police talked to the securities about that and they assured that nobody strange was in the backstage and that nobody but Simple Plan got in the dressing room. To make sure if there was any tension going on in the band, they asked Stinco when was the last time that he and Bouvier had a fight. He didn't want to give it an answer but, when pressured, he said that their very last fight was in the morning of the day that his band mate disappeared. He added that the fight was over something without any importance and that they were already okay about each other until the moment of the show. That he wasn't going to hurt one of his best friends specially because of something so stupid. The police didn't believe in the last statements and took him under arrest. His other band mates believed him and are looking for the best lawyer in town to set him free. As for Bouvier, they already hired the best detectives that their money could hire and there are people all around the world looking for him."

Jeff? Jeff did that? No way. It wasn't Jeff. What for? Our little fight was about something too out of importance to make him want to torture me so bad. We had a fight in that morning because of a jacket. He had lent me his jacket in the night before all of that and in the morning I couldn't remember where I left it. But I turned the tour bus upside down and found it. That fight meant nothing. We're all together most part of the day so it's natural that we argue a lot, but that doesn't mean we hate each other. We're all like brothers. But...what was my wallet doing in his jacket? I mean, the securities assured that nobody but us got in the dressing room so, if I consider that, it has to be one of them. Even if it wasn't Jeff, one of them had to put it in his jacket.

No. No way. Step out of it. What are you thinking, Pierre? We've been friends since a very long time. Neither of the guys would even consider doing anything to hurt me and then kidnap me. I just know it and I don't need any proves about that. Asides, this newspaper didn't just show up here. Someone brought it. Someone wanted me to read it and it just couldn't be Jeff `cause he's in jail.

My God, I wanna leave here!!! I can't stand much being locked in a place like this one, I'll get crazy! I want...I need to go back home!!!

"Help!!! Help!!! Somebody, please help me!!!!" I screamed as loud as I could even though I knew that nobody was listening to me

Okay, scream won't help me to make it out of here, use all of my strength to open that door won't do it either...maybe I should try to think about everything and see if I can find out who did that. After that, we'll see what happen. After all, I have plenty of time as long as I have nothing better to do in here.
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