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First day in Montreal

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Pierre starts to think back on everything that happened in his life since everything had probably began: 5 years ago.

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Let's see, I think...I think that everything began for real like...5 years ago. I was a 16 years old boy and that was my very first day studying in that High School. It was named Beaubois High School. I was new in town. I was born in Montreal and stuff, but I moved to New York when I was 2 years old, so I never felt like I was really Canadian. I really loved USA, but my parents broke up and my father started drinking and he became too dangerous to me and to the rest of my family. My mom wanted to protect us, so she took us back to Canada making me leave behind my best friends, my girlfriend, my father and all of my memories from childhood. I know now that it wasn't anybody's fault but my father's, but I couldn't accept that in that age and I needed something to throw all of my rage into, so I threw it in Montreal. God, how I hated Montreal. It was like Montreal had taken away from me everything that I loved and I shouldn't give this place a chance. Montreal destroyed my whole world just when I thought that I had everything under control.

Anyway, that was the very first day that I was stepping in that high school. When I first started looking around, I felt like I just didn't belong in there. That place looked almost exactly like the one that I used to go in USA and the people looked all the same too, but I was too blind to see that in that day. In my eyes, I was in the most different place I've ever been at and the people were all different from what I was used to see.

When I first got in there, I passed in front of the gym and saw a whole bunch of girls in there training some choreographies, probably the cheerleaders. And, in the other part of the gym, there were a whole bunch of guys playing soccer. They were probably from the school's team. Outside of it, there were the so called normal people. The ones that I should get along with, but I didn't want to. All that I wanted was to be left alone and maybe someday I would wake up and see that it was nothing but a dream. That I would wake up in my bed in USA and go to the same High school that I used to go and then meet with my best friends and tell them about the terrible nightmare that I had. This just had to be a dream because those guys had been my friends since always and I always thought that our friendship was going to last forever. But I knew deep down inside that I was doing nothing but fool myself. I was never going to see my friends again or even my girlfriend.

My master plan was to make no friends in Montreal. I didn't want to care about the place that cared little when destroyed my life. Little I knew that it wouldn't take long until I was giving up on my plan. Actually, not giving up...I would be replacing my master plan by a simple plan.

My first class was going to be math and, as long as there was nobody in there that I knew or even that I wanted to know, I just started looking for the classroom. There were still 10 minutes left for the bell to ring, so I thought that I was going to be completely by myself in the classroom. I was wrong. As soon as I got to see the door of the classroom that I was looking for, I saw 4 guys standing next to the door and talking. Little I knew that those guys were going to be the ones I would be calling my best friends someday. I tried to pass through them without being noted, but that was probably really impossible.

"Hey!" I heard one of them calling me as I turned around to face them for the first time ever "Are you new?"
"Well, I guess we're doing the same class now." The same guy proceeded "Hi, my name is Chuck."
"Hi, Chuck."
"These are Jeff, Seb and David." He said pointing to each one of the guys by his side
"It's nice to meet you all. Now, excuse me." I said getting in the classroom and not even looking behind

I knew they were expecting me to say something like "My name is Pierre" and be a little more communicative, but I didn't feel like doing any of these stupid things. What was the point of making new friends if I knew pretty well that someday we'll get apart too? Asides, it was still part of my plan. I wouldn't make any friends in Montreal.

After the bell rang, they went apart and Chuck got in the classroom as the other students and the teacher did as well in a few. That first class was too boring. To go to the school to me used to be sit in the further desk from the teacher, talk a lot and laugh with my friends and normally get in trouble. To go to the school had never been sit down quietly and pay attention to the classes. That's something that nerds do and I'm definitively not a nerd, I wasn't born to be one, I was born to make fun of them. I didn't want teachers to like me or even to say "Good job, Pierre", I wanted them to hate me. That's how thing used to be like.

Anyway, my second class was English and this one was really much more interesting. Not because of the class, of course. I don't see the point of having English classes as long as I speak English ever since I started talking. There was one thing in special in that classroom that was having all of my attention. Sitting a few chairs in front of me, there was the hottest chick I've ever seen. Actually, she was one of the cheerleaders I saw earlier in this morning but, taking a closer look, I could realize how much beautiful she really was. She isn't blond, as you're probably thinking, she had a shinning straight black hair falling in her backs and the most perfect hazel eyes I've ever seen. And her body shape, it was perfect, like designed by an angel. She was perfect. The most perfect girl I've ever seen. No wonder why she was a cheerleader. My girlfriend and I hadn't break up yet, although we were apart but I really loved her, so I knew perfectly fine that I shouldn't look that girl this way but...I couldn't help it. There was something about her that wouldn't let my eyes look away. I had a girlfriend and that was something that my mind wasn't allowing me to forget about during the whole time, but I have hormones too and they wouldn't let me look away.

I don't know if anyone had noticed that, all that I knew is that I just took my eyes away from her when the bell started ringing and I had to leave the classroom. I went to take my chemistry book but I was so distracted that as soon as I turned around with the book in my hands, I hit that same girl I've been watching during the past hour and dropped both of us and our books in the ground.

"I'm sorry" I said helping her to take back her books and to stand up
"It's okay, really" she said looking back at me with an embarrassed smile and starting over the conversation "Hey, huh...are you new? I'm almost sure I didn't see you here last Friday."
"Yeah, I'm new."
"So it's a pleasure to meet you. My name is Jessica Gordon. And you are?"
"I'm Pierre. Pierre Bouvier."
"So...see you in the next English class, Pierre."
"See you"

She started walking away as I watched her leaving without taking my eyes from her one second only. But, this time, I was sure that someone realized it...

"Hey!" I heard a guy's voice saying as I turned around to face one of the guys I had met earlier, Jeff
"You weren't flirting with Jessica...were you?" he asked visibly a little bit concerned
" I...wasn't" I replied nervously and I didn't even know why
"Well, good `cause she has a boyfriend. His name is Adam and he's very popular in here. If you give him reasons to be jealous about her, you better even change your name `cause most part of the high school will be after you." He started advising me "The last guy who tried to flirt with her completely disappeared after 2 days. Never heard about Paul again."
"I mean it. There are lots of beautiful chicks in this place if you're looking for one, but not Jessica if you love your life."
"I'm not looking for any girl. I already have a girlfriend. Just because I think she's beautiful doesn't mean that I want her to break up with her boyfriend to date me. It just means that I have eyes." I said sarcastically
"Hey, easy! I just advised you because I was concerned but if you don't want me to, just say the word and I'll let Adam kill you."
"Why do you care? It's not like we're friends."
"Yeah, but we could be if only you let us know your name."
"What for?"
"To start stealing banks using your name so we'll never get arrested." He replied me sarcastically "For God sake, just say your name. Is it that hard?"
"My name is Pierre Bouvier, happy now? May I go?"
"...yeah...just go."
"Thanks" I said turning my backs on him and leaving.

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