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Life in USA wasn't that perfect

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Getting back home, Pierre finds out he received a phone call from his girlfriend and he phones her back wanting bad just to hear her voice again. But, once he talks to her, he may find out that lif...

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The rest of the morning was pretty much of annoying, but the afternoon finally came and I was heading back to that house in which I was locking myself for the past 2 weeks. The sentence "a house is not a home" had never made more sense to me.

When I got there, I heard my mom calling my name in the kitchen and I went there fast to check her out

"Hey, Pierre, how were things in the school?"
"It Terrific." I said not wanting to get her worried
"Have you made any new friend?"
"Oh, yeah...a whole bunch of friends." I lied trying to get her to be happy about me somehow
"See? What did I say? Soon, you'll love this place as much as you loved USA."
"Yes...I know I will"
"Well, anyway, honey, that's not the main reason why I called you in here. We need to talk"
"Okay, go ahead, I'm listening."
"Well, Pierre, as you must know, things are not being easy since your father left us. I've been trying my best to provide you and your little brothers, but it turns out that my money won't do it for much longer." She stopped a bit and soon returned to where she stopped "I don't know if I had ever told you that, but I had a few money saved to use in case of any emergency and, now that I'm all by myself to take care of all of this family, I'm using all of my paycheck and this saved money to provide us. It turns out that the money is almost over and if we don't do something quickly we're all going to starve."
"What's your point, mom?" I asked realizing she had stopped and didn't seem to want to proceed
"Look, I...I tried my best not to let that happens because you're just a teenager and you should do teenagers stuffs not grown ups ones, but, as you're the older one of your brothers and I need help, I'm afraid I'll have to ask you to start working."
"Start working? Well, it's okay. It's fine."
"It is?" she asked surprised "Aren't you upset or mad or anything like that?"
"Well, of course it's not the best new ever, but you guys are my family and, if you need me, I'm not letting you down. Of course I'll help you out, mom." I replied her question "There's a restaurant on the way to school and they're hiring people to take the night turn. Guess I'll go over there today to check that out."
"Great. Thanks, Pierre. I knew I could count on you."
"Anytime, mom." After saying that, I kissed her cheek and was heading to my room, but she soon called me back
"Oh, and, Pierre, Ashley phoned you a few hours ago." She told me disgusted
"She did? What did she said?"
"Nothing. She just wants you to call her back as soon as you can."
"Okay, I'm going upstairs and I'll phone her right now."
"Aren't you going to have lunch?"
"Latter." I started leaving, but when I was already in the stairs, I heard her again
"You know I don't like this girl, don't you?" she asked me even though she knew she let that pretty clear in the past 2 years
"Well, yes, but I love her. And I don't know why you don't like her. She's very sweet and she likes you."
"Oh, yeah. She likes me a lot." She replied sarcastically as I just ignored the comment and went back to my room

As soon as I got to my bedroom, I threw my backpack in the ground and took the phone in my hands, soon dialing her number and throwing myself over my bed anxious to hear her voice again.

"Hello?" I heard Ashley's voice in the other end saying
"Hey, Ash. It's me, Pierre."
"Hey, Pierre. How is it going in Canada?"
"It's been the worst 2 weeks of my life. I've been missing you and the guys a lot. What do you say about come here to visit me on the next holiday?"
"I think that...this is not gonna happen."
"Why? Canada and USA are close. It's not such an expensive travel. Asides, Canada doesn't look that bad if you're just traveling here."
"This is not the problem. It's just that...I don't wanna go."
"You...don't?" I asked starting to get worried, but still trying to find a decent reason why she didn't want to come "Ash, baby, you may not like Canada but you're my girlfriend. You know I can't go back USA because of my father so, if you never come...we'll never see each other again."
"I don't really care about it."
"What? You don't? Ash, I...I can't get it. What is that supposed to mean?" I asked concerned
"That I don't mind if we'll never see each other again. As a matter of fact, that's why I called you. I wanna break up."
"Break up? But...why? Everything was just so fine between us."
"Maybe to you, but not to me. Pierre, the only reason why I ever dated you was because I had some friends that had a crush on you and I wanted to make them jealous. Now that you're out of the country, you're useless. And, if you're asking, yes, I already have a new boyfriend. It's Brendan, your `best friend', remember him? He didn't think twice before flirting with me when you first left. And he's incredible in bed. Well, in resume, that's all that I wanted you to know. Bye, honey." She finished sarcastically and hung up on me

I remember I never felt as heartbroken as I felt in that moment. The phone slipped off of my hands and collapsed in the ground as I started crying like a baby. She has been my girlfriend since we were both 14 and I really loved that girl. I loved her bad. I always thought that she felt the same way about me but she not only didn't as she was playing with my feelings and cheating on me with my best friend. And Brendan...he used to be my best friend since kindergarten. We had always been together since we were little kids and I always trusted him. I knew that one day his friendship about me had been truth, I just wonder when it all changed until today. I wonder if I had done something that hurt him somehow and that I never knew about.

In a few, I sat back down in my bed and dried all of my tears, promising myself I would never let them fall again. As I made that promise, I instantly started seeing the world from a different point of view. A pretty cold one, I must say. I had realized in that moment that love and friendship don't exist. I had realized that in Canada, in USA or in any part of this world, everything's the same. Friendship and love will always be the same, but it just fits well to kids or stupid people. The smart ones live alone. People who are surrounded by a whole crown of another people are always the first ones to get hurt.

In that same moment, I left my bed and started doing the one thing that I would always do whenever I'm angry or upset about something: play guitar until my hands are hurting. I spent hours and hours playing it and discovered some pretty cool rhythms and I soon got a book in hands to compose a song over it. In that afternoon I composed 2 songs: Addicted and Thank You. If I only knew in that moment that Ashley and Brendan had given me some new songs to my future band, guess I wouldn't be that mad at them.

I stood hours and hours locked in that room playing guitar and that calmed me down a lot somehow. I just left there at around 9:30 p.m. and went straight to the restaurant to get the job. But I left the house in that moment seeing the world with completely new eyes. I started looking to everything around me with lots of rage. I didn't blame Canada for all of my suffering anymore, I blamed myself for ever being so stupid. Guess that if I was about to find any enemy that would ever kidnap me and lock me away from the world not even telling me where I am, I probably found after that day.

As for the job, it wasn't hard to get it as long as there was no many people wanting to work so much for so little money, so I was hired and I started working on the next Monday.

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