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A band's rehearsal

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In his way back home, Pierre sees a house that seems to be abandoned, but as he got closer he realized there was a band using that place for rehearsals and he couldn't help but stop and listen to t...

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One month went by without any new. I started treating the world as I thought it deserved to be treated: with coldness. I talked to nobody in the school and had made no friends at all anywhere in town, just like I had promised myself. I thought that I could keep me away from the world forever. I thought that I would be just fine by myself. But sometimes, you don't have to look for any friends 'cause the best friends you'll ever meet will come out of nowhere and become part of your life before you're able to say "no".

I walked out of the high school on that pretty usual Friday afternoon and decided to try out another way back home just to see a little bit more of the neighborhood and that was when I saw and abandoned house. At least from further I thought it was abandoned. When I got closer, I started hearing live music coming from it, like there was a band practicing in there and I couldn't help but stop and listen to it. I have to admit that music is the one addiction that I can't set myself free of. Trying to make it soundless, I reached the door and laid my ear over it to hear to the rest of their songs. I must admit that the band that I heard in the other side of the door was amazing. They were playing incredibly fine, just like a professional band and that made me want to stay longer and longer. I hadn't hear any vocals coming in any part of their songs, so I thought that they were an instrumental band, although that wasn't making them less good than they were.

I completely forgot about the time while listening to them and I even think that I spent hours in front of that door, but I also forgot the most important thing when you're lying all of your weight in an old door: it may break down. And that's exactly what happened. I started hearing some noises coming from the door and, before I was able to do anything to leave there, I felt down in the ground over the door and right in front of the band I've been hearing for hours. I was just so embarrassed that I couldn't dare look up at them. I started facing the ground motionless at the same time that I wanted to disappear, but that really wasn't going to happen.

"Are you okay?" I heard one of them asking as I started to sit back down in the ground
"Yeah, I'm fine. I'm sorry, I didn't mean to..." in that moment I froze. I raised my head to look at them and got even more embarrassed to see well known faces
"Seb, Jeff, Chuck and David?"
"It would have saved you many words if you had just said Simple Plan." David replied like ignoring what happened before that and trying to get me less embarrassed
"Simple Plan?" I asked kind of confused. Until that moment I didn't know they could play something, so it was a surprise to know that they were a band
"Yeah, that's the name of our band." Proceeded Jeff "Hey, your face is getting red, no need to be so embarrassed. These kind of things are a special way to say that you liked our band and we appreciate that."
"What kind of things? Breaking your door down?" I asked not understanding exactly what he meant and standing up
"No, the reason why you did it." Completed Chuck "You were listening to our songs. Did you like it?"
"A lot. They are pretty good." I replied honestly, as long as I can't lie when we're talking about music
"Hey, thanks a lot, Pierre. You're our very first fan. Yeah!!!" said Seb cheerfully

I couldn't help but laugh a bit at the face that Seb made when he said that. They saw that laugh as something normal as long as they were laughing too, but it wasn't being like this to me. Since I first stepped in Montreal, that was the very first time that I laughed. Actually, the very first time that I smiled. I tried to hold it but I was laughing before I could realize. They didn't know about that, but that moment was like the friendliest moment that I had since I first got in Canada, so I soon tried to step out of it. I had promised myself not to trust in friends, and laughing a bit with someone is the beginning of a friendship and everyone knows that. Still, there are some things that you can't prevent from happening. I liked the band, so I couldn't keep my mouth shut about the question I had...

"Hey, you have an awesome band in here, so why do you keep it hidden?
"'Cause we're not exactly a band yet. We still need a lead singer." Replied David "You don't know any guy that can sing, do you?"
"No, I don't." I answered "Well I'm really, really sorry for interrupting your practice and I promise you I'm never going to do that again. Now, if you excuse me..."
"Actually, Pierre, we are done on practicing for today. We're going to the movies, don't you wanna come with us?" asked Chuck standing up
"No, I've got...many things to do. Maybe next time."
"Okay, but we won't forget this next time thing." Said Jeff "Well, bye, Pierre."
"Bye you guys."

I left there almost running and not even looking behind. I've never felt so embarrassed in my life. I thought in that moment that they were probably thinking that I'm the craziest guy in the world. I never got the chance to ask them that, but until today I still think they do, not that I think it is so bad. In that moment I only wanted to run away from them. If I only knew that today I would be missing them so much, I would have spent a lot more time with them. I just have to remember myself that if we ever see each other again, I can't let them know about that. If we ever see each other again...
And about the "I don't know anyone who can sing" part, I wasn't exactly lying. At age 16 I didn't know my own voice. I loved to sing but I never thought that my voice was something. I always thought it was just a regular voice. I used to sing a lot with my friends in USA but nobody had ever came to me and said "hey, man, you really can sing!" and I think that you can't see these kind of things if no one tells you about that.
I honestly thought in that afternoon that they could just forget about what happened in that day and don't even try to start over a friendship. I thought that everything could go back on being just like it was in the day before that one, when I was cold and the world couldn't even see me, but I was really wrong. Once you talk to those guys, you can't help but to like them.
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