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Not that cold anymore

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Pierre tries to keep on being that same cold guy he had been pretending to be, but an accident in the school may reveals that he's not that cold anymore.

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In the next day, in our break time, I was sat down all by myself as always at one of the tables, until I heard a familiar voice from close to me...

"May we join you?" Asked David coming around with his friends
"If you want to..." I replied trying to sound as cold as I could
"Thanks" replied Seb as they sat down around me, surprising me a lot by the fact that I was trying to make them leave
"May I ask you guys something?" I started
"Sure." Answered Jeff " What is it?"
"Why do you care about me? I mean, you're here now and I'm the coldest guy you've ever met. I never ever gave you a chance to know me and I never tried to know you guys, why do you care?"
"Because we can see you're not as cold as you want everyone to think and we also can see that you're a pretty nice guy and it's worth to develop a friendship with you and it doesn't matter what it is that is keeping you so cold." Answered Chuck
"I don't mean to be rude, but you don't even know me to say these kind of things and I'm not exactly looking for a friend. I don't need any friend."
"Nobody likes to be alone and you've been like that since you first got here." Said Jeff
"Maybe I like to be alone. I'm sorry, but I just can't believe your friendship or any of these stupid things."
"Hey, you also don't know us. Give us a chance before saying you don't believe our friendship." Replied me David
"The thing is that I don't believe in friendship at all. I don't want friends or anything that Canada can offer me."
"What do you mean? You're not Canadian?" asked Seb curiously
"Guess I can say that" I finished standing up and leaving that table

I am born in Canada, but in my heart I wasn't Canadian at all, I was American and that's all that I wanted to carry on being. I promised myself to protect me and not let me get hurt again, so keep myself away from people should do it. But I should know that to try to keep people away from me isn't something possible. Sometimes you're not looking for what you find.
Seconds after I left the table, I started hearing some screams coming from the gym. I thought that it was all my imagination and that there was nothing really going on, but the noises were getting too loud and everyone around seemed to be too much entertained on talking to even listen to the same thing that I was listening. I seemed to be the only one hearing somebody screaming in the gym. At first, I've just tried to keep pretending to be the coldest hearted person in the world, but I soon couldn't hold it any longer. The screams started being followed by somebody's cry and that was the most that I could handle. I had to check that out.

I rushed to the gym to see a girl lying down in the floor with lots of blood coming out of her mouth; still I couldn't see her face because all of her hair was covering it while she was crying. Standing up by her side there was a pretty tough guy with lots of anger in the expression on his face. He was tall, stronger than you're thinking, had a light brown hair and blue eyes and, as far as I can remember, I think he was part of the soccer's team. I just couldn't remember his name. Barely knew I that as soon as I get to know about his name, nothing in this world would ever be able to make me forget about it.

That scene caught me by surprise and at first, I couldn't react as long as I didn't know what to do. After I took a good look at the scene, I decided to move in their direction, but before I could reach her to offer some help, the guy turned around and stood in my way, as he started to yell at me

"What? Do you wanna help that bitch too?"
"Look, I'm kind of confused, I don't even know what's going on in here, man, but if you did what I think you did..."
"Pierre!" I heard the girl shouting back at me in tears like asking for my help and I looked back at her just to see...
"Jessica?" I shouted scared by the expression of pain in her face and soon turned back to him "What the fuck did you do with her, man?"
"Hey, watch your words, you don't know what I'm able to do with you, okay?" he shouted in reply "This fucking bitch deserves what she's got and there's no dumb ass coming here to tell me how I should treat my girlfriend, specially if this guy is you!"

He finished that sentence and tried to punch my face, but I was faster than that and held tight on his fist and punched his stomach so hard that he seemed to be breathless and felt in the knees right in front of my eyes. I could have stopped it right there and I would already have many problems to worry about, but I didn't have my mind in place in that moment. Even though I could remember about all the things that Jeff told me about that guy that should be named Adam, I wasn't too much into thinking before acting, and the vision of Jessica lying down in the ground bleeding didn't let me just step back and forget about the fight. As soon as I had him down on his knees, I kicked his backs really hard making him lie down in the floor. After that, I started kicking his stomach until there was blood coming from his mouth and he begged me to stop. After I got my mind back to the right place, I stopped and stood staring at him with the coldest look I've ever had on my face, while he started to stand up.

"You're so dead!" he said staring deep down in my eyes like he couldn't be more serious and left that place not even looking back at us

I must admit that in that moment I got afraid, but not as half as I should really be. I didn't even know what would be waiting for me in a few. As a matter of fact, I couldn't even imagine how much he meant those words and how much in a few I would be really seeing death right in front of my eyes.
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