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Trying to help Jessica, Pierre has to ask some help to Simple Plan and he gets some advices about Adam that may be really scary.

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A little bit after Adam left, I ignored what he had just said to me and turned myself around to go help Jessica. I kneeled in front of her and hugged her back in my arms as long as I could see she was crying, and let her do that as much of time as she thought she needed.

"What happened here?" I asked concerned
"He saw me talking to one of my friends and it happens that this friend is a guy. He thought I was cheating on him and started hitting me." She said in between tears
"Has he done that before?" I asked as she nodded slightly, making my heart fall into pieces by the vision of how much she was suffering because of him "Why don't you just break up with him? Do you love him this bad?"
"I loved him a lot, but he destroyed that a long time ago. I would surely break up with him if I wasn't afraid of getting killed."
"Oh God, Jessica, this is going way too far."
"I know, but what can I do? I'm already too much involved on it to just leave Adam now. But you should try to get out of it while you're still in time."
"Guess it's too late now. I already destroyed his stomach and I know what he did to you and I won't pretend I don't. But, anyway, are you okay? Do you think you can walk?"
"Yeah, I...I think I do."
"Okay, great." I said standing up and offering her my hand

As soon as she was up and tried to give the first step, she felt right back in the ground crying in pain. I tried to help her but she was just too stubborn and didn't even let me try to. She tried one million times and returned to the ground these same million times, until she completely gave up.

"I can't do it. My leg!" she yelled in pain
"Your leg hurts?"
"Yeah. Help me, please." She begged in tears

I got really worried about her and lifted her up lying her down in my arms. After that, I started walking out of the gym with her. As soon as we got outside of it, most of the people in the school stopped everything they were doing just to stare at us. All of them were completely worried about her. I guess this is what you've got when you're as popular as Jessica. But although they all seemed to be concerned, most of them stood still, like fearing something, just four guys came closer to us to offer some help. Those same 4 guys that I had just ignored a few minutes ago.

"Pierre, what did you do?" asked Seb as worried as I've never seen before
"I did nothing. I found her in the gym like this. A guy named Adam did that."
"Adam?" asked David with fear reflected in his voice
"Yeah. But that's the last thing that matters now." I replied "Would you guys please help me to take her to the hospital? I don't know anything here in Canada."
"Sure." Said Chuck
"Pierre, guys, no. Adam will get crazy if he sees me leaving here with 5 guys and so will my mom if she dreams I'll miss the biology test."
"Forget about Adam and about biology." I replied her "You need a hospital now and I won't take a `no' as an answer."

Not letting her gives me any reply, we left the school and headed to the closest hospital they knew. As soon as the doctor took Jessica to another room and left me alone with the guys, they didn't wait one second only before asking me what I could see they were trying to ask since the moment I said her boyfriend's name...

" said Adam hit her..." started Chuck slowly
"That's right."
" didn' didn't do anything to get him mad about you, right?" asked David visibly wanting me to say he was right
"Well, wrong. I had a fight with him."
"A fight?" shouted Jeff "Tell me you let him hit you."
"No way. As a matter of fact, I hit him until he begged me to stop."
"Oh God, Pierre, you're so dead." Said Seb concerned
"What did I tell you about staying away from Jessica and Adam?" shouted Jeff "Do you have any slight idea of what may happen to you now?"
"Nothing will happen to me, okay? But...why are you always so afraid about Adam? He's just a guy."
"A guy who knows one million guys, who know one million guys, who know one million guys, who know..."repeated Seb until I interrupted him
"Okay, I got it. Everyone knows one million guys and this is going to last forever. I got it" I said trying to make him stop that "But there's something that I don't understand: if Jessica is so popular, why were you the only ones who tried to help her?"
"Because everyone in there fears Adam. If he did that, nobody would want to get in his way." Replied Chuck "But we minded to help her `cause she used to be our friend."
"Your friend?" I asked surprised as long as a cheerleader normally doesn't have normal friends
"Yeah. Before she met Adam, we used to hang out together. She was like our sister since we were babies, but things changed 2 years ago." David started to explain "Her mother realized how beautiful she was and practically begged her to try out to be a cheerleader. Jessica always hated this cheerleader thing, but she wanted to please her mother and made the test. No surprise she had been approved. After a while, she met Adam and she felt in love about him. We warned her she should try to keep distance from him as long as he didn't seem to be the nicest guy in the world, but it was too damn late and in less than 2 months they were already dating. In the first time Adam saw us hanging out with her after they started dating, he brought a whole bunch of his friends and hit us like we'll never forget. They just stopped when most of us had already fainted. Since then, we keep the distance from her, although it's really hard as long as she's our friend."
"Wow, I...I didn't know about that. But nothing's gonna happen to me. I'll be okay, you'll see."
"We deeply hope you're right." Said Seb visibly being as honest as he could be
"Me too" I whispered to myself even though I think they heard that
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