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The Knight

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Drabble. Sophie creates a masterpiece.

Category: Dracula: the Series - Rating: G - Genres: Drama - Characters: Klaus Helsing, Sophie Metternich - Warnings: [?] - Published: 2005-07-15 - Updated: 2005-07-16 - 418 words - Complete

A graceful hand carefully dabbed the paintbrush tip into the green paint on the palette. If others were around there would be little doubt in their mind that the painter had made other masterpieces before. Actually, this artist was primarily a student of music, though she knew quite a bit about the great masters of the painting world. In some ways the creation of a painting is no different from the creation of music. It is the pouring of one's soul into one's work. Only a few years ago did she start to paint and she took to it like a natural.

Sophie stepped back from the painting, nearly bumping into a zombie that she asked to hold her paints. Showing uncharacteristic intelligence, Raymond quickly moved out of the way. Sophie hardly acknowledged his presence at all as she admired her work.

The canvas showed a truly beautiful scene. A handsome knight in shiny armour carried a lance as he rode a white steed. His faceplate was up, clearly indicating that battle was not quite here yet, but it was coming. The knight's face was very handsome indeed, strands of blond hair fell into his beautiful blue eyes which glistened in the sunlight. Those blue eyes showed intense honesty and loyalty. Those all-knowing eyes could look into the heart and soul of anyone and see the truth behind their actions. In the background, there were rolling hills which resembled the Luxembourg landscape. On one hill, there was a castle resembling Lucard's own. On another, there was a dragon keeping a beautiful princess hostage. The look in the knight's eyes showed that he'd save her one way or another.

Sophie liked what she saw and although she had not been consciously planning this, her knight resembled Klaus, a man who she considered to be her brother. She laughed as she pondered her inclusion of Klaus.

Several months ago, he promised to be her knight. When she was unconscious and being held by a mob of people, it was primarily Klaus who saved her. This past time, however, she felt betrayed when she thought he would rescue her from the evil "dragon." He didn't rescue her in the way she was expecting him to, she thought he betrayed her. Instead, he allowed her to rescue herself.

"Maybe he was my knight after all," she pondered as she initialed her name in the corner of the painting.

"Opinions, Raymond?" she asked, knowing that he would not speak. Raymond could only stare.
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