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I Really Do Have Carpal Tunnel, You Know

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that new fall out boy just made me realize how much I fucking miss them. the minute tour dates are released. dude. i'm buying.

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I stirred the tea bag in my coffee cup, my mouth stretching into a yawn while I stood there in Joe's apartment kitchen.

"You do realize its almost Andy's birthday, right?" I blinked and looked up to see Joe walking from his room. I nodded and coughed slightly.

"I kind of forgot, you know..." I paused, glancing up. "Whatever happened to my small gig boys," Joe shrugged.

"To quote Pete," he paused and smiled. "The world's not waiting for four boys in a run down van," I smiled and bit my lip.

"They are waiting for four heartbreakers," Joe knitted his eyes together.

"What do you mean?" he asked. I shrugged, taking a sip before answering.

"I mean, I'm sure in the future of your guys' careers, that you will break thousands of girl's hearts," Joe smirked, showing off a toothy grin.

"I kind of like the sound of that," I laughed lightly and sighed again.

"I don't," I mumbled and caught his eyes. "I won't ever know you guys like I do today," Joe shook his head and took my mug, taking his own sip.

"You shouldn't have to worry, Ev," he paused and smiled reassuringly. "You'll be there with all of us," I looked away.

"That is if one of you decides to lighten up a bit," Joe narrowed his eyes.

"Fuck Pete and his attitude, alright?" he paused and frowned. "Don't let it get you down or else you'll never be able to get over an over-dramatic bassist," I smirked lightly and we both looked down as my phone vibrated against the counter. I looked down and saw a text.

It's so crowded here and I want to come home now!- Izzy

"I think it's time for," I turned my head and found my eyes widening at the small proximity.

Joe bit his lip before leaning in and hooking our lips together. Not a moment later we parted and both winced.

"That was weird," I mumbled and Joe nodded with a somewhat disturbed look on his face.

"Ev, thank god that didn't go further," I laughed and held his head, squishing his hair again.

"Come on, it's time to go fetch our precious Izzy," Joe laughed lightly.

"You mean Patrick's precious Izzy," I raised an eyebrow.

"But I thought he has a girlfriend," Joe widened his eyes and looked away.

"Um," he paused and swallowed. "Listen, Ev...there's something you should know," I blinked and made him look at me, my hands on his shoulders.

"What's going on?" I asked. Joe frowned.

"That girlfriend isn't Patrick's...its," He didn't need to finish.

"Pete's," I shook my head and turned around, grabbing my purse and slipping my flats on before running away.



"That dirty bastard!" Izzy shouted as we sat in a local Starbucks, just chatting. "That /manwhore/!"

I giggled lightly before frowning and sighing, taking another sip of a vanilla cappuccino.

"I feel so...used now," I paused. "/God/!" I whined. Izzy sighed, shaking her head.

"I swear to god, something's wrong with Pete," I nodded, playing with my rings.

"I'm just some kind of fuck buddy to him, aren't I?" I asked. Izzy shook her head.

"He did love you at one point," I looked up at her.

"Yeah. One point," I paused and tapped the counter with my index finger. "He led me on and then blew me off," Izzy nodded knowingly and looked down at her own coffee.

"I still think he does love you," I scoffed.

"Yeah, he loves me alright," I paused. "Fucking jerk," I mumbled and Izzy sighed again, stirring her coffee.

"Boys are complicated," I smiled.

"And over-rated," Izzy nodded. I sighed and cleared my throat.

"Are you staying this year for college?" I asked and Izzy shrugged.

"I hate college," I giggled lightly.

"So do I..." I paused. "I want to quit and just start my own business," Izzy nodded once and smiled lightly.

"Can I work for you?" she asked and I smiled brightly.

"Why not?" Izzy sighed, relieved and bit her lip.

"How's Patrick doing?" I shrugged.

"Considering he lied for Pete to me," I took a deep breath. "I'm thinking something is up," Izzy rolled her eyes.

"When is there not something up with that boy?" I laughed and shook my head.

"I'm just saying that maybe somebody could come and save him?" I pondered and Izzy looked up from her coffee.

"I already tried," I shook my head.

"Izzy," she looked up and I blinked. "Learn from my mistakes," Izzy raised an eyebrow.

"How so?" she asked. I took a deep breath.

"Don't let a silly boy you love go," I watched as a small smile slipped onto her face before she nodded.

"I'll go talk to Patrick," I nodded and watched as she slipped out of her chair, skipping off.

I rested my chin in my hand and looked down as I stirred my coffee slowly. It was going to be a long day. I squealed suddenly and flinched as a hand fell around my eyes and mouth before lips landed near my ear.

"I always wondered when I'd see you again," I felt a restraining smile and whipped around to jump on Cameron.

"Cami! Oh my god!" I took a deep breath. "Wait, you finding me can't be good news, is my dad ok?" I asked and Cameron nodded.

"Don't worry, he just sent me to make sure you're alright," I bit my lip.

"What about Mel and Rona?" I asked. Cameron took a deep breath and I caught his eyes flicker sadness.

"Well...Mel isn't exactly around anymore," I cupped his face.

"What happened?" I asked. Cameron shook his head.

"Car accident...Rona is staying with a nanny but...she's still here in Chicago," I smiled and sighed slightly.

"God...I want to see's been a long time," Cameron nodded and linked arms with me.

"Let's go...I literally live like right around the corner,"


My past seemed to be catching up to me every day. You see, Cameron Danson was that high school friend, except a year older so when it came time for him to graduate, it pretty much left us separated.

His girlfriend Mel ended up pregnant at the end of their senior year and amazingly they pulled it off with getting married.

And just because my dad loved him so much, got him a job, that of course scared the living crap out of Mel...but she ended up being alright with it.

About three months later, my dad 'died' and Cameron returned, but up and left...and now...well halleluiah...


I found myself resting in the guest bed, just staring up at the ceiling for the longest time.

Seeing Rona freaked me out, because she just reminded me of what so much love could produce.

Honestly, I was jealous of not being able to experience something that...wait.

"You feeling any better? You were gone for a long time," I blinked several times and looked over at Andy.

"Huh?" He smirked and walked over, sitting down on the bed and looking down at me.

"You stayed at Joe's then went and got Izzy I presume?" I nodded.

"I bumped into an old friend and he took me to go see his daughter," Andy nodded and played with my hand for a moment.

"Is that what's bothering you?" I felt my mind race back to what we used to have and the asshole that came between us. I nodded.

"Somewhat," Andy nodded knowingly and shifted to lie next to me, pushing back my hair.

"Pete, right?" I nodded and closed my eyes.

"Seeing Rona again made me really think about..." I cleared my throat slightly. "What could have been," I whispered. Andy coughed.

"You mean with Pete?" I opened my eyes. "Like what if you guys had a kid?" I shook my head.

"What could have been with..." I bit my lip and squeezed his hand. Andy blinked a couple of times before widening his eyes slightly.

"Oh," he said softly. "Oh!" he bit his lip too and sighed before kissing my forehead.

"That was out of line, huh?" I asked and he shook his head, bringing my closer.

"Not at all," he paused. "What could have been?" he asked himself. I smiled lightly.

"I ask myself that /everyday/,"
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