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It's A Miserable Story

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I feel sorry for Andy. and Joe needs to get some. but hey...what happened to Izzy and Patrick. or Pete's *girlfriend* ??? [sometimes *I* have to ask the questions in order for you guys to get a...

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"How's life, babe?" I sighed and held my face in my hands.

"I'm confused about a lot of things, Cameron," I heard him sigh.

"You seem to always be confused," I closed my eyes.

"Thanks," I muttered. He smirked.

"Meaning you never seem to be able to get yourself out of situations," I looked up and shook my head.

"I get sucked into them thinking something good is going to happen and then," I paused and shook my head again. "The worst kinds of people fuck my life up," Cameron sighed, cupping my hand.

"Pete, right?" he asked. I nodded.

"They are on tour for three weeks..." Cameron nodded.

"Maybe you should just relax for a while...I mean," he paused and tugged my arm slightly. "Where are you staying?" I smiled.

"Andy's's nice there," Cameron smiled slyly. "And don't look at me like that," he shrugged.

"Are you guys back together?" I shrugged and looked away.

"I'm not exactly sure...well, we haven't talked about it /much/," Cameron let my hand go.

"Maybe you should go home and call him...just for some comfort," I looked up at him.

"Some friend you are," I joked. Cameron smiled and looked down at his watch.

"I have to go pick up Rona," he paused. "I'm a daddy now, Ev..." I nodded and bit my lip for a moment while examining my hands.

What could go wrong?


Pursing my lips together, I sat on the edge of the bed with the phone in hand. My heart was racing and my breathing turned irregular with each passing moment.

Taking a deep breath and closing my eyes I pressed talk and leaned back until my back met the mattress. After several rings I was met with voice mail.

This is Pete and yes, this is my phone, but no. I'm not here right now, well I might be, but I'm probably doing something, so leave a message, you know the drill...

I took a deep breath as the shrill beep ran through my ears.

"Hey, um...I actually have no idea why I'm calling, but it'd be nice if you called back, you know...I think we need to talk," I bit my lip and took a breath, the words on my lips but finding myself with no strength to say them.

I closed my phone and closed my eyes before letting those damned tears slide down the corners of my eyes. My thumb flicked open my phone again and I looked down, highlighting another name.

"Jew speaking, what's the whore need?" I sighed and took a shaky breath.

"I need you to do me a favor, Joe," I heard the knowing sigh.

"This is important, huh..." he paused. "Your not cracking jokes back," I bit my lip and closed my eyes again.

"Is Pete in your line of vision?" There was a pause and a shuffling noise before Joe smirked.

"Yeah, sure is..." I pursed my lips together.

"What is he doing?" I asked and Joe took a breath.

"Well, his headphones are in and he's been texting people for the last half hour, so..." I cut him off.

"He's ignoring my call," Joe stayed silent. "Joe, I just called him what?" I asked. Joe sighed deeply.

"I think you need to talk to somebody else and stop worrying about Pete," I bit my lip.

"Joe, I'm not about to get back with Andy when I love Pete," Joe clicked his tongue.

"You are almost as complicated as him, you know?" I smirked lightly while I wiped at my eyes.

"Joe...I...I'm a sucker for fakes," I could literally hear his eyes rolling.

"You can say that again," We were silent for a while until Joe sighed again. "Hey, are yo sure, because I'm getting an adorable puppy dog stare from a certain lover right now," I smiled lightly and sat up, bringing my fingers to under my eyes to wipe away more tears.

"I don't mind," I heard the phone shuffle before an awfully happy voice cheered in.

"Evie," he breathed and I closed my eyes.

"Hi Andy," I bit my lip again and heard him clear his throat, finding the background become quieter. "What's up with the quiet?" I asked.

"I don't know...I can't think in loud environments," I smirked.

"But you're a rock star now, Andy," I smiled to myself. "You're going to have teenaged girls crawling all over you and then there's paparazzi," Andy cut me off.

"First off, there's only one for me and second off, if anybody's going to be in the lime-light, it's going to be Pete," he smirked. "He's the one with all the drama," I pursed my lips together.

"Wait...don't think I'm going to let that first one go so fast," I smiled as he stayed silent for a moment.

"Listen," he paused for a long time.

"I am, but nothing seems to be coming out," Andy sighed deeply.

"I don't think it's something to say over the phone," I sighed, closing my eyes.

"Then it's serious, right?" Andy gulped loud enough for me to hear.

"Possibly..." I swallowed my guts and nodded to myself.

"Alright...see you in..." I dragged out a pause, letting him fill in the blank. Andy smirked.

"About two days, but don't expect me to forget," I bit my lip and smiled.

"I know," I whispered and sighed. "We'll get coffee and lunch," I heard the smile in his voice.

"Maybe in the house," he sighed. "I know you don't like to cry in public," my mind clicked instantly, causing a long pause and delay in my response.

"Who says I'm going to cry?" when there was a pause, I pulled my phone away to see that the phone call had already ended.

Sighing, I was about to put it back down on the nightstand when I saw the little envelope on the screen.

"Text message?" I whispered to myself and opened it, finding a light gasp forming on my lips, mind racing a million different questions.

What we have to talk about is something I don't think is something to say over the phone -Pete
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