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Chapter Fourteen: And You SO Thought It Was Over

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Carpal Tunnel Of Love Is Wonderful. It's been on repeat all day. And I decided to take down the sequal to this and do it right. Make things how they're supposed to be. ...Maybe.

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It was ice cream headaches and sweet avalanche
When the pearls in our shells came out to dance.
This is what you get for abusing sweet love.
Take off your clothes, it hurts just right
Whatever happens I'm okay,
Diving into knives don't cut me.
Think you could find time call me when you get home?
Take your life apart find yourself with love.

What's it feel like to be the girl all the songs are written about? I could tell you. I could write a biography as 'The Girl In All The Songs From That One Band' or 'The Girl Behind The Song', but I was too busy flipping through the CD booklet to the Thank You's, scanning over it, and slowly re-reading the last few lines.

Thanks to our friends who stuck by our side no matter what. Thanks to our parents who got drunk off wine and candle lights and conceived us. Thank you to the AIRY breezes that I think about too much. And of course, You.

If that wasn't directed towards me, I'd feel like a moron. And if it was about me, I'd feel pretty shitty. There was no win situation. There never was when it came down to Pete.

My phone vibrated softly against my leg. I turned down the music and answered with a small 'Hello.'

"FINALLY YOU ANSWER!" I smiled hearing a rather familiar lisp.

"Joe! ... You never call me." I countered, furrowing my eyebrows.

"Cause you never answer."

He had a good point.

"Check and mate," I laughed and rolled my eyes. "What's crackin' miss Aaryn?"

I sat down on the coffee table and flipped through the CD booklet aimlessly.

"Listening to you're guys new CD."

"Ohgoodyougotit! Doyoulikeit? Howisit?" He sentences were jumbled all together in excitement. I had to hold the phone away from my ear to register what he was exactly saying.

"It's amazing. I love it. You're lucky I didn't step on it this morning though when I was coming home from Fleur's."

"Fucking Pete." He mumbled.


"Never mind, what are you doing today?"

I glanced up at the antique clock my parents had hung it above the television set. It was four in the after noon already.

"Absolutely nothing."

Joe laughed. "Sounds fun."


"How about you come down to Pete's house for a release party?"

Was he joking? "Are you kidding?"

"No, I'm being serious," the lines fell silent. "Oh c'mon, can't you just put everything behind you for a few hours?"

"Joeeee," I whined.

"Aaryynnn," he mocked. "You haven't even seen him in months, it's not going to kill you if you see him for a few hours."


"No but's!"

I frowned. "I can't get out of this huh?"

"Nope," he said simply. I could imagine him shaking his head.

"This better not be one of your sham's Trohman."

Joe laughed heartily. "I'm Jewish, we don't sham, we con."

I rolled my eyes again. "Whatever, can you pick me up then?"

"Uh, sure. In an hour?"

I skewed my lips to one side. I'd have to put an outfit together fast.

"That's good."

"Okay," there was rising voices in the background, "I'll see you then."

"I swear Trohman if this is-"

There was a dial tone. These boy's just never knew how to say bye.

I ran up the stairs to be greeted by my younger sister at the top. She eyed me suspiciously as I brushed past her and went into my room. I glanced to see her standing in the doorway as I switched my hair straightened on and fumbled through clothes in my closet.

"Where are you going?" she asked, leaning against the door frame.

"Out," I replied, pulling out an orange halter top, but put it back, and continued fumbling through the hangers.

"Ooo," she teased and turned to leave, "Wear the long sleeved, black and white striped shirt. It was his favorite."

I stopped fumbling for a second, and looked over at the door and heard her snicker.

"Hey, fuck you too!" I called to her. She laughed louder and I heard the door from her room shut close.

I pulled out the long sleeved shirt and examined it. I tugged it on and it fit snugly around my bust. No wonder he liked this shirt so much. I took a step back and examined myself in the mirror. I sighed.

This felt like an eerie repeat of the past. De Ja Vu even. I shook my head and sat down in my vanity chair and started to run the flat iron through my hair.

Hopefully this wasn't going to be De Ja Vu. I don't think I could make it through another one of those.

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