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Chapter Fifteen: Figures A and P (Means You And Me)

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Seckz. Oh god. Evie is gonna like this one. It's long. THE ENDING.

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Loud voices echoed out into the driveway as I stepped out of Joe's newly bought Range Rover. I smirked a little, letting my hand rest on its cool metal for a few seconds. Just a few years ago he was driving a beat up Toyota pick up truck, with an Illinois licenses plate hanging by one hinge. I felt Joe stare from his side of the car. I looked up and laughed at the puzzled look he gave me through the window.

"You gonna stand there all night or you're going to get your groove on?" Joe wiggled a little, making me erupt in laughter. "C'mon."

He took hold of my hand and tugged me toward the door. I took a deep breath as he opened the door and was greeted by water being shot at me. I screamed, shocked and blinded, and jumped behind Joe.

"Aarie!" I smiled as I wiped the water off my face and was greeted by a warm hug from Andy. I squeezed him tightly and pushed him away.

"This is how you greet me?" I pointed to my wet face. He chuckled.

"You deserve it for staying away for so long." He put his arm around my neck and into a headlock. I squealed as I wrestled around for a little bit. Suddenly I felt hands on my bare waist start to tickle me. I manage to catch a glimpse of my attacker, in a camo hat.

"Oh my god guys NO," I pleaded, slapping at Andy's arm and Patrick's hands.

"Into the pool?" I heard Joe suggest.

"NO!" I yelled.

"INTO THE POOL!" They chorused.

"No! PLEASE!" I squealed again, but I felt Patrick's arms wrap around my feet and Andy tuck me under his shoulder as if I were a folder. I squirmed, but it was no use. They brought me to the backyard of the house were there was more people.

"Stop fighting Aaryn," Patrick laughed. I kicked my legs, and his grip loosened for a second, but then tightened up. "Now you're REALLY going in!"

"Agh," I groaned as the pool came closer and I saw familiar faces laughing at me. I spotted Evie in a lawn chair sipping out of a red plastic cup, along with Fleur and Sydney, looking highly amused around a small fire pit. I scrunched up my face at her. "Help me!"

Evie shrugged. "You deserve it for hiding!"

"Throw her in!" Fleur laughed, and Sydney jumped up and pulled off my shoes.

"These are mine bitch," she sneered at me and tucking the shoes underneath her arm, "NOW throw her in!"

I knew this was going to bite me in the ass one way or another. The pool lights wavered with the water as I was held above it. Joe ran up with a camera from the opposite side of the pool, laughing and quickly snapping a picture before falling backwards in laughter.

"Don't you guys!" I yelled, but by the time I was finished with the sentence, I had a mouth full of water and was flailing around in the water, searching for the surface.

My hands reached to the surface first and I felt someone grab hold of my hands. My hair matted over my face, blinding my sight as I was pulled out from the pool. There was laughter all around and I felt my cheeks turn red. I shivered as I pushed my hair out of my face to be greeted with a huge goofy grin.

"I like you all wet," he chuckled, and I shivered some more from the winter breeze. His arms wrapped around me tightly. I shut my eyes, inhaling his scent, before returning the embrace. "Good to see you."

"Nice to see you too Pete," I pulled away, crossing my arms, and shuffled towards the girls, grabbing them into one big wet hug. Each of them screaming, and scrambling away. I laughed as I took Evie's chair and made myself comfortable. "And you all wonder why I haven't come out with you guys in so long."

Everyone gathered around the fire pit, Fleur taking a seat in my wet lap, and Evie found a new seat in Andy's lap, where she glared evilly at me, but turned to Andy and snuggled her head into his neck. Sydney sat criss crossed on the floor next to Patrick, while Joe took a lawn chair and pulled out some marshmellows and stuck them on a chop stick. Pete sat directly in front of me, legs crossed, and still smiling. I felt a smile tug on the corners of my lips, but I kept it at a minimal grin.

We sat for what seemed like days in front of the fire, while they filled me in on what had happened while I was 'away'. My head was spinning from what could happen in a month. Sydney and William were on break since he had went out on tour, so they left their relationship open. She still had that same smile on her face though, as if he was sitting right next to her, letting me know, that as soon as he was back, they would be back into regular Sydney and Will mode. I swear, I couldn't emphasize on how much I envied those two.

Patrick and Bailey had broken up. His eyes looked down at the floor as he explained that they thought it was best that they were to stay just friends because of her aspirations of becoming an actress and she moved out to California with her brother. Patrick sighed loudly when he finished and adjusted his hate before looking back up at me. I motioned for Fleur to get up and I leaned out of my chair and gave Patrick an awkward side hug and lightly kissed him on the cheek. I whispered lightly in his ear that if fame was calling louder for her than he was, she wasn't ever fully listening to him to begin with. He smirked and mused my hair, making me retreat back into my chair.

Fleur was currently dating a hot stud by the name of Travis, from what Pete described him as. Tall, lanky, but a little built, not in the disgusting way, blue eyed, dark brown haired, naturally pale, and a singing voice that could blow Hurricane Katrina in the opposite direction. I eyed Pete as he described him to me, making me question his sexuality. He rolled his eyes, throwing a burnt marshmallow across the fire at me. As instinct, I got up, took a handful of marshmellows, and threw them all at him, until I was down to one. As I was about the throw the last one at him, he grabbed hold of my arm, pulled me into his lap, and hooked his arms around my waist like a seatbelt, in one quick motion. I wasn't even trying to hide the way I felt inside at that exact moment. The smile on my face could be seen from the moon, or maybe further. But, of course, he didn't win that easily.

I shoved the marshmallow into his mouth as he began to tell his story. Laughter echoed in the backyard, as he pushed me off his lap and I retreated back off to my chair while Andy and Evie decided to take advantage and tell their story.

Of course they were perfect. The poster models of what every couple should be and look like. I almost choked on my drink when Andy patted Evie's stomach, announcing that a little Hurley Burley was on the way. They spent the rest of the night, cuddling closely, stealing kisses at random moments. It was a very Kodak moment for them the whole night.

The night was creeping into the early hours of the morning, which showed by the slow conversation, and the dimming fire. We all eventually ditched the chairs and sprawled out on the grass, looking lazily up at the stars, connecting the dots.

"I've got an idea!" Pete piped up loudly, causing my half shut eyes to be suddenly alert.

"Not another one of those," Joe said, rolling over onto his stomach and burying his face into his arm, yawning loudly.

Pete reached over and smacked him on his back, making him groan, but not move much. I let out a hearty laugh as he continued.

"As I was saying," he began, "let's all sleep outside tonight."

I stretched before sitting up and pulling my legs to my chest. "I like that idea."

"I concur," Sydney mumbled, falling asleep on Fleur's stomach, while Fleur played with her hair.

Patrick, Evie, and Andy were already fast asleep, curled into balls on the green grass.

Pete stood up and walked over to me, holding a hand out to help me up. I stared at it for a second, before taking it and letting him help me up.

"Come with me to get blankets and pillows?" His hand was cupped around mine, pulling me into the house, which made his question more into a statement. He slid open the screen door, letting Pandora and Hemmingway run outside and cuddle next to everybody.

We walked into the dark house, as Pete led the way to his room. I ran into various things, which I think was two chairs, and Pandora's dog cage, before Pete wrapped his arm around my waist and continued to guide me up the stairs.

"This all seems like De Ja Vu," I giggled as he pushed open his door and flicked on the light. I ran over to one of the twin sized beds, and plopped myself onto one and snuggled my head into a pillow. He shut the door and came over and sat next to me, lightly flipping me over to face him.

"I'm glad you came," he said, tugging down at my now dry, shirt, covering the skin that was peeking out. I reached over and grabbed his hand and brought it up by my head, and entwined our fingers, making him lean over me.

"I'm glad I did too," I replied, searching into his eyes that I had forgotten how much they made situations better or worse. The last time I had saw them, they were confused, and glazed, but not now. Now they were sure and clear. They were perfect.

"I almost forgot how green your eyes were," he mumbled, his breathes becoming noticeably heavy and short.

"How can you almost forget?" I asked, and he shifted closer to me, as his other hand finding mine and entwining those fingers and letting our hands fall into his lap.

"I'm not sure," he smirked, "but then again, with you, I'm never sure."

I furrowed my eyebrows a little, not sure how to take his statement. "What's that supposed to mean?"

He shrugged. "One day I say what I did was for the best, the next, I want to beat the living shit of every mirror I walk past."

"You seemed just as confused as me," I said, looking away from him.

"I'm sorry Aarie, really, I am," he mumbled. I shook my head.

"Let's not get into this right now Pete." I wasn't about to ruin my night with the past. Not anymore.

He nodded, and let go of my hands, and stood up and grabbed a pillow from the floor.

"What are you doing now?"

"Getting a-" I cut him off by pulling on his belt and back to the bed. He fell on top of me, our faces centimeters from connecting. I searched his eyes for permission to go further with this, and he nodded, giving me confirmation.

I leaned up and pressed my lips against his, remembering how his lips felt against mine. Remembering how perfect they seemed to fit with mine. I reached up and ran my hand through his hair, while he straddled me and cupped my cheek. I parted my lips, letting his tongue explore old territory of my mouth, as I did with his. Smiling, I broke the kiss, and he pulled off his shirt, as did I, and delved back into another craving kiss. This time more aggressive and lustful. His hands explored my body, as I struggled with his belt buckle, but finally got it undone, and moved on to the button of his pants.

"Aaryn," he said breathlessly, as I unzipped his pants, revealing that he decided to go commando for today. I smirked, and looked up at him.


"Is this what you want?" His fingers lightly grazed over my exposed stomach.

"Yes I do," he looked away for a second, making me worry, "why?"

He lent down and placed a lingering kiss on my forehead. "I'm just making sure."

I nodded, leaning up and kissed his collarbone, making him let out a cool, slow breath before he slipped off his jeans, and unbutton mine, pulling them down to where I could kick them off myself.

He positioned himself on top of me, placing small kisses on my neck and slowly trailed down to my chest, where he lingered for awhile with kisses while he unhooked my bra. I let out a small giggle as he threw it to the side, until I felt his hands run over my stomach and down to my underwear, and his fingers pulling at the last piece of cloth before we were both completely nude. My breath hitched as he pulled them down and his fingers found themselves inside me.

"Oh god Pete," I sighed as his fingers moved inside of me. My hand went to the back of his neck and his lips found mine again. I bit playfully at it, making him groan.

I spread my legs further apart, allowing him easier access into me, and he slipped his fingers out, and hovered over me for a second.

"I love you so much Aaryn."

Our eyes locked and I lent up and stole another lingering kiss from his lips.

"I love you too."

A smile formed on his perfect face, before he entered me slowly, savoring every moment. I wrapped my arms around his neck, and arched my back, moaning.

He slowly thrusted, our hips colliding with each others, the bed beneath us squeaking with mercy.

"Faster Peter," I said breathlessly into his ear. He nodded, speeding up his pace, making my toes curl and throw my head back.

"Fuck, you're so perfect Aaryn." Our moans of pleasure were in unison.

I arched my back a little more, his hands reaching down to my hips to control himself in me Suddenly, a strong tingle rushed over my body, making me contract, and Pete let out a long moan, signaling we were both entering euphoria.

"Oh God, shit, I'm so close," Pete moaned, his thrusts becoming less synced, and out of rhythm.

"Peter," I groaned, clutching the sheets as he came inside of me.

He fell limp and he pulled out, and collapsed next to me closely and pulled the comforter over our bodies. He kissed me lightly on my forehead and I laughed at his messy hair and I reached up and ruffled with it more. He grinned, wrapping his arms around me.

Our eyes connected and I examined each feature. There was something new, a glow in his face. I blushed, knowing that it was me, who made him like that. I wrapped my arms around his neck again, pulling us closer, as if he were about to float away from me.

"Now I really like you wet," he smirked. I playfully shoved him, but he grabbed onto me tighter.

"Thanks for ruining the moment," I shook my head and silence laced between us, and all we did was listen to each others breathing.

"I love you Aaryn," he muttered. I smiled.

"I love you Peter," I returned.

"What does this mean?" he asked. I tilted my head up to look at him.

"What ever you want it to be." I lowered my eyes, suddenly feeling worried. If he pulled another walk out, I would end up laying here forever, never wanting to see daylight, moonlight, blue skies, or star skies, ever again.

His lips met brushed against mine, lingering with more passion than lust. I pulled away from him, my worry dissipating.

"I want this to be forever then."

/Forever/. I loved the sound of forever.
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